6 Dangerous E-commerce Website Design Errors And How To Fix Them

By James Tredwell on July 17, 2019

We are human beings and we do make mistakes. Whether it is in making a car, in e-Commerce website design development or any other thing mistakes can always creep in. These silly mistakes of ours can create a serious problem down the line. For instance, a simple error in an e-commerce website cart can cost you thousands of dollars. Well, to avoid such hiccups you can always hire professionals having experience in E-commerce Website Design Development (or for that matter in the filed of there working) for an e-commerce website.

However, if you still want to work on your e-commerce site yourself or if you are a beginner then here we have the learner’s guide for you with 6 Dangerous E-commerce Website Design Errors And How To Fix Them. So, read it carefully if you are not in a mood to pay heavily for your mistakes.

Website Navigation System

A navigation system is a way through which your clients/buyers walk through your e-commerce website looking for some specific product. Well, it’s your e-commerce website and it’s up to you where you want to put things in terms of navigation. However, the probability of your clients being comfortable in viewing the website with your perspective is very low. Your choice of navigation system might not be that intuitive to a new customer or even a returning customer. So what you can do?

Well, one thing is to choose a standard navigation system like breadcrumb customized. However, you might argue that everyone nowadays uses breadcrumb navigation and that is true. But we didn’t say that you use standard navigation systems online as they are. For instance, take a look at Amazon’s navigation system. They follow a standard navigation system pattern but still, have a unique and customized navigation system. You can easily get your hands on one these customised navigation system. All you need to do is contact the professionals working in a designing company, firm or working as a freelancer providing E-commerce Website Design Development services.

The central idea is to go for a navigation system that is highly intuitive and follow a standard pattern of navigation. This way no one will ever have to face any problem in finding their way through your website.

Prioritizing List Building

We all pay a visit to at least two or three websites every day, where a window keeps popping up asking for your email address, your payment details even before you decide to indulge in business with them. This type of website are ones that bounce away most of the clients in no time. We highly recommend you not to prioritize list building over making a good sale. Your motive must always be to make a sale, so allow your clients registered or not to freely go through your website and your products.

We know list building is important, however, on your product page this is not the right thing. You can do that when a customer decides to buy something from your e-commerce website. These types of tabs must be placed within the cart very close to the checkout menu. This way when the customers want to add something to the cart they have to sign up to your website. Don’t be forceful and when asking for information online. This type of attitude can create distrust between you and your customers.

Product Overloading

What happens when you are presented with a lot of choices for a single product. That’s right you get confused due to product overload and end up making no choices at all.

This is what happens when you offer everything you have for a single choice to your customers. Yes as a seller you might be thinking that by providing everything you are covering up all of your basis and then you are going to receive more customers. However that is actually not true, people get into analysis in such situations ending up closing the website without buying anything.

A simple solution to this problem is by simply sub-categorizing your products. This way you customers won’t be flooded with choices. Another is making decisions based on previous client experience.

Variation In Font style

Remember this is not a calligraphy competition, it is an e-commerce website. Using too many font styles for your websites product page, description, and other texts does not make it look good. The only thing this is going to do to your website is to make it look a lot more unreadable and unsightly. When it comes to font style for an e-commerce website, we would highly recommend going with a simple and clearly readable font style. Also, make sure that all of your pages use the same type of font style. You wouldn’t want your clients to adjust themselves to different font every time they open up a new page on your e-commerce website.

Loading Speed

At an average people only wait for about fifteen seconds for a website to load. If your website is taking more than this then there is a good chance that your customers might go to your competitors looking for a product.

Obviously, we don’t want this to happen. You can improve your e-commerce site loading speed by cutting down on images size, files size, compressing a lot of docs, etc. One other thing you can try is changing too fast hosting server. Server overloading is the most common cause of a website crash or slow loading speed. There are various other things you can do, but we would recommend contacting professionals having experience with e-commerce website design development.

Website Security

One of the most important things is site security, as a lot of your clients will be providing you with their credit/debit card details and other payment details. You need to make sure that your website is fully secure especially your databases.

One thing you can do is hire professionals for this task. There nothing you will be able to do in case your website got hacked. These professionals will look into your website for loopholes and bugs and prevent others from exploiting them. In this digital world taking cyber security for granted can be disastrous.

This article is contributed by Merry Waren, Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs — E-Commerce Website Development Company,

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