Things you must know about android app development

By James Tredwell on November 14, 2018

Android app development comes across a vast collection of Applications developed for various purposes. Android Apps has acquired the market where businesses are more inclined towards the App when it comes about user experience. Therefore, it is considered as the most popular mobile platform available in the market.

Play store is introduced with new Apps on daily basis. That show how Android OS dominates the mobile platform market. Hence, businesses are looking for an Android app to develop their services with the current demand in the market.

As Android app development has become a popular option for businesses. With over 85% market share worldwide Android is still looking to create a competitive advantage.

Here are some aspects which should be kept in the mind before developing an android application for big business or a startup.

#1. User Interface

The user interface is the primary outlook of your App. To create the first impression, the App should bring a unique brand recognition to the market. Hence, for businesses to gain a strong place among millions of other apps should develop strong UI/UX of an android app.

To sustain in the market, it is important for an app to facilitate user interaction via User Interface. Therefore, the UX must be easy to use, simple and clear enough with a minimum click to approach products.

#2. Audience

For your developed Android app success, it is important to identify your targeted Audience. It is important to know the audience your business is targeting.

It is totally dependent on the audience and their expectations for an application. Accordingly, the features and functions of an application are built.

It is dependent on the factors such as age, place, business and many others. These are major factors that define your target audience and the purpose of the Android App development.

#3. Platform Choice

Platform for your app development plays a major role in your business. The most feasible app development platform options are an android app, web app, native app or hybrid app that you want to build for business. Android always gives a strong lift to business as it holds the user with its features.

Cross-platform is in a trend that supports a wide range of devices in the market. Many app development companies these are developing an application based on the cross-platform. This platform is beneficial from both perspective (business and developers) as it delivers applications without any issues.

#4. Open Source

Android is open source and doesn’t have any licensing fee or any additional fee using Android device manufacturers. The best part is that the developer community keeps on interacting with each other and also gives information about the upcoming versions of Android. Moreover, customization can be done easily in android applications. This helps the developers to upgrade the apps that help businesses to grow with time.

Hence, Android is very much compatible with the mobile manufacturer’s end. The faster development of Android-based mobile apps gives chances for businesses to integrate the updated features.

#5. Performance

When we talk about the performance Android has always met the standards decided. The customization of the android application to the advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) never let the preformation to hamper.

Thus it let the developers and businesses to visualize the high visibility in the market. The android applications hold a strong position in the market. The performance has never been the issued in the case of the Android app development. Therefore, rectifying any errors related to the performance of the application is easy. When it comes about the performance not to make your users wait too long for the process the app.

Why Android has advantages over their counterparts

Talking about Android app development it has distinct benefits. Business is looking forward to developing App according to their requirement. Therefore, understanding the peculiarities businesses can consider which one will work better for them. Here are some benefits that help business to develop their application on Android platform.

#1. Low investment cost: When it comes to getting an app in the Google Play store, Android app development has a low obstacle in acquiring a place in a play store.
Simple integration: Android makes integration with apps easily as the business upgrades with time.

#2. Multiple markets: Android applications can be deployed according to the market needs in multiple different ways. Thus it offers an option where the businesses don’t have to fix themselves into a single market.

#3. Easy implementation: Android app is mostly used all around the globe. The reason is due to its wide acceptance among the developers. The core programming language that it runs is on Java that is considered as the foundation of the app development industry.

Bottom line

Hence, if you are going for Mobile App Development then you should opt for Android app development. It is the benefit for Android-based smartphones which can enable businesses apps to reach many customers through Android mobile apps.

How To Make Your Game Idea Better?

By James Tredwell on November 1, 2018

The world of gaming is also evolving at a rapid stage. Today, games not only a delight for the consumers but we are finding organizations and even IT companies providing gaming applications to provide effective endorsement of their brand identity. It is important for them to provide rich user interfaces in these games and also cross functional features that are in vogue in the present era.

Recruitment of game developers are also at a higher range with the IT service providers for promoting the right idea about their brand and its enhanced visibility. One of the important aspects that needs mention in this regard are even companies from other industries and even digital marketing firms are looking promote strong gaming applications that can create a buzz in the consumer segment about their services and products.

Promotional Asset

Running campaigns is not an easy task these days and personalization has emerged as one of the most important aspects in businesses. To achieve this, a gaming app is an excellent idea that provides comprehensive value proposition to the consumers and engaging is done in an interactive manner.

  • Gaming apps conveys the idea that the company is thinking out of the box and they have something extra in their kitty to provide to the consumer segment than just cliche set of information.
  • Fresh infusion of ideas are happening in the world of gaming and it is becoming more competitive with days passing by.
  • Companies need robust gaming apps for consumer engagement and helping them earn business dividends in the long run.
  • However, to have the right idea is the first cornerstone that is needed to devise the right designing aptitude of the game. Complete concepts about the cost of production, the tenure to complete it as well as the involvement of the right resources is critical.

