8 Warning Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

By James Tredwell on February 6, 2020

Without a doubt, creating a website is no easy task. That’s because everything circulates back to your website: Your social media, referrals, directory listings, Google searches, etc.

Hence, it’s important that your website can make a great first impression.

To make it attractive to your visitors, you need to make constant updates and redesign your website. Doing so boosts conversion rates and subsequent revenues.

But what factors do you need to look for when it’s time to redesign your website? Here are some signs that you need to be aware of:

1. If the website is not generating traffic

If you have recently noticed a significant drop from your leads and traffic, then web users are not clearly finding what they are looking for. That’s why you might consider having a site upgrade to bring them back.

2. If the website has complicated navigation

There should be specific pages on your site that should be easy to find. For example is your About Us page tells viewers what your company does. That same thing with your Contact Us and Support pages where users can immediately contact you if they experienced any problems.

If these pages are usually hard to find, then it is deemed a red flag that would tell you that your page needs an upgrade.

Most site visitors want to quickly find what they are looking for. If they could not find a page or look for the information that they are searching for, then they will likely move on to your competitors.

Moreover, if you have a site that is hard to navigate, Google and other search engines would have a hard time crawling through your site. It is because most search engines rely on the structure and information of your website to determine whether or not it fulfills its purpose.

The easier it is for Google to find your site, the higher the chance that it will show up on relevant search queries. So, you need to optimize your website.

3. If the website has a high bounce rate

If your website suffers from high bounce rates, then it is time to upgrade it.

In a nutshell, bounce rates are the overall percentage of visitors that visit a single page of your site during their session.

Having a high bounce rate means that your site has a poor user experience. If a user does not have an overall positive experience in navigating your site, this will cause your bounce rates to soar.

Meanwhile, if visitors spend more time on your site, then it is a clear indicator that they are interested in your content. The more time they spend on your site, the more likely they will convert.

But just because people are not converting now, does not mean that it is already a loss on your part. In fact, spending a significant amount of time on your site has already boosted the user’s awareness of your brand. But that would not be achieved if your site is cluttered.

4. If the website takes too long to load

You can run your site through tools.pingdom.com, a speed test tool to see how long it loads. If it is longer than three seconds, then you need a site update to improve its speed.

In fact, approximately half of the website visitors abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Although you might not need a total overhaul of your website, but you know in your gut that there is something wrong and it is holding you back, then you need to consider redesigning your website.

5. If the website is not responsive

Another thing that you need to check is if your site is responsive or not.

It was back in 2015 that Google started rewarding more responsive websites in mobile search results. That’s because users will be accessing your site from devices that have different screen sizes.

To ensure that the overall experience of users in your site is fast and reliable, you should give this Wix complete review a read and see what factors about your web host you should consider.

So ensure that you will not be left in the dust. SEO takes time and maintenance, so a highly responsive website is crucial.

6. If the website looks outdated

Like we said, first impressions do matter. Most users will not go back to your site clicking and exploring if it is not visually appealing.

If your website looks outdated, then it is high time to consider a site redesign.

An outdated site simply shows that you are not updated with the current trends. More importantly, it comes off as if you simply do not care.

It is hard to build your brand as an industry leader in your niche if your website dictates otherwise. You also might be losing out prospects because people get confused, and they have no idea what your site is all about.

That’s why your site must be updated in a way a retailer updates its storefront. As much as you can, make it innovative, new, and easy to digest.

7. If your competitors are doing it

While it is true that you should focus on what is right in front of you, and not blindly follow what other people are doing, if your competitors have websites that significantly look better than yours, then you will be putting yourself at a terrible disadvantage.

If your site is lagging behind your competitors, then you should consider an update to put yourself ahead of the competition.

8. If it’s difficult to tweak it on your own

Making a couple of tweaks on your site, such as updating an event or uploading a blog post should be easy enough.

