How Exactly Does Instagram Works To Increase Fashion Site Traffic

By James Tredwell on April 2, 2019

Given the current digital landscape, Instagram happens to be one of the most important and popular social media channels around, especially for marketers. More so, it is a popular channel for the fashion brands as this channel allows them to drive their Instagram followers towards their website. This, in turn, provides them with an increased opportunity for better conversion and generate more sales.

Nowadays, if any marketer is not using Instagram yet for their business marketing purpose then it is surely missing out something big. Therefore, Instagram is an essential channel for managing the social media of:

  • A small business
  • A big corporation or
  • For your own personal fashion brand.

Incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must but it is also necessary to do it in the best possible way. However, if you are not sure why Instagram marketing is important for your fashion brand then here are three specific reasons for it:

If you follow any type of business on Instagram whether it is fashion or any other you will see that there is a strong Call To Action. A CTA is one important caption of all posts that encourage the followers to check their ‘linkinbio’ out. This link in bio serves a number of varied purposes such as:

  • It helps the brands are on Instagram to provide value to the users
  • It helps the brands to drive more traffic towards their site and thereby drive sales and
  • It helps the users to shop easily and quickly from the Instagram page of the brand instead of them having to track down that specific product the saw in some other social post

The CTA helps the users to be aware of the product of their choice immediately and it then redirects them to the exact page of the product by clicking the given link on the profile page of the brand.

There are lots of tools available that will make your effort fruitful and your content precise without you having to follow those less effective tactics that are high on the sales pitch. These tools will help you to facilitate a seamless transaction that will, in turn, help you to leverage your precious link-in-bio. Take help of professionals like Gramista or any other to help you with the link in bio.


Since Instagram helps you to create a larger community as opposed to the other social media channels, it will be very easy for you as a fashion brand to establish a connection with your fans. Instagram highly encourages photo sharing and therefore community building and engagement is the crux of this platform.

This is also a proven success strategy as well especially if you want to drive more traffic towards your site. This is because this way you can do a lot of things such as:

  • Engage with your fans in an excellent way
  • Create brand loyalty in a better way
  • Prompt user-generated content more effectively
  • Facilitates organic to reach more extensively
  • Promote word-of-mouth publicity.

Typically, if you want any picture or a post to ‘go viral’ then there is no other platform than Instagram to do it more authentically. All you need is a strong content strategy to follow that will help you to resonate with your followers.


Another big way fashion brands can benefit from using Instagram for their business promotion and marketing campaign is by the influencer and huge blogger presence. This will also help them in a lot of way such as:

  • It will help the fashion brands to create and nurture relationships with their users
  • It will help them to leverage their influence
  • It will, in turn, help them to expand their reach and
  • It will also help in collecting more powerful UGCs authentically.

The effect of the influencer marketing used on Instagram platform is much more powerful and effective as compared to all other social media platform simply due to its visual nature.

Measuring the influence

There are different useful tools that will help you the effects and results of such influencer collaborations. You can use specific tools like the Relationship IQ or RIQ tool to measure the exact ROI of such collaborations for that matter.

  • Another important thing about these tools is that you will be able to monitor the users as well who are mentioning these in their own content.
  • Apart from that the RIQ tools will also reveal the engagement rate of the users as well as how many of your followers have converted to an account of the brand.

When you can measure these interactions it is imperative that you will find it easier to eliminate the guesswork out of building impactful, long-standing and meaningful relationships. In turn, it will help you to understand and analyze the data which will eventually help you to capitalize on the elements that will work best for your specific type of product and drive more traffic to buy it from you.

Importance of Instagram

The most significant factor of using Instagram by a fashion brand is to reinforce that both concrete, as well as intangible results, are obtained in the end.

  • This will ensure that you get more and more customers who will be ready to purchase your product from you.
  • With proper businesses advertise you will be able to convey to your customers who are looking for advice on the next big thing down the line.

Such type of information is very important to promote your fashion brand and Instagram seems to provide you with just the right kind of platform to do it.

It is for this powerful, useful and effective nature of the Instagram platform that you see more and more mobile users spend more time on this specific social media channel as compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or even Whatsapp.

Therefore, if you do not start integrating your Instagram account with your marketing, you will miss a lot of traffic to your fashion site.

This article is contributed by Walter Moore, notable management consultant and digital marketing expert– Gramista.

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