10 Quick Tips for Enhancing Your Website Conversion Rate

By James Tredwell on September 24, 2018

No matter what you sell and what your products are, everything that you need to focus on is the marketing strategy of your business. The most important thing that you want from your business is increased conversion rate. Once your advertising campaign is successful, companies will start neglecting the testing variables for improving their conversion rates. Here we have a list of 10 tests that you should take for enhancing your Website Conversion Rate.

  1. Identify your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions):

All your products and services have some strong selling points but every point is not equally important for your customers. Test all your USPs in your advertisements, social media, prominent placements of the site for finding out which of these is going to affect your conversion rate the most. Once you find your best USPs, you will be able to make a proper plan for your communication strategy in such a way that will maximise your customer’s acquisition.

  1. Design Of Your Landing Page:

There are two phases in which you can check the design of your landing page. Phase one includes testing of several page designs to find out the most appealing point for your target customer. Always try to compare your images and the content based pages.

Phase two will ask for applying changes for performing designs in order to test how the different versions of the same page will have an impact on the success of your website. Majority of the time you should focus on the top section of your landing page.

  1. Call to Action at Landing Page:

Call to Action is one of the most important decisions to make for your website. This is mainly designed to make your customers ask you questions on the spot. What do you want customers to do on your website? However your clever marketers would answer all your questions: what actions does a customer can take on your page will maximize your profits. Testing your call to actions will definitely have a considerable impact o your bottom line.

  1. Landing Page Text:

Always test the positioning of your text: like where you place the testimonials? Where are you going to analyse the benefits and features. What type of headlines are you going to use at the top of the page for maximizing the interest of your visitor. You can use metrics like sales and average time on your site for evaluating the performance of your pages.

  1. Mobile versus desktop traffic ROI.

Desktop traffic and mobile phone traffic gets converted at different rates. You can compare how much marketing budget you are spending on all your devices with what you are getting in return and then lower your budget according to the revenues that you are getting.

  1. Pause The Traffic Source Based On Your Bounce Rate:

Completely check the quality of the incoming traffic to your website from all your marketing channels and check which of them are worth targeting because of the low average time and a high bounce rate on your website. You can then reallocate the budget to those channels for a higher conversion rate.

  1. Do Not Forget To Add A Chat Button:

Many of website visitors prefer to discuss their business and their requirements online before they make a call or buy a product. By installing a chat button on your website will help you a lot in converting your visitors into your customers.

  1. Customize Your Landing Pages Geographically:

Have you can customize your landing pages according to the top most geographical areas near your places and you can create dedicated pages that will offer you local deals like offering free shipping in New York.

  1. Conversion Rate Of Returning Users:

Always invest on users who visit your website often and spend some time on your website but are not getting converted into your customers. They might be interested in your offer but will take a round and will compare all the products first and then will come and buy your products. The best would be create a campaign for this and target your website visitors and then test different offers and some unique selling proportions for improving your sales.

  1. The Checkout Process:

Create a smooth checkout process and avoid missing out any potential customers when they are ready to get converted into your potential customers. Do not forget to check out your guests, short billing information forms and one-step checkout pages.

If you take care of these 10 points and keep on checking these, it will definitely help you in enhancing your website’s conversion rate. Testing is the only way for improving the conversion rate of your website. While there are a number of ways by which you can test but the above mentioned points will give you a great start.

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