But if your site is built on a platform that is a bit hard to work with, or you still need a third-party to make updates, then you might consider building a site that has an easy to use content management system.

Over to You

It helps that you really do take the time to asses your site. You don’t have to do it alone, either. You could discuss the issue with your friends, colleagues, or ask a professional website design for evaluation.

Make sure that you have a site that’s usable, up-to-date, and aligns with your current goals to make the most out of it.

How to Make Your Website More Accessible? Try These 11 Tips Today

By James Tredwell on January 18, 2020

How to make your website more accessible? Well, experts are yet to find the perfect answer as it involves numerous factors like page designing, promotion and SEO ranking tactics etc. However, you do have the option of incorporating subtle changes to reap the rewards later on in the form of increased engagements on your website.

For instance, if your website deals with certain product reviews, you should make your site accessible to all the people, including disabled individuals. Thus, customization of the website is necessary. If you are looking forward to draw more visitors, make sure your website has the following specifications:

1. Mobile-Friendly Optimization

You can expect almost 75% of your visitors to be using personal digital assistants like smartphones or tablets. Thus, you need to design your site accordingly. However, in order to make your site appealing, do not resort to high sensitive light, like a flashlight.

For instance, until now, it was known that using a strobe effect will get your visitors hooked onto the content instantly. But, recent studies prove that this is not the case in reality with most people resenting the effect.

2. Tagged Pictures

Want more engagements on your website? Then you need to take a look at the broad spectrum. Your site may be visited by visually-impaired individuals or even by people using outdated devices. Thus, it is safe to assume that most of the pictures that you insert in your site cannot be viewed by the people.

So, how do you plan to compensate for the issue? Well, you can try out tagging the pictures with relevant and descriptive texts. It will be accessible to the people using older machines, or even updated browsers.

3. Suitable Forms

How do you feel about taking things up a notch? Addition of forms is definitely worth giving a shot. While designing them, it is essential that you pay attention to minor details and label each field clearly. Place the labels beside the respective fields. It becomes easier for those individuals using a screen reader.

Also, you need to keep in mind that not all the visitors will have an idea of the content that is currently on display on the website. Thus, you need to provide adequate information so that they feel comfortable.

4. Proper Structured

Sometimes, making things better is not only about incorporating intricate aspects. If you wish to make your site visible to a large audience, you just have to structure your content so that it can be comprehended by all. And it can be done very easily by including appropriate headers for the content you have written.

Moreover, the individuals using a screen reader will also benefit from this step. This is because clear headers help in interpreting the pages easily. Also, in-page navigation becomes hassle-free. Just make sure that the readers are relevant.

5. Authentic Transcriptions

How to make sure that your heard-of-hearing visitors do not face any issue while browsing through your website? Well, technology is evolving to make sure no one is left out in this fast-paced world. Regardless, you need to do your bit.

If your website features videos or podcasts, make sure that you help out your visitors by including a transcribed version of the podcasts. As far as the videos are concerned, you can add a closed-captioning or you can provide subtitles so that they can get the hang of the content.

6. Resizable Texts

Have you tried enabling resizable texts? This strategy is beneficial as your visitors use a variety of devices to view the content of the website. If you enforce this feature, it will help out your visually-impaired visitors to readjust the text size for enhanced vision.

This should be taken into consideration while you design the website. You can use relative text sizes, which will make your site more responsive. Before your content is live, be sure not to disable the user scalability feature.

7. Keyboard-Friendly Optimization

If making your website more accessible is the number one criteria for you, you need to make sure that the website is not only restricted to mouse or track pad use. This is because people having disabilities rely on keyboards to scroll through the content.

Through the “Tab” key, they are able to navigate the website. Moreover, the keyboard is a versatile device which can be modified to provide the disabled visitors with shortcuts.

8. Proper Color Combination

As per a recent study, different people perceive colors in unique ways. Thus, if you want to improve the visibility of the website, use contrasting colors. You need to make sure that the text stands out from the background.

