Which CMS is right for you – Drupal vs WordPress?

By James Tredwell on October 22, 2019

Building a website, or web application using a content management system (CMS) has multiple benefits: little or no programming required, you have visibility of site’s content, timely update, and basic administrative tasks. But when it is about customizing a CMS-powered site, a developer’s skills can turn a basic, out-of-the-box site into a totally unique, powerful website. In this blog, we’ll compare two renowned CMS platforms, WordPress and Drupal, to help you make a decision.

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress slowly transforms itself from a blogging platform to a robust framework that’s powered by HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, themes, and plenty of plugins. WordPress developer performs theme customization, installation, and migration to build an engaging website. They perform timely version & plugin updates. Renowned websites including TechCrunch, Walt Disney Co., and LinkedIn blog are all powered by WordPress.

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal is a powerful CMS, some consider it as a framework that lets users to launch, customize and scale websites and applications. It is the most recommended CMSs for enterprise-level projects. It’s powered by PHP and also requires little to no programming experience to implement a low-level functionality. Drupal’s extended functionality comes from the additional modules that build off of its Core package. To take benefit of all these functionalities, you’ll need help from Drupal experts. Websites that are powered by Drupal comprise of The Economist, Weather.com, and some US government sites.

Before discussing the differences, let’s talk about the similarities of both CMSs.

Free and open-source. With WordPress CMS, you will need to manage hosting and domain work, but the software is free to use. You have to pay for the Premium themes and plugins. Drupal is free, as well, with similar back-end configurations.

Require installation, setup, and hosting. Unlike Wix and Squarespace, both these CMSs require a download, installation, and set up of hosting and domain.

Mobile responsive themes. Drupal mobile websites perform better when running on a mobile platform while a WordPress site requires an additional step to run on a mobile platform.

Excellent SEO features. SEO features are not platform-specific; it’s more developer-specific. Drupal can be more complex, if not properly handled regarding SEO, on the other hand, WordPress makes a bit easier to do. Overall, WordPress’s technical SEO result is exceptional.

The point of differences between the two CMSs are:

Drupal is complex. It takes a bit of expertise to get used, but it’s definitely a better option that WordPress for larger projects and enterprise-level websites. WordPress is simple to learn and use and it has options to manage admin features if you need them.

Version updates are performed differently. WordPress code gets an upgrade, once the database updates happen in the background. Because WordPress updates are released on a regular basis, it is a great feature for beginners. Plugins do need to be updated regularly, though. Drupal updates need expert guidance and because they don’t comprise a code update, the process is time-consuming. In some cases, the whole website needs a redesign for an update.

Drupal is secure. Drupal is known for its advanced security and reporting, which makes it valuable for big enterprise websites having more animation elements. A few third-party services provide WordPress security elements but note it is more open to hacks if plugins are not updated on a regular basis.

Mobile responsive. Drupal mobile websites perform better when running on a mobile platform while a WordPress site requires an additional step to run on the mobile platform. WordPress has a native app for making the website mobile responsive. Drupal does not need that but has a responsive mobile admin dashboard.

Wide Range of functions. Both CMS offer a streamlined installation, can be specialized through additional extensions. While WordPress’ major focus is to offer services for the development and management of the blog articles, while Drupal is more concerned with community and social publishing applications. Drupal supports diverse multi-user functions right from the initial version. WordPress only supports settings for user roles and rights.

Who is the winner?

At the end of the day, the requirement of your business is the clear winner. And, in reality, the people who are exploring your website. When your team is implementing a CMS that suits your style and business needs, the results will be reflected in the user experience. Whether you like to deal with things from a high-level perspective, or if you are more interested in the creative domain, the choice is up to you. Taking serious consideration of what you need is how you’ll make the right choice. If we analyze the above points, Drupal is far superior to the WordPress CMS because it is more secure, advanced, mobile-friendly. Drupal needs more effort to get the best from it and make use of its amazing features.

Author Bio –

Aayushi Gill has great experience in Drupal Technology. She works with Drupal India – a renowned Drupal Development Company. She loves to share her knowledge with all about the latest tips, trends and best practices.

Top 10 Business Benefits Of Using Microsoft PoweApps In Enterprise

By James Tredwell on October 16, 2019

Technology is continuously evolving and improving the ways of our communication and operation. Every day new software’s and new applications are being launched to increase business efficiency.

And the king of the operating systems, Microsoft via Microsoft dynamics solutions, is fulfilling the needs of today’s business improvements.

In 2017, Microsoft released the Microsoft PowerApps for simplifying the business process. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) comprising connectors, services, apps, and database platforms that quickly and seamlessly create business applications as per needs.

PowerApps made Microsoft enter into low code development platforms. The idea is for non-professional app developers! As it is a way to create business solutions apps, we can call it an interface that focuses on minimizing actual development costs and coding.

Microsoft PowerApps helps the professional, dedicated app developers and create out apps quickly with low complexity. Moreover, many Microsoft software development solutions companies in USA create apps to convert manual business processes into automated processes.

