The Best Way to Charge a Startup for Custom Development Solutions

By James Tredwell on November 2, 2018

It and online business set up is on a boom for the last few years. Custom web development solutions has been the buzzword for business entities on a global basis. It is important to note in this aspect that the business world is constantly looking for innovation and development that will provide them with cutting edge solutions with competitive web development cost.

Startup businesses have rapidly evolved during this phase who are dominating the market space with their fresh ideas and competitive ventures.

They are coming up with ideas for audience and customer engagement that is ruling the market. Using appropriate marketing as well as promotional tactics is ruling the business world in all accounts. Growth hacking and membership approvals on chain marketing methods have gained immense significance.

Today, any business entity who is starting up their online e-commerce stores will always look for better economical web development solutions. It has become increasingly important for them to utilize their funds in best proportions and achieve feasible growth results.

Choosing the right web development and digital marketing service providers can help them save up to ¾ of cost.

Cost-estimation & Charging Strategy by Expert for Startups:

It is for this reason we find an advent of service providers who are looking to provide tailor made solutions both in development and digital marketing methods to their clients in a unique manner. They have fully understood the value proposition that their clients are looking to provide to the market with state of the art website and campaigning methods.

They provide flexible modes of engagement as per the client’s requirement and offer unique customized solution with comprehensive assistance during the go-live phase as well. Their objective is simple, to promote maximum features of measurable benefits in their customization so that their clients achieve the right ROI in due course.

It is important to highlight some snapshots that will best describe the value addition that custom development solution is providing to the Startups. It is much different from general IT companies who have standalone products that often do not fit the specific requirement of the clients.

  • Fits the budget: One of the greatest attribute that is brought into forefront by customized solutions is that it provides leeway to the clients and gives them what they want with complete business feasibility and in accordance to their budget.
  • Complete transparency and freedom: Another important aspect that needs mention is the fact that today many IT companies do not have a flexible model of engagement with their deliverables as well as prices that is detrimental to the startups. Custom solutions with clean break up of competitive prices gives a new kind of business freedom to the startup in their process of development.
  • Tailor made solutions: The best part is the client gets a development and delivery that is completely aligned to their tailor made needs helping them to get better access in the market with their robust website and application that is specifically targeted for a particular user base.
  • Complete data security: The companies alongside competitive prices also provide comprehensive security in best proportions that helps the client to transfer their set of information without any hindrance and fear of theft and loss with a prior NDA sign up in place.

All of the above mentioned factors are increasingly important and beneficial as charging the Startups with customized solutions that are powerful yet easy to the pocket is of most importance these days. It helps the Startup with a convenient breathing space helping them perform without hassle and accelerate their growth possibilities.

Top Predictions for Web Designing and Development in 2018

By James Tredwell on November 1, 2018

It was a great year 2017 for designers and developers. With improved technology, powerful tools, and more user-oriented designs, the World Wide Web is becoming an exciting place to start a new business. With this it brings more challenges and opportunities for web designers and developers to explore.

The world of web design and development is truly in the middle of massive scale innovation and creativity. Nearly all business groups are looking to adopt scalable methods with their designed applications and websites that will help them reach out to their consumers in the right vein.

Companies are looking for precise web design and development services that will help them stand in good stead in the marketplace. Customer is the top priority and it is pretty evident that their mindset too is evolving with different technology platforms that are available at their disposal.

There are multiple benefits of on-demand web development as service providers are offering diverse range of engagement models to choose from with proactive assistance that is helping companies to get access to experienced developers having a holistic idea of the marketplace in best proportions.

Customer is the king

It is evident that the abundance of open source technology platforms and diverse frameworks have completely revolutionized the world of business as well as customer centric application. Today, patience is a lot of less among the consumer segment and any website or applications that takes a longer time to load will be detrimental to business profitability on all accounts.

Hence, it is important to have an intuitive understanding of the needs of the market that will help companies stay ahead of competition. Some of key trends that can be witnesses in development and designing in 2016 can be explained well as under

  • Development on responsive mode: Responsive nature of web application and websites is the buzzword these days. Your business website should be compatible across a diverse range of gadgets and the user must have unique user experience on all aspects. Responsive nature of website will be cornerstone of any development process in 2016.
  • Emergence of Cross platform applications: Although it is already pretty evident that cross platform development is a must for survival and also gaining access to a wide scale of audience. Yet, it can be safely said that compliance across diverse platforms will be necessary to have a strong foothold in the market with your website and applications as consumers will be looking for more flexibility.
  • Presence of simpler designs: Simpler designs with lucid graphic elements that give a comprehensive information in a short time without any complexity will be most important during the development and designing process. Designs should look crisp and simple to lure the audience attention that will automatically pave the way for consistent traffic.
  • Tag-lines will be bigger: Just like a magazine that illustrates the headlines at the tops, designing world has understood that it is important to have a competent tagline with brand feasibility at the top that will impress the consumer. Majority of the customers these days will be scrolling down to check information with mobile and so too much information at the top will be a big deterrent.