To make your website accepted by a diversified audience, it is imperative that you steer clear from red, green, blue and yellow combinations and use high-contrasting colors.

9. Simplified Tables

There are certain things which if executed correctly, yields productive results. Insertion of tables is one such aspect. Tables are used to display data in an effective way. However, you must keep it as simple as possible so that all your visitors can comprehend the information.

You must not use tables for lists, layouts, etc, as it is confusing for screen readers to distinguish the distinct data values. Thus, you must make sure that the tables have been used in the right places.

10. No Automatic Media

Media files playing automatically can be a bit disturbing for the visitors. Sometimes, even before the page loads, the music starts to play which can be inconvenient for some users, especially the visitors who are blind.

The sudden noise disrupts the peace of mind and can be frightening at times. This issue is more prominent for the visitors using screen readers. Thus, you must insert media which can only be heard by the visitors who wish to listen to it.

11. Accessible Content

Now that you have taken care of all the aspects, it is time to focus on the content. You should pay attention to all the minor details like elaborating the acronyms, and explaining the technical jargons that the common people might not be aware of.

In addition to this, you should make sure that the website does not have dynamic content. Also check that the links you provide are unique, so that people will be able to recognize it instantly.

Hopefully, the strategies mentioned above will help you out in drawing more visitors to your website. Good Luck!

Author Bio: Andy Alvin is an active blogger and a website developer. Moreover, he is associated with MyAssignmnethelp.com as a supervisor where he checks the assignments like “Ford SWOT Analysis” written by the experts.

4 Reasons to Say Yes to Prestashop Ecommerce Development

By James Tredwell on January 4, 2020

Why should you go for prestashop ecommerce development? Every website owner wishes to have the best website and why not he should wish this? The reason is very simple that every business person wants to get more business and more customers.

These days introducing a shopping cart to your website is a very common norm. There are a number of shopping carts available according to your eCommerce web site design needs.

However, if you want to have a shopping cart that is very quick and easy to install and will be able to serve all your business needs over the web, then you should consider PrestaShop.

This eCommerce platform is absolutely free of cost and you can download very easily from the web. If you want to get a PrestaShop developed for your website too then hiring a prestashop website designer is the best idea.

Here in this post I will give 4 good reasons why you should consider prestashop ecommerce development than any other eCommerce platform.

Please have a look:

  1. Open Source and Free

PrestaShop is an open source platform that is available for free in the web market. If you want efficiency in your eCommerce system then the best option is opting for eCommerce system even though if you have limited funds.

You can use your money on advertising in Google Ad Words, making banners and lot more.

  1. PrestaShop is Search Engine Friendly

Prestashop offers you search engine friendly ecommerce solutions which serve as an excellent vehicle to bring your online targeted visitors to your website.

The main reason is that you can easily address the web and subject tag cloud to be easily altered in the PrestaShop making it SEO specialists.

  1. It offers Animated ‘Add To Cart’

It offers you feature like animated “Add to Cart” that is helping people in making their online shopping easy. So if your buyer wants to buy a large number of items from your online shopping website, he can simply add his items into the cart and can pay once he is done with his shopping material.

  1. Elementary To Develop

This offers you various features to enjoy and also it is very simple to create. Because of which it helps you in saving a lot of time and total cost as compared to any other eCommerce solution.

If you research on the internet or ask any website owner using prestashop ecommerce development  as a part of their online shopping website, there are a number of benefits that you can enjoy with this feature rich platform.

If you are already having an eCommerce online platform, migrating to prestashop website design would prove to be a best idea.

7 Tips For Effective Promotion Of WordPress Design Company

By James Tredwell on January 4, 2020

An increasing number of people are looking for professionals who can convert HTML to WordPress websites or migrate from other formats to the open-source platform. The demand for WordPress designers is growing by the day and it has become a good career option. Many people start their own design firm after getting a few projects. The challenge they face is in the promotion of WordPress design company to attract new clients. Providing quality service is the key to establish yourself in the domain but marketing is equally important. Professionals must know how to promote their agency in the virtual world so that a large number of people come to know about it. Professional service along with an effective promotional strategy can be a winning combination ensuring success for the business. In this article, we are presenting a few valuable tips that will be helpful to WordPress design firm owners.

