Nodejs vs Django – Which is better ?

By James Tredwell on May 4, 2020

It is essential to select the appropriate programming language while building a project or developing an app. Every project comes with various specifications and requirements, and therefore, one ought to code it with the correct technology.

While comparing Node.js web framework and Django web development program, selecting a backend technology happens to be one of the most significant issues which need to be fixed prior to opting for a development project.

In this article, we will remain neutral while selecting the winner by evaluating the pros and cons of both the programming languages such that you will be able to choose the appropriate one for your project.

Comparing Node.JS and Django can be difficult since both happen to be fundamentally different languages. While Django can be considered to be a Python web framework Node.JS is actually a library intended for JavaScript. Even though both of them happen to be open-source, which one you ought to learn first? Let us try to find that in this Node.JS vs Django review.

Below, we have highlighted some of the most significant differences between the two languages.

  1. Programming Language

Python is used by Django and it happens to be amongst the most well-known programming languages at present. It has got a thriving community as well as extensive resources for documentation. You should not find it difficult to find examples or documentation for each and every issue or concept.

Node.JS makes use of JavaScript, C, and C++. JavaScript is actually a dynamic and elegant language which is somewhat difficult to learn. Node.JS is going to be a perfect place to start in case you have already began to learn JS.

Even though Python is considered to be a full-fledged scripting language, Node.JS happens to be a runtime application. Nevertheless, Node.JS web framework is actually a full-stack operation which avoids issues with both front-end and back-end development. In spite of having a smaller team you might need to consume more time in making things running thanks to the complexity of JS.

Winner: Node.JS in case you already know JS or like to have a full stack solution. Django in case you would like to get things running quickly within a short period of time.

– Django is not full stack solution at all and it can be used if you required things to be executed in very short interval of time.

  1. Architecture

MVT (Model View Template) design pattern is employed by Django which is almost identical to modeling view controller. While the model happens to be the information or data itself, view happens to be the way in which it is arranged. Even though controller would be the options provided to the user, MVT organizes all the information within the framework. Being stateless, it responds to creative applications easily.

On the other hand, event-driven programming is used by Node.JS in which “events” or messages and choices from other programs are responsible for driving the whole architecture. Once an event is identified, the primary loop comes with a callback function.

Event-driven programming was largely skipped by web development since things happened to be page oriented in web development’s early days. Even though MVT is appropriate for server-side development, event-driven programming happens to be unidirectional instead of isolating server and client sides.

Winner: Node.JS for scalable and full-stack solutions. Django for fast development.

  1. Security

Django is going to win handsomely in this case mainly because it requires a lot of confidence and experience to procure the identical security from its counterpart. Although JS has got the required security, it is very likely that you will have some holes which you won’t be able to notice till it becomes quite late.

The Python-based programming of Django offers an easier and better security solution  and to do that, not much experience is needed. In this way, it becomes better for those programs where time does not matter much.

Winner: Django as its containing its default security level tokenazation methods

  1. Templates and documentation

In-house template system is being used by Django which aids in lessening the span of time spend by you in selecting the right one. It helps you to get started quire fast with lots of documentation for helping you to make the decisions.

On the other hand, with a fully open platform you are left hanging somewhat by Node.JS. Although it can prove to be nice for any developer which happens to be experienced and innovative, a beginner might find it hard to make his way through.

It will be imperative for you to take your time searching for modules for implementation and also testing for bugs. In case you do not give adequate time, they might not be much reliable either. In case you are in a team, make certain that somebody in your team is quite experienced.

Winner: Django

  1. Customizability

You are provided a lot of freedom by Node.JS. Even though the earlier category was fantastic for the beginners, once you become experienced you get plenty of space to create different types of apps. It happens to be un-opinionated, and therefore, you will be able to create anything you would like from scratch without many problems whatsoever.

Django comes with an extensive library system and template and provides you with plenty of solutions to issues which is ideal for productivity although not so favorable for vision. It does not mean that you won’t be able to build something creative and beautiful with the help of Django. You simply need to work with much more structure.

Winner: Node.JS

Now, we will be talking regarding the good and bad aspects of the two programming languages.


This cross-platform app framework is recommended for structured solutions which do not need much hassle. It is ideal for startups and all those that require secure and precise builds.


  • Secure and precise builds
  • Mature application with plugins
  • Extensive template structures and documentation which makes development more effective
  • Flourishing community as well as support


  • Silent fails can be caused by template errors
  • Excessively bloated for the smaller applications
  • Does not provide a full stack option


This particular cross-platform app framework is appropriate for full stack solutions and creative builds.


  • Outstanding ecosystem having elegant solutions
  • Full stack development
  • Excellent for real-time, data-intensive apps


  • Not much structure for the novices
  • Heavy computations might give way
  • Might have security problems

Summing Up

It is very difficult to compare Django web development program and Node.js web framework; however, it will not be tough to implement them in case you already know what type of developments you are going to do. Both the languages have their own pros and cons and therefore, it will be difficult to say which one is better than the other.

Both Django and Node.JS are used for different types of projects. What is ideal for your project will depend on the expertise of your team as well as your project-specific requirements.

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