Top 5 Pro-Tips To Select The Best Keywords For Your Blog

By James Tredwell on January 1, 2021

You must have been doing keyword research before writing a blog to know the organic traffic on a particular keyword but still you failed to get the same traffic on the exact same watchword.

Am I right? Of Course I am , In my journey of 15 years in digital marketing. I have been considering various ways to generate traffic for my client and trust me keywords can solve the problems upto some extent.

Poor Quality Keywords -> Poor Optimization -> Poor Results -> Poor Traffic

Credibility is the major player when it comes to fetching organic traffic from a particular keyword and the majority of the blogs do not have the required credibility.

If the blog gets rejected on the particular website : Think and make the article more credible.

Hell yes – Do Whatever it takes and finish the end game of credibility.

Generating backlinks from the article is the best way to get the organic traffic and credibility of the article can be enhanced once you get to know what kinds of articles have been accepted on the particular website for which you’re pitching the content.

Write an article according to the needs of the websites and the choice of readers.

Cutthroat Competition

Apart from streets even websites are filled with idiots.

Competition challenges the integrity of the subjects that you are writing on.

Majority of the bloggers are making use of the limited set of keywords which they came across from different tools of keyword optimization to know the target volume on a particular keyword.

Such tools often ignore the small volume keywords that individuals search.
And many bloggers think that such small volume keywords don’t exist.

That’s sad right but it’s true..

Such bloggers make it next to impossible to rank on their targeted keyword without a proper research of SEO.

Exact Keywords -> High Competition

The exact title of the blog makes it more competitive for the bloggers to rank their article on the first page.

And you know where your article stands and how credible are the articles of others in the same niche.

Building the own links can boost up the page rank and even the rank if it’s on the first page of the search engine.

But it’s a time consuming process and I am sure as hell, barely getting any time to write these articles.

Alright here are the pro tips to get the chance and show up your blog in the best results of the search engine.

1. Be Specific

Of Course you must have heard this sentence again and again.

Even while sorting out keywords for the blog, you need to be much more specific as simplification is the new normal.

For instance, Targeting a specific keyword such as Digital Marketing rather than using the word marketing can make a louder appeal and can eventually increase your rank.

And by getting more specific, you can increase the readers on the blog and only the individuals will get back to you who are really interested in getting digital marketing services while on the other hand, the individuals researching the word- Marketing are still not sure.

2. Using Keywords in the title

O yes the content is the king but Title is the queen.

And whether it’s a game of chess or the game of Search Engine Optimization, the Queen is always important to the king.

Titles are very crucial when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, so including it in the titles can easily boost up the rank of your blog.

And including specific keywords in the title can help the individuals to know about the specifications of the blog as well as what the overall blog is about.

3. Using the right keyword density

All thanks to the semantic search.

Gone are the days where we need to have plenty of keywords in the same blog to increase its rank.

Such search has facilitated the natural factors of language and creativity in the blog as bloggers can make their article much natural regardless of using the keyword again and again.

Though keywords are needed but wherever it is possible and where it appears natural.

Including the exact keywords and the related keywords can help the search engine in knowing the brief of the blog.

Even the small content of 300 words appears fruitful while an article of 5000 words might be complete shitt.

Word count doesn’t matter but content justification is must.

4. Use Internal Linking

The article gets shared on social media to increase its traffic on the blog as well as the particular website which is mentioned on a specific keyword.

The main motive of the blog is to get traffic on the particular webpage or the homepage of the website.

Once the traffic gets navigated it totally depends upon the website how they entertain the individuals who are looking for the services for passing out their time and convert those individuals into buyers.

Individuals will come and leave, It isn’t a philosophical statement but I am talking about the bounce rate which a website usually gets when the individuals are navigated from social media sites.

No internal links and no calls to actions can be the two major reasons behind the bounce rate.

Readers read the post, understand the crux of it and then get back to their social media pages.

This can be curbed by inserting the internal links of the live blogs on the same website.

Such things keep the individuals much engaged and busy throughout the blog and they often enjoy the links as it targets the services provided by the website at times.

The internal links throughout the blogs can reduce the bounce rate and can increase the traffic for other blogs as well which will be proven beneficial for the overall website.

5. Using Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags can provide the search engine a brief description of what the image is all about.

And I love SEO for this…

It optimizes the image alt tags by writing a description of what is shown in the image with all the keywords which get targeted.

Adding the tags for the image as well as for the blog completely depends upon the article setup.

The Last Lines

All the tips are useful for the newcomers as well as the experts as the keywords are the small things but can produce a major bang if ignored as it directly affects the search and its result.

This article is contributed by Krunal Soni –is the founder and CEO of Thrillax Private Limited, a digital marketing company.

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