1. Research Your Target Audience

Cold calling is an old marketing tactic which involves reaching out to an unknown potential customer. A variation of it is sending cold e-mails to prospective consumers. Many professionals use this strategy in the hope that at least a few people will show interest. This will only result in the loss of valuable time. Designers must identify their target audience. They can choose a business category which they have worked for before. This must be followed by researching the target audience to find people who are in need of web design services. This will always be a much better approach rather than sending random emails.

2. Leverage Social Media For Your Benefit

Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing platform and you must use it to promote your business. Create your profiles on major networks and post useful content on them. Post updates about the work you have done on channels like Facebook and Twitter. This will help in building up the image of your company as an expert in the domain. Quora is another good platform for the purpose. You can answer questions related to your area of expertise along with a link to your website. Remember that being active on social channels does not mean posting content every hour. This will only lead to spamming and will be harmful to your business.

3. Build A Presence On The WordPress Theme Directory

The WordPress theme director is a good avenue for promoting your agency. It is the first stop for users looking for pre-built templates for their websites. Create a few themes and upload them on the directory. Include well-written descriptions so that people are interested in checking out your products. It will be sensible if you focus on a particular industry in the beginning. You must build the new themes for a business segment you have experience in. This will also be helpful in narrowing down the target audience which will increase the chances of getting a client.

4. Plan Your Online Advertising Campaign

Online advertising is a good strategy for the promotion of WordPress design company if used intelligently. Plan your advertising campaign in detail and think about the content that will prompt a person to click. Create a specific landing page where people will be directed to after clicking on an ad. Put a relevant call to action on this page so that visitors can be converted into users. Many people see increased traffic to their websites after posting ads but the conversion rate does not improve. It requires a well-thought-out strategy like one mentioned here to make advertisements work to your advantage.

5. Devise A Pricing Strategy For Online Job Boards

Many people frequent online job boards in search of clients. The challenge is to stand out among the crowd of WordPress designers on such forums. More often than not, a client uses price as the deciding factor when making the selection. You must make a careful assessment of the prices being offered by other professionals. Do not try to beat the competition by setting the lowest price. Try to choose a figure that will appeal to clients as well as secure your profit. Job boards are good places for making money but never depend solely on them for getting work.

6. Build An Email List

One of the best ways to create a sustainable user base is by building an email list. Once people visit your website, encourage them through call-to-action to join your mailing list. Follow up with them at regular intervals of time by sharing useful content with them. Hire professionals to create good quality content matter for your emails and newsletters.

7. Conduct A/B Testing To Improve The Efficiency

Split testing or A/B testing is a good method to test the efficiency of the promotional strategy. When you use a promotional tactic, try to employ two versions of the same method. For instance, create two kinds of newsletters and see which one generates more response. Use this strategy for assessing the effectiveness of all the promotional methods. This will help in fine-tuning your overall marketing strategy and improving the business prospects of your firm.


Owners need to be proactive while doing promotion of WordPress design company in order to build a sustainable user-base and establish themselves in the business segment.

Simple Mistakes to Avoid In Open Source Platform

By James Tredwell on December 26, 2019

Open source platforms are just great when it comes to kick-starting a new project. There is security, compliance, quality, and every other element that is required to start a project or a website from scratch. Of course, such platforms offer the ease and convenience that is required to the developers but every set of advantages comes with its own hidden cost. So, even if you have some great open source platforms to start your project, there are some pitfalls that you need to avoid so that you can achieve success.

These pitfalls are basically the elements that you must avoid when using open source platforms. We are going to brief a bit about some of the mistakes that must be avoided towards the end of the article.