Improvement in the UX will be extremely important as it simultaneously speeds up the web-pages while providing a free and interactive experience to the consumer on mobility as well as other gadgets. All of the following mentioned points will be the key benchmark for right development process to hold true.

It is precisely for this reason that we find web development and designing service providers in multitude who are looking to get access in this robustly competitive market that allows them to present their utility if they have the right ideas in place.

PSD To HTML Conversion: Checklist to Choose Best Service Provider

By James Tredwell on November 1, 2018

It is true that in the recent times, PSD to HTML conversion has taken a significant place in the web world. Companies are constantly in the lookout for service providers who can cater the right conversion possibilities. Due to the rise in demand for HTML conversion service providers. It is often becoming difficult for the business entities to find the right choice of service provider who can provide effective service in all possibilities. Choice of the right company who can provide a clean transition from PSD to HTML is the need of the hour for getting the right ROI.

The key options

The company should also look for service providers who can provide comprehensive implementation assistance alongside quick turnaround time with project completion. It is extremely critical to understand the right ethical standards that a company has in place for hiring solutions in HTML. Below are some of the salient best practices that can be utilized by a company for hiring HTML development companies.

  • Finding the specialisation: It is important for you to judge any company with its distinct presence and how much specialization it is out to offer. An example can be cited in this regard that someone may be extremely good in WordPress or Drupal development and even Magento. Following the case studies and key work that a service provider has done in HTML will be a key assessment.
  • Research on reputation and expertise: You have to make significant assessment of the reputation as well as the expertise that a company holds in terms of its order execution process and the deep understanding that the core team illustrates in terms of their understanding of the key metrics in place.
  • Proactive assistance and support: A company who will be providing after sales support with diverse mediums such as phone, chat and even email on a proactive basis will be the perfect choice in all proportions. The company should be providing enough provisions of testing and compatibility services by fixing the bug issues that is critical for the right compatibility to be in place.
  • Adherence to right pricing standards: Any company who is working in the field of HTML conversion should be providing the right standards as per as pricing of the services are provided to their clients. The company should adhere to an NDA and provide transparent provisions for data security in all means during the conversion process to take place in the right vein.

All of the above mentioned points along with latest technology standards and possibilities will be critical for companies to choose the right vendor who can provide the right blend of services in HTML. They should be able to provide the right value proposition in all aspects with a comprehensive support at the back end in the development process that is always an added advantage.

Hiring correct PSD to HTML Conversion Company plays an important role due to the hand coding utility that is a critical element in semantic conversion of PSD templates to dynamic mark-up languages in HTML. It is precisely for this reason that developer in HTML is very useful for a service provider company. It is essential to have the right skill sets of programmers in place to provide the right blend of service in HTML conversion.

The market is becoming highly competitive and it is important for companies to have the right perspective in place for hiring the right company who can provide perfect solutions in HTML. It is also important for the service provider to provide W3C standards in their coding compliance with proper optimization that will help the company find digital competitive edge in the web world.

On Demand Web Development Solutions: What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

By James Tredwell on November 1, 2018

You have an awesome business process in place and it’s working the way you wanted. At one stage you find there are a lot of projects overdue and deadlines are close or already passed. Then what is better make your customers unhappy about your services or making them delighted by completing the project on time and with the quality they have expected! Here on-demand web development solutions can prove handy, learn more.

Web development is constantly evolving with time. There is constant advent of new platforms and frameworks that are demystifying and providing a new edge to the business world in every aspect. The arrival of open source technologies has also made a serious impact on web development with platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Magento ruling the world of eCommerce stores in every sense.

There are also serious advancements witnesses in ruby on rails as well as .net solutions that provides enhanced compatibility. The world of online is responsive today and static web solutions have slowly taken a backseat. It is important for any business these days to provide the right front end that is well integrated with the back end to provide transparency in real time situations and also provide enhanced traffic to the website.

A significant aspect that is seen these days is the optimization of the website and applications to earn a competitive edge in all proportions within the online sphere. Choice of the right framework in web development services has gained immense significance.

