How to Build a Concierge Service App in 2020?

By James Tredwell on May 7, 2020

The concierge service market is growing day by day. The market value of concierge service in 2018 was $537.6 million which is expected to grow by 5.3% in the upcoming years.

It shows that there will be a higher demand for concierge service in the coming days.

Launching a concierge app in the market is quite beneficial these days. The only reason for it is low competition and there is a high chance of application to be successful in a short span of time.

But many of us are curious to get an answer for how to create a concierge service app? Hence, in this article, I’ll talk in-depth about making a concierge service app. Some of us still get confused about this service, so let me start with a brief on concierge service.

What is Concierge Service?  

Before the years, the concierge was only available at the hotel, taking care of the guest’s needs. But with the passing time, the concierge has become a profession.

Now it is available in every field you can think of. The demand for such services mainly comes from celebrities, high-level managers, VIPs, tourists and much more.

Everyone is so busy in their lives hence they want someone who can manage their less important tasks. And this is where concierge service came into the picture.

This service is especially for all those for whom every single minute counts. To make it more clear, imagine a situation where Bill Gates is booking his own flight tickets. If that’s the situation, then when he will focus on more important tasks to be done by him.

Some of the top fields where a concierge is available are,

  • Travel Concierge
  • Hotel Concierge
  • Medical Concierge
  • Education Concierge
  • Wedding Concierge
  • Business Concierge
  • Chauffeur Concierge
  • Lifestyle Concierge

As it is a technological era, people want everything under your fingertips. Hence, many entrepreneurs have started building apps for concierge service.

How to Make a Concierge Service Apps?   

Basically, there are five types of concierge apps as mentioned below,

  • Travel Assistant: With this application, users can book the tickets, get suggestions for the places, city guides and much more. In short, a user can plan their complete trip with the help of such a concierge app.
  • Front-Desk Application or Personal Assistant: This type of app has a real concierge available for the clients. The concierge will work on every demand that clients ask for.
  • Conference Managers: It is for all those, who want someone to make them remind about the important meeting and events. It even deals with everything that is needed in a conference meeting right starting from temperature to beverages.
  • Entertainment Application: It will provide users with the top listed movies, series, concerts, exhibitions, parties and more. Users can even book tickets with the help of such apps. ‘
  • Resort Application: We all know resorts strive to give best-in-class service to their guests. To provide a better experience, resorts have started building a concierge app through which their staff is 24/7 available for the guests.   

Once you’ve decided on the type of concierge app you want to build. Next comes the features, look at your services and accordingly decide the features for your concierge app. Here I’ve mentioned some of the basic features that are must for any concierge application.

Basic Features For Concierge App

Building an app for the hospitality industry encounters a lot of features. Here is a list of a few to include in your application.

  • Bookings for hotels, restaurants, flights and much more.
  • Including photos for the restaurants and hotels.
  • Online Chat & Calls
  • Request for Real Concierge (Hiring real concierge)
  • In-App Payment Feature
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Admin Panel
  • Suggestion System
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Recommendation feature

These are some of the basic features you add to your concierge app. Select the one which suits best for your business and app. The foremost thing here is to look at your targeted audience and accordingly select the features that suit best.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Concierge App?

Going straight to the answer, the cost of building a concierge app will depend on the various factors. I’ve mentioned some of them here.

  • Building apps in iOS or Android or both.
  • Planning for Hybrid App development
  • Number of features you include in your app
  • Payment Gateway you include
  • UX/UI designs (Advance level designs costs more)
  • The company you hire
  • Timeline to build your app
  • Configurations you have in-app
  • The region you select to build your app.
  • The price may vary for the company as well as the region you select.

Benefits of Building A Concierge App

With the help of the application, you can exactly get to know about the user’s behaviour. With the help of heatmap reports, you can get an idea of what services are liked by users at most.

By looking at these reports you can make changes in your applications as per your client’s need. You can offer clients what they exactly want which, in turn, increases customer loyalty.

We’re aware that everything is getting digital these days and people are getting so comfortable with it. Thus, with the help of a concierge app, you can increase the visibility of your business among the people. It becomes easier to increase brand visibility with the help of an application.

With the app, your clients can get in touch with you in no time. It becomes quite easy for them to get solutions to the problems they are facing. They no need to wait for a call to get services, they can directly get in touch.

In short, having a concierge app can bring a lot of benefits to your business. With little marketing, you can increase brand value to a great extent.

Parting Thoughts

The concierge service app is expected to bring a revolution in almost every industry related to it. Henceforth, I would recommend you to get the best company for your app development.

To make your app run without any issues it is important that you hire a reputed development company for your application.

So ready to make your business digital?

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