10 Social Media Graphic Design Tips

By James Tredwell on October 11, 2020

Humans beings are naturally responsive to visuals. Whether you look at a billboard or watching TV, you will see such visual content everywhere. The issue here is that do you recollect any memory of it? Do you remember any ads when you are scrolling down your social media platform?

To put it bluntly, it did was not memorable. It did not catch your attention. Conclusion This is why you must construct such content that is visually unforgettable when you enter the social media networks. In detail, we will discuss what essential tips you can use in your arsenal to expand your social media presence.

1. Establish Your Goal

Before you can begin with your social media graphic design is by cementing your aims and goals in your mind. Creating that goal will serve as what kind of narrative you want your social media structure to look like.

Establishing a goal benefits, you in two ways: first, you can understand how your social media content will be presented visually. The second will be the messaging of those visuals as a storyline.

It would be best if you pondered on the productive queries. What is my idea? What am I aiming for with this idea? Can this idea drive sales?

After answering these questions, you need to focus on your target audience. Ask yourself who they are, how they operate, and what they are receptive to.

Once you understand your idea and your target audience, you will have your goal in place.

2. Coloring

Your choice of design color is vital for your social media graphic design process. It sets the mood and establishes the atmosphere to make its aura more memorable. Every color has a meaning and essence that evokes different emotions in the viewer’s eye. You need to ensure that the viewer’s interest remains consistent. The color scheme you choose will forever be associated with your brand and efficiently convey your messaging.

So, how would you like your social media design to be represented? Should it be serious, professional, or fun? You need to select the colors that best complement such emotions. You can begin the search process by focusing on two or three primary colors. Once you have decided upon your design theme, you can incorporate them into your social media content.

3. Text

As any brand owner, you hope to showcase your brand with pride. You want it to affect your consumers. You want every wording to be easily readable for your audience so that they may get a clue as to why your brand is so instrumental. When it comes to social media, you need to create texts that complement your design’s colors.

Words carry a powerful meaning. Whether it be on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you have to use concise, limited, but useful words. There is no need to include too many words. You do not want your audience to feel overwhelmed and disconnected.

4. Typography

Typography requires an artistic approach. You need to decide on the font that best reflects your brand. It can be easily blended with the design images. The same goes for your color scheme, your font needs that showcase the essence of your brand representation.

Once again, please do not overdo it. Just use two or three fonts at best. If you use a myriad of fonts, your audience will easily be distracted. You want your audience to recognize you if not from the logo, then the font.

5. Great Contrast

In graphic design, white space will serve as the highlight of your branding image. Contrast captures the eye’s attention and can be incorporated with the case, colors, and fonts.

The best way to inject contrast into your design is in the form of colors. You can use the dark color and white logo example to construct a visually beautiful graphic design content.

If you haven’t heard it by now, negative space (also referred to as white space) is an excellent way to help your image stand out. Contrast attracts the eye and can be applied with font, colors, alignment, size, and more.

The white space (also known as negative space) serves as the viable way for your image to outshine your competitors. Contrast gives an aesthetic vibe and can be merged with colors, fonts and size.

6.Visual Identity

The primary purpose of a visual identity is to elevate your messaging to your audience. A person can view your brand numerous times before it becomes recognizable. To do that, the brand must remain consistent concerning its components in colors, logos, and fonts. Your logo especially needs to be included in every image you display. Once your audience recognizes your brand’s visual identity, they will be attracted to your website.

7. Consistency

Consistency is key to building your brand. Your social media content needs to have the elements in its arsenal to connect with your audience. If your brand is not consistent and looks sporadic, then the audience will remain clueless about your brand’s purpose. With an established goal, you will help you establish a consistent look to your brand

8. Understand Your Platform

Every social media network is different in its respect. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most commonly used social media platforms today. It is easy to capitalize on this popularity and drive sales. Instagram is more geared towards millennials, while Facebook is catered to an older demographic. Understanding this will give you a clear idea as to how you can utilize these platforms.

9. Get Creative

Suffice to say, your inner talents and mind frame will determine your creativity. You can use various ideas and narrow them down until you can find the best one that fits your brand. Do not underestimate yourself or be hesitant. Put everything on the table that comes to mind. Once you do that, you will understand your creative abilities and your platform to look like.

10. Make it Simple

With all the required fonts, colors, texts required to create a visual social media graphic design. It sounds surprising when one tells you to keep your designs as simple as possible. Don’t get carried away with all the design elements. Take it slow and make it simple. The process will go by quicker that way.

The process of creating a social media graphic design is challenging. You can go about it on your own, but the ramifications are risky. Conclusion This is why it is preferable to acquire the best unlimited design service you can buy to create a simple yet effective social media graphic design service for you.

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