The Key Facets

Having a foundation that is solid and have a sense of proportion is the first step ahead to make a gaming idea a success. It is exciting to have a look at some of the salient principles that will provide an excellent idea in best proportions.

  • Solidifying the idea: At the beginning, it is extremely important to have a solid idea about what the company is all about. Summarizing what its key USP’s are and what will make it a revolution will be important so that your expressions can be well understood by the investors.
  • Targeting the audience: You also need to have a clear picture in your mind about the target audience for whom you will be making the game. Illustrating a comprehensive picture in your mind about whom you would like to develop the game for will be extremely crucial for the idea to be a reality in due course.
  • Choice of technology: Choosing the right engine for your game will also be important for the constructed idea to take place in proportions. It will also be critical that the technology suits your skill sets and experience with the packages of software in place. Researching about the right package will be important for your successful idea in all proportions.
  • The right resource: In today’s world, it will not be possible for you to make a game single handed. It may be coding or animation and even implementation of 3D, you will need the right people around you who will help you in developing the game idea in right vein.

Committed planning alongside prototyping a concrete draft and polishing it so that your users understand it will be the right steps ahead. Ultimately an idea is just the initial step, you have to make it a reality with following the right track as mentioned in snapshots.

Why You Need Mobile App To Take Your Business To The Next Level

By James Tredwell on November 1, 2018

The world, in particular for the new generation, is all about connectivity. They are always connected to the world with their mobiles. The branding of a product is successful with an excellent mobile App. It has been seen that good mobile apps help you to boost your brand image. About 61% of the people will give thumbs up to your brand if your mobile app is good. The new gen is using their mobile apps to procure goods and if you are not present in this field you are losing out, rather edging out to your competitors slowly, but in a sure and steady way.

You need to talk to a suitable Mobile Application Development Company.

Penetrating the Market

There is nothing permanent in a market economy. It is a cutthroat completion, and unless you are supplying classified items, you are susceptible to the market forces. Therefore,

  • You need a mobile app to stay competitive.
  • You need a mobile app to stay connected with your existing customer
  • You need a mobile app to connect to your potential customer
  • You need a mobile app to establish your brand image and
  • You need a mobile app to stay connect with your employees, and that is why you need to be established Mobile App Developers.

The Stumbling Block

But, before taking the jump, you have to understand the rule of the game. You can boast that you will deploy the Best Custom Mobile App Development Services, but you have to understand what the app will do. The most important fact is not that you need a great mobile App to do a miracle. The fundamental thing is that you must have a clear idea what you expect your app to do. It is because,

  • You have to explain your developers who are the target audience and if you have any preference in this field or not, that is whether the app is OS specific or cross platform
  • The best solution probably is to get an App in a universal language that will be silky smooth. Unfortunately as of the date no such language exists.
  • If you need a native app for every platform, then that will be great so will be the cost of maintenance.
  • The most vital point is how your app is going to benefit your customer?
  • That is what your customers will do with the app and why a client will be interested in downloading your app

Looking at the Future

The mobile is soon going to make many things redundant. Therefore, it is the in thing for the generation coming up, and they will be in control of the future wallets. So,

  • If your app is an acceptable one to them, then you will be the winner, but on an average, an app has a six month lifetime.
  • Therefore, chose your Mobile Apps Development Services prudently, so that the app, on the whole, gives your customer the ease of use.
  • Your app must have the ability to keep them engage so that they will use the app for purposes not limited and bounded by your product only.

Engaging the Customer

The most important job is to engage your customer. It is immaterial whether your Enterprise Mobile Application Development company is a big name or not, if it fails to generate a purpose to your client then it is a useless investment.

  • If you are focusing on a local market and the target audiences are crazy about a particular sport then give them a live update through your application, it is a way to shepherd your customers to your site.
  • If your app in its scroll bar can give a live update, then the client will use the app only to get the updates, and initially, you need that more.

Making it Purposeful

Make your app useful to your clients. The best way to engage your customer is to make the app attractive to your customer. It must have some use or meaning outside the gamut of your company product, and your Mobile Apps Development Services must understand that.

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Develop A Mobile Application On Your Own

By James Tredwell on October 24, 2018

Trying to develop a mobile application! Think twice before taking the jump. If you are planning to do it for your use, then go ahead. If you are trying to sell it to a Mobile Application Development Services, then deploy your time and money elsewhere. A particular job needs a particular skill set.

