List Of Most Popular Javascript Frameworks

By James Tredwell on September 10, 2019

The market is growing with the involvement of advanced software and technologies. Currently, many tech giants are introducing their JavaScript frameworks for supporting development industry.

JavaScript frameworks remain one of the most prominent web technologies. Google’s Angular and Facebook’s React are trending in the market.

There are popular many JavaScript frameworks in trend. Statista states that JavaScript is the most popular programming language among developers in the current market since 2018.

JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries were launched every year to make developers work easier.

Among them become highly popular over time. The application development widely uses JS framework. Some of these frameworks have earned the name in developing many kinds of web and mobile applications.

Businesses in application development look for a reliable and secure framework to build their applications. There focus is to provide high performance in the application process.

Thus, developers look for a framework which features easy to learn and offer the best performance.

JavaScript is a highly multipurpose programming language which is used for building many types of applications.

Today it is used to build applications like mobile applications, desktop applications, and a lot more. This programming language is used to design interactive, user-interfaces for the appealing application.

What is a JS Framework?

JavaScript framework is an application framework which is written in JavaScript that guides the developers to alter the functions according to the need application development.

Website designing is also developed with the help of a JavaScript framework. The frameworks are highly used by mobile app developers and web developers to build powerful and high performing applications.

There number of JS framework in the market and it is challenging to opt for the best options among them. Therefore, choosing the best JavaScript frameworks from the so many available frameworks for your need is essential judgment.

In this article, we will go through the top JavaScript frameworks list of 2019. This will help you to find out the top and the best JavaScript framework for your amazing application development.



AngularJS is supported by Google. It is available as an open-source, used for building single-page applications. It is one of the recognized JavaScript frameworks in the market.

Companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, Freelancer, Hopscotch and many more use AngularJS. It is considered as a powerful front end solution, used to design and building dynamic web applications.

It provides a powerful combination of functionalities of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used for hybrid mobile application development.


React.js an open-source collection of popular JavaScript libraries released in 2013 by Facebook. React.js is a new framework soon became popular in the market.

JavaScript framework React JS has the best example of the effective user interface like Facebook and Instagram.  React.js framework is used to build these two social platforms for the smooth user experience.

Top companies like BBC, Netflix, Paypal, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Coursera, and Yahoo are using React JS. Like AngularJS, React JS is an open-source collection of popular JavaScript libraries, used for developing user interfaces of single-page applications. It is scalable, fast and easy to handle view layers for web/mobile apps.


Vue.js is another open-source used to simplify and streamline user interface design. This JavaScript framework is effective for developing and design a lightweight and two-way data binding application.

It was released in 2016 and is considered the ideal mix of Angular and React. This framework has a comparatively easier learning curve that is why it is known as the best choice.

Top companies Adobe, Grammarly, Behance, Alibaba, and Xiomi use Vue.js.  It is the fastest emerging framework that is considered an ideal JavaScriptin the market.


Node.JS is among the most popular JavaScript frameworks, provides a strong platform for application development. It can be used as an open-source framework to create server-side and networking applications.

Companies Walmart, Uber, Paypal and many other which are using Node.js. It offers cross-platform runtime environments.

Therefore, Node JS can run on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is a server-side JavaScript framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine.

This framework is featured with open-source libraries and the NPM packages, perfect for real-time collaborative.


Aurelia.js is a very advanced and developer-friendly framework. It is one of the newest JavaScript frameworks that make the process of site development extremely creative one.

It is promoted as the next generation UI framework Aurelia JavaScript framework is a collection of open-source modern JS modules scripted in ECMAScript.

It is designed using the latest JS standard, ES6 and has the ability to function in all modern web browsers.

Companies like Filee, Freska, Questionnaire, NOD Studios and more are using Aurelia.js. Versatile applications can be designed with the featured huge libraries as per the requirements.

Aurelia is the only framework in the market, which helps to develop components using plain TypeScript or JavaScript.


JavaScript is a highly versatile programming language used for developing many types of applications like Client-side, server-side, mobile applications, etc.

It is one of the core technologies of tech World along with HTML & CSS. Today, most of the websites and applications are being developed using JavaScript Frameworks.

The focus is on designing interactive user-interfaces and apps with amazing features with appealing functionalities.

The tech world is coming up with different application and JavaScript is used for offering the users the best experience.

Author Bio: Harry willam is a Business analyst at Quytech, a well-known Augmented Reality company. She loves to write and share about new technological trends in the domains of mobile, AR, VR and AI.

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