PSD to HTML: Why Small Businesses Should Care

By James Tredwell on October 24, 2018

You have a site that represents your business on the internet. You find a large number of hits, but these do not convert into sales. What you need is a site that is more responsive, fast and reliable. If you are serious about giving a fresh look to your site, start looking for a website designer who will convert your site from PSD to HTML.

Responsive Web Design

You need a website design that provides the best possible viewing experience to the audience. The user can read a site based on coding effortlessly and navigate through it easily. When you convert the PSD files to HTML, your website becomes accessible from an array of devices, ranging from the desktop to your smartphone. Your site is now accessible from other platforms like iPads, mobiles, laptop, and tablets. You can access it while on the move just as your prospective clients can.

Larger Client base

The compatibility of your website with all major platforms or operating systems, enables more users to reach your site. The conversion to a responsive website design provides the viewers a pleasant browsing experience. The visual appeal of the site encourages the audience, to see what the site is about. Delving deeper into the site, the viewer gets to know about your product. The visits can convert into a purchase if the audience is a potential buyer. Again, people often discuss a site they like, with their friends. This works as a free advertisement for your product or service, meaning higher sales.

Good Performance At SEO rankings

Once the conversion of PSD files to HTML is over, the file is run through W3C validation. This validation process detects the errors in coding and ensures access to the site from any browser and platform. The upgradation of your site to HTML ensures that it performs better in the search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. This means that any viewer who searches for a business similar to yours will find your site among the first few results.

Use of Hi-tech Tools

The use of cutting-edge technology and tools by your designer makes the conversion process effortless and fast. Choose a web designer, who uses high quality responsive templates, to create your site. This eliminates the sloppy coding and other errors in the design. The use of short and smart texts increases its accessibility from any upgraded platform and also makes it attractive. The user-friendly, visually eye-catching and professional HTML site engages your visitor and enhances the performance of your site.

Email Marketing Techniques

As a small business owner, relying on email marketing techniques is the best and most cost-effective method. Before finalizing the job contract with your web developer, ensure that the person can develop an email template for you. In case you want to have a blog that speaks about your business, converting your Photo Shop Document to the WordPress is a better option. This makes your blog a more user-friendly platform and also works towards increasing the SEO rankings. Both these factors increase the visibility of your site, and you can expect better returns on your investment.

Attract Image-based Traffic

Not all traffic on the internet is related to sites. Having fancy charts, diagrams, pie charts and bar graphs on your site attracts image-based traffic. Add the Alt tag of 150 or fewer characters for maps on your site, within the IMG tag. Having the Alt tag throws up your site in the search results related to image-based traffic.

Flexible Layouts

The flexible designs that a conversion to HTML offers makes all the elements in the layout expand equally. This makes the page layout scalable. As opposed to the fixed-width layout, the flexible one provides seamless textures, patterns and image continuation. Such layouts can easily accommodate in devices with larger screen resolutions. Coming to usability, the fixed-layout has a lower score. Flexible design also offers the benefit of customization at a later stage. An experienced web designer can help you out with this.

Now that you have various reasons why small businesses should care to convert from PSD to HTML, you might be wondering about the cost. Different companies can do the job for you, and the good thing is that many offer lucrative discounts too. Even if you have to invest some money, remember that only an improved internet site can assure you of continued returns on your investment, in this web-driven world.

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