The number of open source platforms on online repository are available in countless numbers. So, organizations looking for any kind and type of open source platforms can choose one for their new project. What these firms forget to keep a check on is the level of quality and safety that should always remain the prime concern in every such selection.

Besides security there are thousands of other concerns that must be kept in the mind. Let’s now get into a detailed discussion in order to avoid the common mistakes that the majority of people are not aware of.

Mistakes to Avoid in Open Source Platforms

1. Open Source Software Security Risk

Security vulnerabilities are the opportunities that every hacker looks for. And the fact that these vulnerabilities are often discussed on the community website provides an easier chance for them to exploit the same in their favor. So, tracking open source security vulnerabilities and fixing similar bugs should always remain on the list of the companies looking forward to taking open source platform for their next project.

More to this, the community of hackers remain on their toes for taking advantage of every new vulnerability that is being discussed in the community. The fact that these hackers are as capable of exploiting these bugs as any well known developer is, marks another point for taking security measures prior to using any of the open source platforms.

2. Quality Risk

While organizations invest thousands of dollars on quality assurance of their projects, they generally do not remain very much strict on checking the quality of an open source platform. When we give so much emphasis on our products how can we remain negligent about the quality of an open-source platform?

While the fact that there are no open standards to check the quality of such platforms creates a problem to ensure the quality of an open source platform. Moreover, when selecting any open source platform the quality doesn’t remain the very first concern of any of the developers. The feature of an open source platform is what the majority of people will look forward to when selecting such a platform. However, there are some aspects that could help developers know about the quality of a platform and those aspects are:

  1. Number of bugs fixed in each version
  2. The severity of the bugs fixed

3. Copy Past Open Source Code

Developers may not sense the criticality of copy pasting a code but it is a severe mistake. Copy pasting a code gets with it a bunch of unwanted coding in the environment. Moreover, copy pasting scenarios are good only when the developers are experienced enough and know every aspect about copy pasting snippets like how they work and in how much amount they are getting extra bunch of code on their environment.

To prevent such a mistake developers (not experienced enough) must have a clear understanding of the fact that which code is needed for copy pasting and how much they should curb in order to get the codes that are relevant.

4. Dependencies

There are generally two kinds of dependencies that developers need to rely on: direct and transitive. With direct dependencies the developers can have the libraries on which their codes calls on and transitive dependencies are the libraries that developer’s dependencies are linked to. With open source platforms, it is important to track the dependencies so that the visibility and control over the software is not lost.

So, if you or your team is making use of any open source platform, it is recommended to track all the open source libraries that also includes direct and transitive dependencies. Moreover, developers using dependency management tools like Maven, Bower, etc. must keep this consideration into their minds.

5. Relying Too Much On The Platform

Open source platforms are often seen as an option that is available cheaply for the developers with valuable offering. This makes many companies rely heavily on community support. Getting support from these communities is a great idea but depending totally on them should never be entertained.

No doubt open source environment provides great value but depending completely on such platforms can have its own negative impact. Some of the companies also believe that open source environments are a way to cut down extensively on their developers’ cost but that too is not true. These open source development platforms can only be taken help for small help and queries.

In Conclusion

These are just a few considerations that should always be avoided when using open source platforms. There is no doubt that open source platforms are of great help for developers and other technical professionals for considerably reducing time on development; however, they should always be used carefully by keeping all the above-mentioned pointers in the mind. Take such platforms only as a path and not the destination.

More to this, developers must keep a check on the quality of the code or an open source platform that is being utilized for website development requirements. The security of a platform is crucial for the overall security of an environment. Knowing how much to take from any of the open source platforms is always in developers’ favor. There could hundreds of issues if things are not used ideally.

Author Bio: Being the Business Head of FieldCircle – a leading field service management software company, Bhupendra Choudhary is highly experienced in managing sales challenges by facilitating field sales software solutions to the clients.

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