We find these days an immense inclination for on demand web development services that is ruling the business world with customized solutions and providing the appropriate development process with proactive assistance in due course. There are multiple benefits of on demand web development that helps business entities to get what they deserve in a stipulated period of time.

Advantages Considering On-demand Web Development Solutions as a part of your business process:

  • Customized solutions: Programmers desk provides a plethora of solutions with their disciplined development process that allows seamless development in all proportions meeting the clients tailor made requirements in the fittest manner. It helps the clients earn business dividends in the long run.
  • Implementation assistance: A lot of the development provided by Programmers desk is supported by a comprehensive testing facilities across multiple domains and browsers with complete implementation assistance that allows the delivery to be transparent and competitive in every manner.
  • Flexible engagement: Programmers desk provides dedicated resources and on demand flexible models of engagement as per needs of the client. They can also allocate more resources as per need of the client to meet the specific requirement of the client on a priority basis and completing the work on time.
  • Transparency in communication: The employees at Programmers desk with the developers are available 24/7 and provide complete information as well as transparency to the clients with the minute details of the development that is taking place. They take the inputs and conduct frequent brainstorming sessions that allows to a state of the art development to take place.
  • Robust infrastructure: Programmers desk truly have a comprehensive infrastructure in place that allows agile development to take place without any hassle. It helps the clients to gain maximum assistance and get a delivery of web application that is ready to take marketplace with storm.
  • Security in data: Programmers desk provides effective disaster management tools and comprehensive monitoring in place that allows the clients to freely transfer their data without any apprehensions as they comply with NDA norms.

All of the aforesaid factors truly help Programmers desk to promote a flexible and best in class development that provides ROI to the clients and paves the way for renewable relationships.

Programmers Desk can well be acclaimed to be the perfect solution provider of cost effective solution that helps companies with best in class development modules as per their need. We have a competent pool of developers in place who have disciplined understanding of the market place providing effective solutions in development that helps companies to gain subsistence in the online world.

10 Sign’s you’re ready to Outsource Your Website & Mobile App Development Work

By James Tredwell on November 1, 2018

There is a mad rush over developing a website and mobile app everywhere. The young and old every programmer dreams of designing a mobile app that will be a trendsetter in the industry. And every entrepreneur thinks that they will host a website that will draw customers in droves. The result is that the hands of every good Web Development Company India are full rather overflowing and missing deadlines are regular events. Another problem with the small and midsized Mobile Application Development Companies is that they are scared to hire more resources. There are a few points you need to consider to reach to an acceptable solution.

Points to Ponder

The following points you need to take care and make a decision why should you Outsource Web Development:

  • Your core competence is not web development, and you are facing difficulty in assessing your customer need
  • The client needs a native mobile app on a particular platform, but your existing skill set is not sufficient.
  • The customer demanding maintenance of the software but your current resource is insufficient
  • The client needs 24X7 support of the website and the cost to do that is well over the budget
  • The customer is demanding that the development website to be followed by SEO full services for which you don’t have the infrastructure
  • The cost of the development is shooting up
  • The major contributor to the module has left the organization and project deadline is expected to overshoot
  • Your mobile app developer has not worked on this platform before
  • Your app developers are totally bogged down in making version updates of the existing modules
  • Your current and long-term customer needs a small business app, but you are unable to provide the time slot

The Biggest Problem Area

The main problem is you focus on three things. The first is you don’t have the skill-set. Your sales group sold a product that you don’t have. Your set-up is not equipped to handle the volume of work you have committed. You are not ready to hire extra hands for the logistic problem. The solution is to jettison or outsource. It is easy Outsourcing Mobile Application Development jobs instead of saying no to your customer. Similarly, instead of refusing or giving a future date to your valued customer, you can outsource the job.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The main advantage of outsourcing is that you are utilizing the resources of another entrepreneur but maintaining control over the quality of the product. You being in the same line of business can meaningfully interact with the Outsourcing Partner. It is the best way to reap the benefits in a meaningful way. Your advantage is that you are serving your customers correctly and extending your production procedure much beyond. Why go for Benefits Outsourcing; because it’s a win all situation.

Sourcing Right Partner

You need a good partner at a fair price. Look offshore, there you will get the best talent at a bargain price. Ask the shortlisted company to present their work sample and cross check the references. Verify the authenticity of the references and if they are not ghost entity you will get the best assessment. Don’t forget to check the other verticals of the company if you select it for outsourcing.

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