How to Secure Your Word Press Website?

By James Tredwell on February 24, 2019

We have heard this issue some many times from internet users. Security is the biggest issues for various bloggers and influencers very often. If is very usual that your website can be hacked by someone. Some day you wake up in the morning and you want to publish an article on your blog when you open it in your browser, you are shocked. You find your website hacked.

What will you do now?

These kinds of trouble are faced by many bloggers. But main question is that how to secure a website or a word press website.

Word press is the first priority of most of hijackers in their hit list. Because there are lots of free themes which are used by many bloggers and they never do upgrade them.

Another reason is that word press is an easy target because of its “WP Admin” panel.

So here are some tips to protect your word press blog and make it secure in every form. Eventually you need to pay very good attention on the following points. So that you aim of visiting this page could be complete.

In this internet world, lots of bloggers are used word press to run their commercial website. Most of them don’t know enough about advance security features. They only focus on content marketing and SEO.

This guide can help you a lot in case if your words press is hacked.

Find Good web hosting services

First and power step to protect your website is to buy flexible web hosting service to host your commercial blog. You need to find a web host which offers you multi-layer security features. Website owners try to find cheap web hosting and they don’t concentrate at quality web hosting features. When they buy a cheap web host then they actually buy low quality host which don’t have essential security features.

In this case you need to get better hosting plan which have necessary security features.

Stay focus on theme

Although, word press offers you highly secure and professional theme but there can be lots of issues with free word press themes. So in this case we want suggest you to go for premium theme. These kind of themes designed by highly professional web developers.

WordPress offers these themes after getting many tests. Premium themes are consistently updated by developer and they also provide you support when you will face issues.

Free themes are crack version of original theme and they can be hacked easily so you don’t need to buy them.

Install Security Plugin

Word press plugins are easy targets to hack and extract important data. In which, you have to update tool and plugins regularly. Having lots of plugin not only can harm your website but also these can be responsible of less security. Use only limited plugins and you need to up-to-date them on every day.

If your website and plugins have not been updated for long time, these are the big holes into your website which make your site unsecure. So you need to pay attention on them.

You have to install tools and plugins from a legal platform. Don’t download any kind of tools from an unfamiliar source.

Create strong password

I see it often that various bloggers use simple password to access in their blog. Highly advanced hacker can easily crack these simple passwords. If you are using simple these passwords like name123 or name@456 so you need to be aware and change it as soon as possible if you want really protect your website.

It is necessary to use complex passwords which contain special characters. You must not include your name, family name and other related thing which are related to daily routine.

Use SSL Certificate

Secure socket layer is important for every type of website. This certificate offers them encrypted connection in order to protect website and transaction. Google also give priority for those websites which use SSL certificate.

This SSL certificate is mandatory for every website to protect secret information related to your users and other personal details. If your website is using credit card features and other transactions process, you must need to buy a SSL Certificate.

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