How to Sail Through the App Store Review Process

By James Tredwell on August 9, 2019

What is the common thing that everyone is holding? Of course, it’s a smartphone. It is one of the popular innovations that people are using in their daily life and seems really busy. Every day a new app is getting released, and each app is more interesting and exciting to use.

IOS has grasped and advanced the mind of individuals to a great extent. This has given a fantastic opportunity for the manufacturers to think about the most progressive strategies to demonstrate their capacity and ability.


Applications can change how you do anything you’re enthusiastic about, regardless of whether that’s creating, learning, playing games, or merely accomplishing more. Also, the App Store is the best spot to find new applications that let you seek after your interests in manners you never thought possible.


It is something really necessary when your customer can leave a sentiment about your item; so, that the developer can see the strongest points of the app and which negative things should be improved. Though, the question is that do ratings and reviews affect the app store ranking position?

We can say that having reviews of the product encourages your situation to be better. Obviously, that high rating is superior to low ones. In this way, we should start working on it.

Check some below-shown points that will let you know why reviews are crucial;

  • If you get a bad review the best thing that you can do is answer it as fast as you can, show that you are proactive and that you are thankful for the study because now you can work to improve even more your product.
  • In that case, you get an awful review from the customer; the best thing that you can do is answer it as quick as possible, demonstrate that you are active, and you should appreciative for the survey, and you can improve more.
  • You can show the customers that their review is credible and you are working on it to make it better.
  • The ratings are one of the first things the possible user has access to, so it is something great that they can see some of the good experiences that other users are already having.


  • There are different reasons that an app could be rejected. Let’s learn a few of them here.
  • If it seems that your app is incomplete and unstable to perform, then Apple has the right to reject your app.
  • No matter how your app looks like, if it is not working correctly, that means your app is going to be rejected.
  • Apple has a very strict privacy policy requirement for all apps that appear in the iOS app store that includes providing an explanation of your data holding policies and enabling users to withdraw agreement to data collection, among other things.
  • Make sure your app is fresh, not duplicate. If they will find copycat of the application, that means there is a chance of rejection. Creating your own unique app and content is an excellent way to avoid app store rejection.
  • The application requires a valid and enough content that will allow your customers to visit. It may cause rejection if your visitors do not understand about your app.
  • Make sure you offer enough information regarding your app, for instance, the title, description, specifications, and other details, categorization information, special configuration notes and demo video, if you can.


  • First of all, you need to learn from the experience and mistakes of other developers.
  • Your app should be more innovative as compared to other applications of the same domain.
  • You should test and maintain the quality of the app. Don’t let your customer go from your application. It should be more interesting and exciting.
  • Detailed descriptions are required regarding your product.
  • You should be friendly enough so that your visitors will love to visit your store.
  • Once you send your application, have patience because the app review process takes time. So, don’t panic and wait for the approval from Apple.

You need to learn more about the app store from the above-shown guide and get some informative tips.

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