5 Features need to develop the an innovative iPhone App

By James Tredwell on January 31, 2019

The iPhone has always introduced an era that created great interest among app developers and users with new features. The latest trends in the market are the concern to iPhone Mobile App Development and Design with the integration of Wearable Apps. It is important and necessary to stay updated with the new features specifically for the iOS app developers to offer the best user experience.

Hence, with new APIs and services apps of new generation gain power among the industry. Hence, app developers can improve the capabilities to Phone Messages, Siri, VoIP, Maps, Apple Pay and much more to provide enhance the experience of users. With every update, new features with better functionalities are added to make an enjoyable experience.

The trends keep on changing year after year, so the iOS app developers are very specific about the app updates and the changes. These trend changes have a major influence on the business or industry. When it comes to generating more profits or create the best ROI, users always trust iOS apps.


iOS apps always create rich, interactive, and powerful notification experiences. iPhone App development is full of new opportunities to explore more to boost the user experience.


Talking about the iPhone notification the users can view photos, listen to the audio, and also be able to watch videos from inside a notification. This enhanced the user experience with new feature such as user can view live information such as map updates in real time.

Screen Time

Tracking of time while using apps on your device is sometimes new that is introduced in the latest feature of the iPhone. The Screen Time app offers a better understanding of how much time you and your kids are using specific app. This feature offers a user to check and analyze the status tasks performed on a device. Using the Screen Time app shows you a daily and weekly report of app usage. This advanced feature enables users to regulate limits for you and your kids for specific apps and websites.

Augmented Reality Experiences

This is something that iPhone is taking the user experience to the higher level. Augmented reality is the new tech era experiences that can be shared in real-world locations and time. With this user can create and share AR art with friends. ARKit 2 able to recognize objects and convert it into the 3D objects. This also helps to recognize objects through your device that incorporate objects into augmented reality experiences.

Cutting-edge Performance

Performance can be checked on the basis of regular tasks such as typing on the keyboard and launching the Camera app. Therefore, the performance of your iPhone or iPad is improved that can be noticed by the user. This noticeable feature enhancement improves the overall performance of all devices, including iPhone 5s and iPad Air. The multitasking tasks are more responsive comparatively. The Control Center and swiping the various tasks appear to two times faster than before.

Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime calls is an interesting feature that allows users to have group text on the Message App. Users can join active calls from the conversation list. The conversations are more interesting that includes center tile and you can double tap on the person that you would like to see closer. A Group FaceTime session can be started from a FaceTime calls with up to 32 people at a time. Group FaceTime allows users to make users answer incoming Group FaceTime calls with video or audio.

Siri Shortcuts

Enhanced Siri digital assistant assists Siri suggestions as a new Shortcut app for the user. Siri suggestions are getting improved with every update where they can automatically suggest third-party apps. Based on the daily routines and schedule it offers the suggestion to the user. The advanced ability of the iOS App development includes a Shortcuts API, translations, celebrity facts, Photo Memories, password search, flashlight control, Find My iPhone and much more.

The cost to Make an App iOS Application

If you have decided to make an iOS application for your business this is important to know how much does it cost. The cost of making an app for iOS Application depends on the features that you want to include in your app. The cost also varies from the size of the application and the features that are integrated into the app as per the requirement.

Closing Thoughts

The iOS app developers are aware of the app updates and the changes made by the Apple company. Hence, they offer the same experience to the user with the latest App development features and services. To sustain in the market, the business-oriented developers release about 2.2 million iOS apps in the app store in 2018. The Apple App Store is full the trendy apps that keep on increasing year after year. To generate more revenue for business and best ROI businesses, trust iOS apps.

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