How IoT will Change the Process of Mobile App Development

By James Tredwell on November 26, 2018

We assume you do have a slight idea on what IoT is. But let us make it simple just in case if you are not much aware about it.

Imagine the mirror from one your favorite fairy tales Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs was available for sale now?

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, is it summer yet or fall?” is what shop’s sales person asked and an answer coming from the mirror left you dumbfounded. Now, this mirror and technology through which it could connect with you is what IoT (Internet of things is all about).


Let us make it easier for you to understand.

We all have Smart Phones, right? Your Mobile carries an application that offers you with the facility of locking your residence’s door with an instruction only. This connectivity of different hardware’s together and then a software embedded for its functioning is what’s known as (Internet of Things – IoT). These aid you to interact, exchange data and connect with these devices that act as per the given commands.

Each and every thing that became easier was because it came handy. By handy we mean them being easily available on your palms. How? Through your mobile phones. Since, the era we live in, is an era of Convenience – Whichever industry wants to make things easier for people, the foremost thing they end up doing is, launching a Mobile Application.

The way Mobile Applications has changed our lives, IoT surely is the next new thing. The new face of technology. But this does not mean it will outstrip mobile applications making them history but will perhaps take them to a whole new level by merging with them. Or to rephrase, it will change the process of Mobile App Development.


Android or IOS the basic operating systems were maybe a little less technical for developers. But framing IoT will take developers to advance to a whole different level of expertise.


Until now, developing application was confined to one single device or software. But with IoT, it’s a new game. Not only one but integrating two or more devices with the help of an application will take developers update their expertise with more proficiency. Enabling customers to interact with their devices in real-time and providing a new experience will be latest of all challenges. Above all, it will be how they will be connecting the Real World with Virtual.

Remember that cartoon “The Jetsons”. This is perhaps how IoT will impact our lives in the upcoming years. And will also change the shape of application development.

We are sure you would have by far gaged our emphasis on the phrase “Change in the process of App Development” and would have been wondering why are we saying this. It is because IoT will bring a revolution to the process of existing mechanism. Following are the points that make us why will this happen.

  • Not only Application will be integrated but Devices

This surely sounds technical. Until now only the application was to be integrated on a single Mobile Device but now different devices will have to be linked with the help of similar software. It will be a totally different step in developing applications. Also, not necessarily will the devices only be Mobile phones but watches, household appliances, cars everything will convert into one.

  •  New Discoveries and Connections

Understanding the operating system of a single device i.e. IOS or Android is comparatively easier. Web tutorials are there to impart the technicalities involved. But as far as IoT is concerned, it is not as simple. Functioning of different devices before a system is developed will have to be understood. It will not be a single device in question but a smart device that is to be controlled.

  • Product Links

With IoT coming into picture, developers and product partners will have to come on one platform. This will be putting heads together to how can a device be used in a way that it connects with an application and bring in an innovatory change. It will one of its own kind and perhaps something that initially will appeal niche to the maximum. Or say businesses that will benefit the most from them.

If you somehow are assuming after reading this article up till now that mobile applications will nowhere be seen, the case is not this way. They will be the base for these devices to mix with.

The more the devices will be explored that can be utilized with artificial intelligence, the more will be the need for applications to develop. Not only will the demand for mobile applications increase, but much for those that run more efficiently.

Also, if you are planning on pursuing a career in IT or as a software developer – Trust us, it will be one of the best decisions of your life as the boom expected in this field cannot be predicted with bare eyes.

Not only Jetsons marked this years ago, but entering into a virtual world was also what AVATAR showed. With the help of devices attached to application they entered a world that was virtual. Doesn’t this all sound exciting? Exploring new horizons and entering an era where ease and comfort will be on your fingertips. All that would be needed will be a tap or a simple command. Sounds no less than Aladdin’s Magic Lamp to us.

Hope you had an interesting time and the article brought to you something that added to your wisdom. Share with us If you know more about IoT and its impact?

This article is written by David Louie, iOS app developer at AppExperts, a leading mobile app development company.

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