9 Essential Features for Your E Commerce App

By James Tredwell on December 6, 2018

Its fun to go shopping at times but when you have an eleventh-hour wedding to attend and there is no new dress in the wardrobe, it’s such a bummer.

Or maybe that time of year when Black Friday is around the corner and dying from stampede at the mall is your only phobia that’s holding you back from visiting that favorite store of yours.

But hey! These things are no-more to be bothered about.

Ever heard of Online Shopping?

Web designs and development have advanced so much in recent years that they now offer you to shop online? Pleasing – Isn’t it?

From Bath and Body to IKEA, you have them all with their online shopping stores where all you have to do is click, add to cart and checkout.

Painless right?

But sometimes, on those rainy days when sales are on and accessing their websites which due to heavy traffic tend out to go inaccessible. What sorts the issue out for us?

E-Commerce Applications or Shopping applications?

Never heard of them?

E-commerce is basically an application or platform designed for people to use it for exchanging/buying and selling of goods. Through these, purchasing or selling is just, say a click away.

Download Souq or Dubizzle and delve into how they operate.

Although they are somewhat similar to websites offering these features yet some of them are those that make them stand out. Essential features that make an e-commerce application unique.

We are sure you must be feeling puzzled here as to how can two things providing with the same facilities vary in features?

To end this confusion, we thought on elaborating to you some of the must-have features of an E-Commerce Application. Say these to be the meat and potatoes for our main course called E-Commerce.

Let’s begin?


#1. Register Yourself

Whenever you go shopping online, you need to put in details for the order to get delivered to. So is this step. Registering yourself with the application not only makes you feed your data in system forever but also make it much easier for you to log-in every time simply and get going with shopping. Oh! Also, for you to know, once they are aware of your details, they always send in push notifications for discounts. Got you!

#2. Social Media Integration

Can you recall while registering you normally have two options? One to either fill out all the details or Log in with your existing Facebook/LinkedIn Profiles? The second form of logging in to any platform is what we call as Social Media Integration. We all hardly know anyone today who is not using Facebook or Twitter or any other social media application. So, with an easy two-step data input it mounts off the burden from users’ shoulders. Nonetheless, filling out that lengthy form makes us easily annoyed, swiping off from the screen. This feature is one of those basic steps that make accessing to the application much easier.

#3. Push Notifications

Who wouldn’t want to stay updated about any new promotions when signed up for a new adventure? E-Commerce applications normally have a base feature of sending notifications about any new updates or promotion they have to offer to their loyal customers.

We know those beeps nudging on your phones about offers and discounts from various applications. This being one of the important features of applications not only keeps us updated but also decide before hand on budgeting wisely.

#4. Simple and user-friendly Navigation

It’s annoying when zooming in and out to fix a specific picture to your mobile screen size is what you have to do while viewing let’s say a specific catalogue. Thus, while developing the Applications it is ensured that they contain minimalistic content that is easily displayed, appears non-pixelated, simple and does not look huddled. Having the feature of developing a responsive layout is again a fundamental.

#5. Analytics

Why is an E-Commerce application developed? To Improve and enhance sales. Now, if you do not have an option to track what was the traffic or how much revenue was being earned through application buying and selling, you will not be able to mark its success ratio. Thus, integrating a feature that enables you to record the audience percentage, success ratio and usage percent is a compulsion. Having one that’s already a part of your application can help you get impressed by tracking your viewer record.

#6. Offline Capabilities

How frustrating it gets when just because of weak network you have to give up while being on the edge of ending your purchases? It’s always an add-on when your users’ can experience offline surfing and continue with their activities regardless of your network getting non-responsive. While developers look into other foremost features, making your website or application usable while offline is no less than an icing to your cake.

#7. Add t0 wish-list

Right-hand of users while surfing or scrolling down categories from which they tend to buy later – Add to wish list point does not only make it easy for them to tag without getting into the hassle of scrolling up all the way again to find what they were looking for previously but also compare if and when needed with other products that may have been added to the cart.

#8. Multiple Payment Options

How crampy it gets when with all your heart you have shopped for your favorite items and when on the verge of payment, it says Credit Cards not accepted or Currency Type ABC not accepted. Shopping Applications or websites should no matter what entertain and integrate – We emphasis Integrate and Entertain the feature of Multiple payments. This lets your customer enjoy the freedom of being able to pay via whatever mode they opt for. Be it Credit Card or debit or perhaps cash. Not only does it make it easier for them but for the applications too as they can easily feed in the data for future references if saved.

#9.  Easy- Checkout

Once through with all the formalities and shopping modes, it gets easier for if checking out is just a click away. Having innumerable clicks and information to input that too when checking out gets fussy. And God-Knows-When can it ruffle your customer so much that they simply shut down the application and shop-no more?

The above mentioned are just those Top 9 Essential features we believe are important for an e-commerce application. However, there are plenty more that if missing make an application incomplete.

With these not only can you being developers ensure giving your user a relaxing and fun experience but also be sure of yourself getting the best responses ever.

Just in case if you are a Web Designer or Developer, we believe reading these must have given you an idea on what can you integrate in your final layouts.

This article is contributed by Ezra Felix , professional web designer at WebbyGiants – website design company

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