Penetrating the Market

The reasons why you won’t try developing a mobile app are many here are a few:

  • The data shows only one or two new company has so far proved their skill, and it indicates that it needs a deep understanding of the subject from design concept to UI and UX
  • The best Mobile App Development is on native apps, and the companies have grown with the apps.
  • They are in the field for quite a long time and know the native language well and all its nook and cranny
  • The top earners are only a few. Because they are using the native languages for years and highly proficient in the language
  • You need a good infrastructure to develop and maintain the apps. It will require manpower and equipment and that’s costly affair
  • You will have to make your app version compatible, and that’s another cumbersome job and need infrastructure in addition to the bug fixing

The App Developer Explosion

The average half-life of a mobile app according to data sources is six months. The reason is the applications are not good. And you cannot push a useless application to the customer. There are around 5.5 million Mobile App Developers now jostling in this arena. The mobile world is fiercely fought, and the UI and UX are the last words here. The Smartphone market is exploding, and also the market for mobile app developers.

The Main Hurdle

The web development needs a bunch of experienced programmers who is conversant with the tricks of the trade. Using a single language compatible with every platform is a utopia. You can try a few, but the experience of the end user matters. If your app is not silky smooth, the user will reject it. Now the alternate is not very feasible because;

  • No such code exists that can give the smoothness of native application. You must be conversant and have an extensive knowledge of the APIs involved.
  • The strength of a good Mobile App Development Company is to understand the core capability. If you think you will learn and do it, then the lead time will be more. And why should a user take the trouble to accept a stuttering app when a glitch-free app is available.
  • The cost of the app is not the concern of the user because he will get plenty of free downloads.
  • The UI, The UX and the fluid like navigation a user demand, If you can’t give it then, you have no place.
  • If you are going for the native app, then consider how your app stands apart from the other apps and how can it benefit your customer. If your app can fry omelets or brew a cup it will be smashing hit and clients will brave the trouble to use it, but probably the technology has not advanced that far.

The Ultimate Realization

It is difficult to break the ice as a new comer. If you have a dedicated team and enough fund to play with, you can of course try, but it will be cost effective to outsource from an excellent company. You can try Mobile App Developers India it will be cheaper. Just try to understand that the job is not that easy. Therefore, the catch is elsewhere. If you go into the discussion, then the answer will be clear.

Successful Game Development Rules

By James Tredwell on October 24, 2018

The changing rules of the industry of gaming are purely due to the highly competitive market that is in vogue. Today, we find multiple companies especially in IT using games to interact with their consumers on a personal level.

  • We find rapid changes happening these days in game development and as such it is important for you to inculcate the right methods that will allow you to provide a cutting edge game in all aspects.
  • The advancements in mobility devices have led to the widespread demand for mobile game development.
    At the present moment, a majority of the games that are been developed are made for smartphones and the individual platforms that are available. Also we find games that are equally accessible on multiple platforms.
  • However, security adherence is a must today for game development rules and the developers have to abide by it.
  • Online games have evolved with time and users are sharing their information of credit cards as well as other personal information. You have to ensure comprehensive data security today with your game developers team.

Stringent Security Needs:

As a mobile game developer, you have to make sure that your consumer’s information needs are completely secured with the right platforms in place. It is seen that security concerns are of prime importance among the consumer segment today.

Thus, it is imperative for you to employ the right game development tools that will ensure customer satisfaction in the right vein.

  • Improvement of cyber security is a must and it is seen that less than 40 percent of gamers are satisfied with the current provisions.
  • Reassurance is one of the basic needs that consumers do feel about their personal information with the availability of the right game development software.
  • While there are enough challenges faced from hackers externally. One of the biggest challenges that the Gaming companies face with the game development process is the threat from the insiders.
  • There are users within the organization who are privileged and with the abundance of information that is been shared, there are high chances that any developer can use malpractice to exploit and damage the brand’s reputation.

Hence, it is important to have the right practice in place and checks and balances during the process of development. To ensure the proper fixes, it is important to provide the following

Management of users:

There is huge amount of responsibility in place for the game developers. The companies must employ the right processes that will ensure that activities of the developers are tracked in the perfect manner.

  • While it should not be hindering their individual creativity, there should be complete compliance in terms of any fixes that are made live. Methods should be employed so that any backdoor activity can be strictly avoided.
  • The enactment of the fourth directive of money laundering asks gaming companies to pay utmost diligence and provisions for uplifting security provisions.
  • Violation of this can leave a company exposed. It is a mandatory activity to inform the gamers about
    how the company is protecting their personal safety needs.

Events that are recorded:

Ensuring the right methods can be confusing as well as an uphill task for the companies. But if you look to make it big and ensure customer satisfaction in right proportions, you have to employ the right processes that will allow your clients to enjoy without any apprehensions in place.

  • One of the important ways to do so will be to use logs to record operational activities. PUM management solution, an upgraded system will provide you with records that are traceable and comprehensive.
  • It will also not interfere and make any hindrance to your operational activities on a daily basis. The digitally equipped as well timely encrypted details provide full proof evidence.

Prevention of exploitation of your consumers from the developers is not only important for your company, but also for the entire reputation as well as the integrity of the gaming world online. Companies today have a social responsibility to incorporate the right methods for user’s data protection.

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