Top 10 SEO Lead Generation Tips to Grow your Business Like Never Before!

By James Tredwell on February 6, 2021

Social networking, content marketing, mobile-optimized websites — there is so much you need to consider to grow your business. 

You must have certain questions like how to turn the website traffic into qualified leads? Which are the essential steps to get a better ranking in google and various other search engines? 

Don’t worry! I will answer all your questions and, on top of that, give you 10 super-cool tips that will help you grow your business speedily. You can even tak0065 help of an expert and experienced digital marketing agency to increase your business. 

With search engine ranking, you can drive traffic to your website, increased visibility, more leads, and, in turn, more customers. SEO is basically a discipline that helps the owner of the website to stand out more effortlessly online. SEO is also changing rapidly. But the great news for business owners and businesses is that there is so much that you can do, even without getting much into technicality. 

Everything is possible – high ranking in google – maximum SEO lead generation – by captivating heed of expert tips. Let me give you closer to my top 10 SEO lead generation tips to grow your business. 

10 Strategies for SEO Lead Generation to Grow Your Business: 

  • Post Regular Content: 

One of the most indispensable components of having a website that ranks well in search engines and induces users to bring them to the lead and point of conversion is posting new content regularly. By doing so, Google looks at your website and business as healthy and active. Users are compelled to contact you as they see your website as continued value. 

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to attain this goal. Entities that post regularly generate 126% more leads from their sites. Also, you can get more links back to your website. 

Once you are ready with the blog set-up, publish high-quality content that your customers can relate to. Below are some content generating ideas for you:

  • Commonly enquired questions
  • Current events related to your business
  • Benefits of your products and services
  • Expert suggestion related to your industry
  • Add a Live Chat: 

Remember how irritating live chats were in 2005? They would continually pop-up on sites like a bothersome mosquito buzzing in your ear. They ultimately went out of fashion, along with things like chat rooms. 

But guess what? They are now back and are way better than before. 

Having an online chat is a great help because your visitors can directly ask a question or get more details regarding your product. Connecting is entirely optional, but when you do get an inquiry, you’re catching visitors when they are vigorously exploring your products or services.

Instead of snapping away to another website when they are unable to find the answers they are looking for, they get an instant answer, and you get a hot lead.

  • Increase your Website Speed: 

Search engine ranking is affected by website speed. The main goal of Google is to deliver its users with the best experience probable. The speed of your site is a major factor in deciding your website rank. 

This means, the faster your site replies to search, the higher Google will rank it.

You can improve speed by:

  • Using image optimizer
  • Cleaning up the database 
  • Using a consistent web hosting provider 
  • Removing unnecessary plugin and script
  • Making your website mobile-friendly
  • Fixing broken links
  • Optimizing your script
  • Deleting spam comments 

You can use any tool such as ‘Pingdom’ to check your website speed. After you know how your website is performing, you can improve the website performance based on all the suggestions given by the tool. You can even take help of a digital marketing agency. 

  • Advance your Keyword Strategy: 

Is your firm’s keyword strategy chiefly focused on search volume and difficulty? Yes? 

You are missing out. Search Engines have been filtering their core algorithm to recognize the intent of a search better, and they are becoming experts at it. 

When you determine the right keywords for your entity, you must verify and check the SERP for that keyword to understand what the existing ranking content is. If your purpose matches their intent, then you are good to go. 

Your keywords must be encompassed in the content and metadata of every page on your website.  

Alluring the precise keywords will allow you to attract an audience capable of becoming a feasible lead. If you go too broad, you will receive interested traffic that doesn’t truly have buying intent in their future. If you go too specific, then you might lose out on so many users that are looking for data before submitting lead information.

  • Build a Blog with SEO-Optimized Content: 

Building an active blog with optimized blog posts is one of the great ways to use SEO to get more leads for your website. 

Below are some of the nitty-gritty of SEO optimizing your blog:

  • Format Content: If your content is fully packed with value but misses the visual appeal, then it will not be able to help you achieve your goal. Use the best formatting to make your content more appealing and easier to read.
  • Use Keywords: Carry out keyword research to find the most significant keywords in your business, and then use them in your headline and throughout your blog. Just make sure to keep it natural and do not stuff keywords, as this will lead to penalties from Google.
  • Add Links: Every time you put a post on your blog, you should link it to other related content on your site. This will improve website usability, increases page views, and helps to escalate the link juice.
  • Use Sub-headings: By using H2, H3, and H4 headings, it will help to make your blog scannable and enhances your user experience. It will also aid Google to more effortlessly understand what your content is all about.
  • Active Social Media Channels: 

You are not alone if you do not know how social media can help in SEO. They are so many marketers who are muddled about the impact of active social media on SEO.

Data from Search Engine Journal displays that social media can be used to improve your website rank. The data has shown a very high correlation between social signals and ranking position. It can be concluded that social media has a direct correlation with SEO. 

The more a business has social media presence, the more likely it is to attract people who will link to you.

  • Promote Customer Feedbacks: 

Customer reviews are very important. They positively impact the site ranking and SEO. They act as a solid signal to search engines that your website is reliable and authoritative.  

Below are some ABCs behind utilizing them excellently:

  • Repositioning:  The digital importance of your firm plays a huge role in Google’s rankings. The search engine looks at your business’ participation online to determine where to rank you. So, take care that you position your firm in the best light in order to progress your SEO.
  • Encouraging reviews: The best way to start acquiring reviews from your customers is to simply ask for them. Also, make it simple, easy, and convenient for people to leave a review to make it more likely that they will do so.
  • Responding: For all of your customers who give you feedback – no matter good or bad, take the time to appreciate it. By replying to each review, you are displaying your customers that you value their sentiments.
  • Give Away Free Resources:

People are always attracted to the word ‘Free.’ When you give free resources to your potential audience, you make them happy, and if they like your resources, they will become your customers.  

However, I took the time to think about whether the target market will be ready to give their information in exchange for a free resource, what will be the most helpful to attract the exact target audience. 

Offer some resources completely free, some in exchange for a share, and some for their information. 

  • Add Call to Action to each Web Page: 

Thanks to the organic search results, after your website receives traffic, will these potential customers know what to do next? How will you transform them into a lead?

Keep it convenient for first-time visitors to find data, buy your products/services or get in touch. Whether it is an educational blog post or an information page, each page on your site should have a strong and clear call to action (CTA).

A CTA basically states what an individual should do next.  It can either be a link or an image button. It should immediately tell the visitor what they will receive if they follow your instructions.

  • Use local SEO tactics if you are a local business:  

A website gives you an opportunity to make your firm visible to the entire online world. Whereas local SEO is more engrossed in serving you a higher rank in the area where your business functions.

You will have great benefits by using local SEO strategies if you have a local business. It also confirms that your audience finds you on Google.  

Below are the local SEO strategies to benefit your business:

  • Optimize your content for local search: Use local keyword data to enhance your content and express your audience exactly where you are and who you are.
  • Claim listings in online directories: Use online manuals to build and market yourself so that you can create an effective online presence.

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The Final Verdict:

If you emphasize these 10 SEO leads generation strategies, I promise you will have an enormous boost in leads and sales. You and your sales team will have to commit to actual change.

From creating an SEO-optimized blog to maintaining active social media channels, each of these SEO lead generation strategies will let you experience steady growth in your firm.

There are so many business opportunities out there, and I really wish this helps your business double or triple in size.

This article is contributed by Maggie Simmons– Marketing Manager at Max Effect.

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