Must Have Features to Make Successful Ride Sharing App

By James Tredwell on January 24, 2019

If we just think about the time 5-7 years back, travelling by cab used to be the last resort whenever we had to go anywhere. Unnecessary high fares and driver’s mood were among many reasons which caused us to cancel the cab rides and resort to other means of transport.

Fast forward to the present time when cab booking has been made such an easy and handy service that hiring a cab ride is probably the first thing that everybody prefers these days as a means of commuting on regular basis.

To ensure that the cab booking is an accessible service for the consumers, many companies have gone digital and thus have their own apps which can be used by the people to book cabs and get all the related information.

So, let’s discuss about the must have features for a ride sharing app that an App Development Company would provide in the cab service ordering app.

1. A User Friendly and Interactive UI

This is the most significant feature for every app. The user should be able to comprehend the flow of the application without any hitches. Right from buttons to the content – everything must be really simple and practical to be understood even by such a person who does not know how to read. Emphasis on creating the app in as less cluttered form as feasible to provide a better user experience to the audience.

2. Real Time Cab Tracking

Visualization always boost a better experience to the consumers rather than plain text and since GPS is mandatorily integrated in the cab riding apps, it is feasible to provide the users a real time view of the cabs available in the nearby areas. Additionally, the users should be able to view their booked cabs to know the exact location and directions. This factor also ensures safety factor for the users as they can share their ride information with the loved ones who can track the cab’s route.

3. Map Integration

This is one useful feature for both the users and drivers. As soon as the user would fill in the pick-up location, the driver will receive the route directions for that place so that he can reach there using map even if he is not familiar with the area. At the same time, a user will know which routes are available to reach the destination so that they would not be cheated by the drivers who follow a longer course deliberately, thus developing a sense of trust in them.

4. Payment Integration

This is the most crucial part of a service providing app. The users will need to pay and since everybody prefer non-cash payment options, there is a need to provide integrated payment systems such as debit/credit card, cash and wallet payment among others. Robust confidentiality, integrity and security should be offered to the users so that they can make the payments for their rides with easy and while feeling secured about their information sharing.

5. User Profile

To provide more customized options to the users, the app should have a user profile and ask the consumers to fill in their details like name, contact number and e-mail address the first time they would use the app so that they can use the same login information every time for ordering all the rides in the future. This would also help the cab service providing company to offer the customized discounts to their regular customers in order to retain them. The section should also have an option to edit profile, in case the user would want to change their contact number or email id.

6. Notifications

Send timely notifications to the users about any existing offers and promotional codes that you have ongoing for them. Also, once they book a cab notify them about the cab number and driver’s details (name and contact no.) along with the estimated time that would take him to reach at the pick-up location so that the user can contact the driver with ease, if required. Besides, provide the users with the option to share the ride or split the bill, rate the driver or their riding experience, surcharge removal, taxi arrival, replies to their complaints, invoice and transaction history.

It is important that a developer thinks from the point of view of a user while developing service providing apps and the companies that have already worked on the cab booking apps would be acquainted with all the features that are required to be encompassed in such apps.

The availability of required technology and the skilled developers would ensure that your requirements are met on time within the precise guidelines. And since you are aware of the necessary features that need to be included in your ride sharing app, you would know exactly what brief to provide the app development company.

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