Top 7 Content Marketing Tips To Make Your Law Firm Stand Out

By James Tredwell on August 1, 2019

You have worked hard to earn a Masters degree in law, and now you have your own law firm. That’s great! But, do you get as many clients as a reputed lawyer such as yourself is supposed to have? You may be the right authority in your area, but your competitors might just rank out in the digital world. More than 35% of legal clients look for an attorney through online searches. Thus, you may be losing quite a handful of potential clients if you do not have a robust online presence.

Here are the top 7 advanced content marketing tips that will drive more leads towards your legal firm.

7 Sure-Fire Content Marketing Strategies For Your Law Firm

Content marketing encompasses the creation and distribution of contents throughout the Internet. You may find it hard to understand the concept initially. In that case, go through online tutorials and assignments that will help you embrace successful content marketing strategies. Make your voice heard through the right contents. Let’s begin with the tips then.

  1. Establish a strong brand

Your brand should clearly convey your mission statement to your target audience. Whether you specialise in environmental law or business law, your brand should be 100% unique. I came across this website,, which, in my opinion, is one of the best examples of strong branding.

YLawGroup combines witty puns with high quality images to make a serious topicseem easier. Who said the law couldn’t be funny? This website has got some really sassy taglines as you can see in the image. They have also included a separate section ‘Featured On’thateventually compels the readers to trust them. The quirky taglines urge the clients to know more about their services.

Thus, you can take some cue from this example and come up with strong branding techniques. Use top-notch images, attractive site design and interesting contents to show why you are the best.

  1. Define your firm’s goals and strategies

Most of the law firms have a goal of earning more and more revenue every year. Some may strive towards increasing it by at least 10% next year. The question is,how would you like to increase your revenue? Are you planning to grow your practice firm? Do you want to work on your trusts/wills group? If your answer is a resounding yes, then identify your business goals and determine the most relevant content marketing techniquesto attain the goals.

Conduct thorough research to check if your target clients are looking for the services you want to provide. Use the Google Keyword Planner to find out the most searched keywords relevant to your nature of business. Use the keywords to sharemeaningful contents with your target clients. You must also update your existing contents with new keywords and boost your search engine rankingstenfold.

  1. Invest in White Hat SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process that will bring forth your business’s name at the top of Google search engine results page. White hat SEO encompasses a plethora of concepts, categories and techniques. Check out some of the crucial things you must know about SEO:

  • Header Tags:

These tags are a part of the HTML element that indicates the heading on a page. Say your keyword is ‘legal services’. Thus, the H1 tag would be ‘Reliable Legal Services in New York.’

  • Keywords:

These are the terms used by your target audience to search for your niche on the search engines. Incorporate the relevant keywords in your content and make your pages rank higher.

  • Meta tags:

These include meta descriptions and meta title. The Meta description shows a summary of your content in the search engine results. The Meta title informs the search engine about the context of your content.

  • Link building:

You need to earn inbound links from credible sites to your website. This helps Google understand that your website is trustworthy. You can write SEO optimised contents and publish them on authority-driven websites to earn high-quality backlinks.

Make sure your website maintains the highest SEO standards to rank high on Google. You can use a tool such as theSEMrush’s Site Audit to detect the SEO health of your website.

  1. Deliver valuable content

Content marketing strategy is fruitless if you don’t deliver valuable content.You can share a FAQ page answering all the questions usually asked by your target audience. You can also deliver contents on topics such as ‘How much can a non-mutual divorce cost?’No matter which topic you choose, just make sure it is relevant and interesting to your potential clients.

Your contents should have clear and precise headings and subheadings. It is also better to use bullet points to convey your message easily to your readers. Break large chunks of text into smaller texts to make them easier to digest for your readers.You can use different online tools to check the readability of your contents before publishing them.

  1. Create a content calendar

Having a strong online presence doesn’t mean delivering a few great articles. It is about coming up with sufficient content ideas to make sure your contents never go out of date. Also, you must deliver quality contents on a regular basis so that your readers always get what they are looking for. Hence,comes the role of a content calendar. Outline the number of blogs and articles you will write each month on the calendar.

Legal websites should update fresh contents frequently. Apart from the normal blogs, you must also take care of social media contents. Did you know that fresh social media contents can almost double your web traffic? Implement the right social media marketing techniques for your law firms for the maximum result.

  1. Use videos to gain trust

High quality images enhance your efforts to promote your brand. However, videos seal the deal and win over the trust of your target clients. As per surveys, videos can help you engage with your potential customers almost 10X more. It will help you build a solid rapport with your potential clients.

Wondering what types of video contents to upload on your website? Well, you can share anything from an informative video to client testimonials. Relevant and valuable videos will bridge the gap between you and your target client. Say you usually write blogs to help your readers to come up with a solution to their problems. Wouldn’t it feel more real if you could flesh out the issues in a video?

  1. Share your client’s reviews.

Ask your existing clients to share their feedback online. You can publish the reviews on a client testimonials page on your website. Reviews ensure that you are capable of providing reliable services to people who seek legal advice. Just make sure you don’t violate the client’s privacy before sharing their reviews. You can also ask your clients to post the review on Google or LinkedIn.

I searched for ‘The Reliable Law Firm in Florida’ on Google. Check out the list of results itreceived on Google. Have a look at the ratings and number of reviews written along with the name of the business.

Both ratings and reviewsinfluence the purchase decisions of your potential clients. It can make all the difference for the online reputation of your firm.

Wrapping it up,

From healthcare to nursing, you won’t find any industry that is not having an online presence. It’s time for you to establish a robust digital presence for your law firm too. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to have the edge over all your competitors easily. The right content marketing strategy will help you build a strong brand and greet you with #1 ranking on the major search engine results pages.

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