Top 8 Reasons Why IoT is the Biggest Innovation for the App Industry in 2019

By James Tredwell on August 28, 2019

Do you know every second, about 120 new devices connect to the internet?

IoT is empowering the business with its technological efficiencies. And, the app industry will have the most influence of these technologies.

Before we move on to know the top reasons why IoT is the biggest innovation for the app industry, let’s understand the basics.

IoT 101

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is the extension of internet connectivity with physical devices. Generally, it is embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware to fulfill the purpose. The devices, powered by IoT, can communicate and interact via the Internet. It also allowed remote monitoring and controlled over some processes.

These days mobile application with IoT is booming. Businesses want to offer ease to their customers by using the technology which requires minimal efforts to accomplish a task. This blog will give you the top reasons that indicate IoT is the future for the mobile app industry.

1). Innovative Connectivity Mode

It is easier to connect anywhere at any time with the Internet of Things. IoT enables any device to connect to the internet via the assistance of iBeacon, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This technology offers many connectivity options with different bandwidth, cost, reliability, range, and network-management features.

Now, it is more convenient to stay connected for remote businesses, and service centers with IoT powered technologies. Thus, companies are implementing the technology to remain connected with their business operations. Also, the wearable devices are in demand to take advantage of innovative connectivity. And, more and more businesses want to develop a mobile app that provides exclusive benefits of IoT.

2). Wearable Technologies

According to Statista, by 2020, there will be more than 1.1 billion wearable devices in practice worldwide. Thu number itself suggests that the mobile app must have the wearable device support to sustain demand. Notably, the healthcare industry requires this type of integration because it enables us to measure vital elements on the go.

Wearables have become a part of daily routine; be it a smartwatch, speakers, earphones, etc. The intention is to bridge the data exchange between two devices. And, people are using such apps that allow them to enjoy the benefits of wearable technologies. So, customers access to real-time data and engage in simulating the actions using the IoT device.

3). Enhance Customer Experience

In today’s hyper-competitive market, products and services are not the only key differentiations. Quality customer experience means a lot. Especially, when you are developing a mobile application, it’s crucial to deliver the enhanced user experience.

Thus, IoT service provider companies insist to use technology to optimize the customer experience. It helps to facilitate personalization in the app. IoT enabled app helps to deliver customized services to the customers. That’s why businesses are focused on developing a mobile app powered by IoT.

4). Foster Open Source Development

IoT technology allows app developers and app development companies to share their programs openly. So, it helps other developers to experiment with the code, and build their own IoT applications. With plenty of opportunities ahead, the growth of mobile apps is inevitable with IoT.

Furthermore, IoT opens the gateway for smart app developers to grab this opportunity and develop a robust mobile app. As an open-source Internet of Things brings in more transparency that creates an easier way for companies and app developers to collaborate to design a better mobile application.

5). Hybrid Development

As mobile devices are ubiquitous, you never know which platform your audience will use to access a mobile app. So, businesses are focusing on developing a hybrid app that features the IoT functionality. Generally, a hybrid app having an improved user experience for IoT devices to perform better is the need of the hour. The mobile app industry can anticipate consolidating the latest coding capabilities for hybrid platforms. Thus, users can interact with various multi-platform devices easily.

6). Ensured Security

IoT provides advanced connectivity that caters to security concerns. When devices are connected to a particular network and can be easily controlled by a smartphone, it opens it up to possibilities of security breaches and hacking. Besides, businesses faced challenges in adopting the cloud because of security concerns. But, with the IoT technologies, apps can be developed more securely.

7). Futuristic Approach

Internet of Things is the future of technology. It brings efficiencies to develop a smart app for businesses. And therefore, developers today spend more time towards developing an app that is adaptable while connecting with other devices.

The apps which not support the IoT functionality will face a competitive disadvantage in the future. As users prefer to perform more with ease, the assistance of technology like IoT is a must for a mobile app. So, the app industry should have this type of smart technology to retain more users.

8). Drive Efficiencies

IoT integrated mobile apps make the work simpler and automate business processes. As a result, it increases efficiency and productivity. With the integration, the mobile app development process offers user-friendly experience to the users as well.

Moreover, industries such as finance, healthcare, and retail need more operational management through a mobile app. Hence the businesses are focusing on creating an app that supports IoT technology. As per the study, the market size for IoT in the finance and banking sector is expected to grow over 2 billion dollars by 2023.

Whether a mobile app needs to promote efficiency or offer a more secure user experience, IoT can support all. As technology offers many advantages, it is in demand. In fact, businesses are adopting IoT mobile app to optimize performances. It means that mobile applications powered by the Internet of Things will dominate in the future. So, from now on, companies are emphasizing to develop smart mobile apps.

Hence, you should look for a robust mobile app development services so that you can end up with a successful application. Also, the dedicated developers should collaborate with the client to understand the conceptualization to design an app. A mobile app that is convenient to use generally attracts more users. Get in touch with the experts and get the customized mobile app powered by IoT.

This article is contributed by Jayaram Bhat, CEO of  Smart Sight Innovations – IOT Development Company.

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