How To Amp up Your Instagram Marketing Strategy With Analytics

By James Tredwell on October 2, 2020

Everyone needs good support to boost their business in 2020; social media is one of the best business tools. So, We choose Instagram as a perfect place to develop your business; get more engagement from one media. It is the biggest platform in the world, so you reach your goal in a short period. If you are a beginner, you can introduce yourself on Instagram; Instagram provides a bio section to users’ favor.

Generally, Instagram applications help to share your entertainment photos, videos, GIFs, etc,. Here business marketers use these excellent opportunities to share their business/brand pictures to achieve their ambition with efforts. Present your brand here to attract a young audience.

More than one billion active users on Instagram, that’s the reason why marketers use it for market purposes. You know that 90 percent of users are 35 years old & 20-30. People raising a few questions like:

Can I use Instagram for marketing?

Does work Instagram strategy?

Can we believe ROI?

Instagram analytics is the only answer to all those questions. If you don’t analyze Instagram activities and measure performance, you won’t get good results. Pay attention to analytics with the marketing strategy to get success. This article will tell you how to utilize Instagram analytics; let us see what that is;

Measure Instagram performance

Here many valuable Instagram metrics are available to measure that you can follow and analyze what kind of is this. Few marketing teams aren’t able to analyze every single metric, so they will focus on a set of groups to make a massive impact on their industries. Set your goal to make a brand awareness of your brand, so you need to focus on every single post. Usually, marketers give more priority to get users’ engagement to understand the user’s behavior and what they like. Analyze basic features and metrics to make a job easier, so marketers use insights to analyze them; the Instagram platform has a native analytics page.

Profile metrics

Basically, metrics are measuring quantities and tracking performance or production. Here we measure the quality of profiles. Profile metrics contain various features, including emails and call clicks, number of posts, website clicks, and profile views. We will see some important profile metrics those are:

  • Followers count the Total number of followers on your Instagram profiles; Instastatistics help sees realtime follower count from Instagram. You can also see competitors’ following count of how many posts they have. 150 is the average followers count on Instagram. If you are using a private account for your use, 150 is your average; Instagram considers 10000 to 1 million followers are the highest followers count.
  • Impressions: Total number of visiting your posts or stories by users or the total number of times your content could have been seen. Impressions consist of shares, saves, tags, and you can see many impressions through insights. And also, you can see those who visited your Instagram profiles. If you are looking out to get Instagram reach, then your posts need to be seen by more people.
  • Reach Instagram posts or stories in which one has a total number of unique visits. An average reach rate on Instagram is between 1% and 3.5%. Try to at least 2-3 percent through quality posts, and the global reach rate is 34. 37%. The formula is an impression divided by frequency ( reach= impression/frequency). Insta
  • Mentions: is calculated how many times someone mentions your name or your account ID. You also can mention another name or Instagram profile using @ symbol before your mention. Don’t give space between @ and users’ ID or name. You will get a notification via emails while you are mentioning.
  • Branded hashtags: Total number of time Instagram posts with branded hashtags.

Measure Audience’s Insights

Collect audience data from Instagram insights that are very important to learn your targeted audience. You need to know what they like, what they follow, what they need from your brand; it’ll help create better content about your products to boost Instagram marketing performance. Here we explain the essential element of audience insights.

  • Gender – You can see the percentage of how many men or women following your Instagram account.
  • Age – You can see what is the age group of your followers. There are several different age groups like 13-18, 18- 25, 25-35, 35- 45, 45-55, 55-60 and 60 above.
  • Audience’s Locations – One of the smart ways to target your audience’s location is to reach easy reach, so Instagram allows you to see the top five cities where your audience resides.
  • Follower’s active time – You can find your followers’ average time or when they are searching through Instagram. It helps to post your content at the right time; thus, you can get more engagement in peak time. More possibilities to get massive engagement for your post when 7 AM – 10 AM, 1 PM – 5 PM & 7 PM – 9 PM
  • Follower’s day Everyone is not the same, and everyone busy with their own work or having weekend plans. So need to know the perfect day to post, experience people saying Monday to Thursday is the ideal time to get more engagement.

Instagram Post Insights ( photos or videos)

To view insights, go to your profile, then tab insights; select specific posts that you did like to view insights finally. You can also learn more about your audience. Post’s Insights include reach, likes, comments, engagement, impression, shares, and views.

Likes- Someone links your post when you post about updating news or trending or the latest news. Unique count like reach; you can get one like from other account—one tab for the like and double tab for unlike. Followers give like to your updates when they get impressed on your posts.

Comments- Like feedback, but if comments are good or bad, everyone can see those comments until you delete them. Delete option to remove someone’s comments. You can see under your post how many people commented on your post. It shows beside the Like section.

Engagement-  Biggest processing on social media, but you can get more engagement easily with efforts. Engagement contains like, comments, shares, save your posts, tag, etc,. It is calculated by how many members react to your posts; the engagement rate measures how many audiences connect with your brands. Engagement processing is relevant to social media algorithms; each platform has algorithms. You can get a rank if you follow those algorithms.

Views-  You can see how many members have seen your posts ( photos or videos ). Instagram can display who has viewed your posts.

Instagram Story Metrics

Instagram story is an ultimate feature of Instagram; every user uses it at least once a day. Get more reputation through Instagram story features. You can count the number of impressions and reach of every single story separately. Calculate each post before it disappears because Instagram stories will automatically disappear within the next 24 hours.

Exit – Calculate the total number of users who left your story.

Replies – Count the Total number of responses to a specific photo or video on the story.

Instagram Live Videos Insights

One of the popular elements of Instagram features; Would you like to get more engagement, use a live video section to reach wider. You can count the total number of viewers while live videos and can see the number of viewers.

Follow those tips to measure reach, engagement rate, impression, etc,. Huge tools are available on the internet, so we need to find the right analytics tool to measure followers’ insights.

so let us see the best Instagram analytics tools there are;

Instagram Insights (Default Features)

We are already discussing this topic, but it is how to use step by step procedure. First, you need to open a business account then fill in the information about your brand; it is important to access Insights. Go to your account to Switch to Business Profile from the settings, then check business-related details to learn to complete the process. Use insights to measure above mentioned metrics and content is the valuable feature; So you perform with photos or videos to obtain huge engagement. Use insights for your stories to get the same benefits, and it is an excellent tool for those who want to boost their account with campaigns.


Iconosquare is a professional tool, so it is more helpful to all business marketers. More than 35 thousand companies use this tool to develop their business, and experienced marketers are giving reviews that it is better than insights. If you want to make a schedule, use this iconosquare tool to make your work too easy. It is a free analytical tool for scheduling and managing your Instagram profile. This tool has enormous, verified comments and ratings.


Get reports while merely using the keyhole tool, and you can see customer’s trends. It helps you to save you valuable time, and you can identify your customers’ interests. Easy to manage and flexible searches for all marketers and strat tracking keywords, hashtags, or URLs. Get specific results from this tool.


We hope this article will help you to give the ultimate guide about Instagram analytics. Learn how to measure metrics and what the features are and utilise the marketing strategies to reach your business goal.

This article is contributed by Mary Kyle, content developer and marketing manager at Snaphappen .

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