Why iOS Application Development is Necessary for Your eCommerce Business?

By James Tredwell on November 15, 2019

When did you decide that you need an iOS eCommerce app development for your running business? Or you are still in a dilemma to have one? If so, we will enlighten you with some interesting facts about having an iOS app for your eCommerce business.

But, why iOS? Can it do better than developing an app for Android? Right!

Making revenue is easy in iOS than Android. iOS platform is used between the upper-middle-class to affluent people. Thus, there are higher chances of your eCommerce business to grow and move quickly. You can easily add monetization strategies like ads, in-app purchases or affiliate marketing.

Another aspect that favors iOS application development for eCommerce business is complexity. Android is fragmented into multiple ways making it complex. Likewise android device size, device OEM, OS versions and many other infinite factors. Whereas an iOS app development is less complex. It only consists of 3 – 4 screen sizes – iPhone and iPad versions.

There could be another doubt hovering, isn’t a mobile-responsive website enough? It’s true, a mobile responsive website is indeed important but the obligation is – lack of potential marketing.

Let’s better understand a scenario.

A customer lands to your website in search of a product. If he/she manages to buy something from your website – you can target them in the future with the help of email marketing. But if they don’t buy any product, you might even lose the chance to market or outreach potential customers.

However, you have a cookie of your visitors that can help you re-target them with Facebook ads and banner ads. But, a brand like Apple has announced the limits in using cookies for re-targeting. Which means this isn’t a long term solution for your serious problem.

If you want to target in the long-run, you must opt for a sustainable solution. Employ an iPhone programmer to build a promising app for your eCommerce business.

A survey conducted by Morgan Stanley, 92% of the iPhone users who had their plan to buy a new phone within a year said the will stick to Apple. This reveals how Apple Devices have incredible brand loyalty.

How Does An iOS eCommerce App Development Help You?

An app allows having complete control over someone’s experience at your store. You do not have to rely on any third party for building up a list of potential customers. For customers to reciprocate and reiterate, you can offer loyalty programs in your apps.

One of the greatest examples of loyalty programs in the mobile application is Starbucks. For better engagement, they offer their registered customers some points with every purchase. With collective points, you can have our coffee or any other food for free. Starbucks has certain levels for its customers which stores some extra perks for them. A gold-level offers a free drink with some added freebies.

Isn’t it a great way to keep your customers intact with you and continue to enjoy your services?

Further, let’s check out some stats to brief up the importance of iOS application development. From 2016, the number of mobile apps that were downloaded was 143.7 Billion and in 2017 the rate increased and reached 178.1 Billion. Moreover, the worldwide mobile app revenue in 2019 was $ 462 Billion (Source: Stastia)

China is the biggest iOS app download market accounts for nearly 50% of global app downloads. Certainly, speaking more – the number of apps in the iOS App Store was reportedly 2.2 million in May 2019. To forecast future, mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020 (Source: Statistia)

Aren’t these figures effective and convincing to have your own iOS mobile app developed?

Benefits Of Having An iOS eCommerce Mobile App For Your Customers

Before starting with the advantages of having an iOS mobile app for eCommerce, note that you must hire iPhone app developers which are proficient and versed with the latest technologies.

To have a catalog of countless customers with positive reviews about your services, you should check out these benefits of an eCommerce mobile app.

  1. Collect Data And Analyze User’s Behavior Quickly

    Your eCommerce website might not be able to gather the information or buying behavior data of your customers. With the help of a mobile iOS app, you can smartly collect your customer’s insight into the consumption preferences and buying habits. This will allow you to bring in trends as per the customer’s taste. There is a multitude of eCommerce firms that evaluate site content analysis, user behavior, and business logic to improve the conversion rate.

  2. Safer, Quicker And Easier Payments

    Mobile wallets in an app make payment incredibly convenient because you do not have to worry about all your cards. With new and modern methods of payments, exchanging money is highly easy and safe. They are regulated under the government, no chances of getting your credentials hacked and 24×7 easy buying.

  3. Native App Helps In Boosting Usability Of An App

    Choose the right technology when building a native eCommerce application for your business. For sustainability, first, know the ins and outs of your business, decide on a budget, know your inventory, select an appropriate database, CMS, framework and most importantly back-end and front-end languages for coding. Hire iOS app developers that are experienced and can make use of the resources effectively within your budget.

  4. In-built Features In-App Enhances Purchase

    Today’s highly smart and interactive phones come with many in-built features & components that could aid your eCommerce mobile app. With the help of GPS feature, you can send personal tailored-push notification to know customer’s physical location. The calendar might help save the sale date automatically. With the help of AR technology and camera access to the user’s phone, customers can have the finest view of products.

  5. Better Visibility To The Customers

    Through the iOS eCommerce app development, you can have direct communication with your customers. You can share a wide range of offers and products to your customers. Moreover, share push notification regarding new arrivals or any event to lure your customers. You can assist them regarding any query related to your product and quickly and offer them the best solution.

When building an eCommerce mobile application, what are the things that need to be kept in mind?

  • Easy and interactive purchase designs
  • Effortless Signup and logout
  • Lucid UI & multi-functional navigation
  • Call to action buttons (CTA)
  • Pay attention to user scenario

After shopping online, 42% of consumers use a shopping app (Source: Statstia). One of the most popular eCommerce apps that people can’t live without is Amazon.


However, we know that mobile users spend 87% of their time on mobile apps, which is a lot. Just with these stats, you can make out the huge difference between the users preferring apps. With the help of an eCommerce app, people can save their products for later purchase, get notified for the new arrivals, discounts & offers. With the help of e-wallets, payments can be done easily and conveniently. Hiring an iPhone app consultant will help you provide the best solution for business and improvements in profit margins.

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