Importance of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development

By James Tredwell on November 21, 2018

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is something that plays a vital role in the mobile app development since there are millions of similar apps available right now and there is something that should distinguish one from the other. So, the one thing that can differentiate from using other apps from that one particular app is the UI/UX design. Clearly, an app that does not look good on the mobile screens or does not provide the required experience as functions expected, animations, color contrasts, themes, readability, usability, etc is something no one would like to waste their data to download them. A bad UI/UX fails to attract the users and thus degrading the quality of the app.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User experience (UX) is something that provides the feel of the app. As a layman, it is as simple as the experience of the user while using an app. A good UX design is a technique to enhance customer satisfaction and trust with the help of simplifying the usability and app interaction. Before finalizing the app design related to the specific industry, target market and the needs of the users, it is very important to do a proper research on it.

What are some important aspects of a good UI/UX design?

#1. The symbols and the icons used should be simplified and nowadays people are also preferring the material design and minimal design concept. This way, they shall be able to relate to the app and then use it more often. The developers can then deliver an exceptional experience through it.

#2. The simpler the better. If your app design is simple, you would not need to have to explain your app using manuals or something similar to that.

#3. A good experience comes when the user feels that an app can help them in the day to day needs except for having them waste their time to figure out how to operate it. Use simplified directions and updates that could enhance productivity in an extensive manner.

#4. The design of the app should be accurate. The contents in it must not be irregular. The app icon must be catchy as well.

#5. Consider the finger size and create the icons and menu buttons on your app accordingly.

#6. Gradients help in making the UI seem more natural. Try to find good web designing services that can provide the best app experience to your users.

#7. A good research will help you know about the time taken by a general user on a particular app and thus help you know about the type of experience you can provide to the user for the usability of your app along with providing a seamless experience.

How does UI/UX play a role in the development and popularity of the app?

It is really easy to understand if an app is successful or not. Human instincts say that an app having a great look makes way for more downloads and shares and thus makes an app successful. It creates an image of your brand and the design sets an expectation for the users who download your app.

The developer should be active enough to take continuous feedback taken in order to get responses and motivate them to make your app better and more successful.

There are numerous apps that provide seamless and satisfying user experience and boost the conversion performance. For example, there is a difference that people choose WhatsApp over apps like Viber or Telegram.

Clearly the most popular instant messaging service, WhatsApp is more popular because of the user experience and the user interface their developers provide. Thus, a perfect balancing of the UI and UX make the app successful and popular.

A good mobile application looks into the needs of the user. However, if the app is not built well with the user experience or the user interface that could make the user stick to the app, some other developer will identify and take advantage of that situation. Too much of graphics would slower the app usage. Also, too much monochrome would make it less appealing. Therefore, there needs to be a perfect balance of the look that would enhance the user interface and the functionality which would enhance the user experience.

It is also important to keep in mind about the competitors and learn from the features they lack. Reviewing your app from the users is the best practice to do that. Once a review is done, you can make a report of the changes needed to be introduced and the number of things you would need to enhance in order to provide a really good app to your users.

This article is contributed by Sunny Chawla , Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs a mobile app ui design company.

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