This is called the digitalization of the business process in a secure way! There are many Microsoft power apps examples that get connected to external data sources like Salesforce, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc.

Which Microsoft PowerApps Plan Is Best For You?

For getting Microsoft PowerApps, you first have to subscription Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 or a higher version. After that you can access PowerApps on two subscription plans:

• Plan 1 is ideal for users who want to access data stored in custom apps, on-premises data, cloud services, and run canvas apps using premium connectors.

• Plan 2 is ideal for both administrators and users as it has advanced capabilities like custom code plug-ins, real-time workflows, and running model-driven apps.

Though both plans serve different purposes to different people, Microsoft power apps and flow forecasts many business benefits. In this article, we are going to bring your attention to the 10 benefits of using Microsoft PowerApps In Enterprises.

Let’s get started without any delay!

High Speed & Performance

Getting an app to fulfill your specific purposes is a difficult task. Quick and useful development of apps is one benefit of Microsoft Powerapp as it extracts out many time-consuming elements during the application development process. Hence, Powerapps develop a new app faster than others!

Powerapp provides a drag and drop environment that helps in completing a common task, features, and user interface elements to quickly prototype the app. A few drag and drop functions that make development fast are as follows:
• Creating a user interface
• Creating links from form fields to code and data
• Hook up the data and actions, etc.

Superior Sata Integration

Microsoft’s common data service (CDS) in PowerApps simply enables the access of business data from 200 data sources to all your organization employees. These data sources are Outlook, SharePoint, Salesforce, Dropbox, OneDrive, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Twitter, etc. Though the sharing of data is easy, it varies upon the location to location.

Streamlined Development

At most Microsoft dynamics solutions companies in USA, there are professional developers and teams to create business apps. Creating a new app is very difficult when already your team is busy making another app.

It means your app development process right from manager approval to QA testing isn’t very streamlined. However, with PowerApps, conceiving new apps is easy upon requirements.

Like in cooking, a pack of spices is a recipe-in-a-box service, you still need to arrange other things and cook your food. Here in PowerApps, the same thing happens but via connectors and functions upon usage by developers and teams.

Boosts Organizations’ Productivity

PowerApps create desktop and mobile applications to automate specific functions in business processes. This includes apps like on boarding employees, payroll management apps, client information recording apps, etc.

One can call these processes and requests mundane, but performing such functions from the phone becomes easy; thus, promoting better performance, efficiency, and productivity.

Easy App Creation Process

With APIs, app development elements, libraries & functions, objects, coding an application is a much more daunting task for non-programmers. Here the PowerApps benefits in making code by handling drag and drop functions.

Whether building a mobile app, web-based browser app, or an in-house desktop app, applications from PowerApps fits the environment.

Moreover, while working with PowerApps, you need to depend upon application development frameworks; thus, the app creation process is more straightforward.

Automated Processes & Functions

Businesses tend to automate their functions and processes with no manual inputs. For example, companies or organizations easily send important information, notifications, news, and updates to all staff members, employees, and clients on their phones by using push notifications facilities, which we see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

It increases your reporting and resolving issues functionalities even when if the controllers of management aren’t in the office.

Easy Standard Connectors

One most significant task is developing applications that connect to data. While the drag and drop interface tools make the application development work easy, linking with SQL queries, databases, etc. via connectors makes a front end and back end better.

It is all possible by Microsoft PowerApps connectors that connect standard data storage services with PowerApps. Additionally, drag & drop selections, using templates, accessing data from cloud services, etc. everything is accessible in Microsoft dynamics programming.

This gives a significant benefit to business owners. With standard connectors, PowerApps makes common tasks work easily in a short time.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft powerapps and flow comes integrated with each other. This lets the apps to react on changing or updating data. Various PowerApps plans come with different numbers of flows.

Office 365 Integration

We all know that apps one purpose is to get data. However, did you ever wonder where this data go! In Microsoft solutions, PowerApps are integrated with Office 365, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Flow. Thus, it is easy to get data from SharePoint, Excel, or any Dynamics 365 apps on which business depends.

Low Cost, Cost-Effective

One more benefit of Microsoft PowerApps is that the development cost is less. The basic PowerApp plan is $7 per month, while the model-driven Power app plan is $40 per month.

The PowerApps for Office 365 includes business-level software subscriptions, free add-on basic apps using standard connectors.

Mobile Ready

PowerApps allows you to develop phone applications in the same interface. Microsoft PowerApps use interfaces, connectors, as this helps in an easy a mobile app development using the same data access for desktop versions.

Also, it is easy to access Microsoft PowerApps & other Microsoft Dynamics solutions from desktop, tablets, and iOS/Android mobile phones.

It’s a great way to quickly create Microsoft PowerApps of business level. If you’re ready to use it in your business, then you can contact the best Microsoft dynamics solutions provider of USA to help you.


James Burns is the Founder and CEO of CMS Website Services, a globally ranking Microsoft dynamics solutions provider in USA. With 10+ years of experience in designing, development, implementation & maintenance of high quality global redundant, compliance-ready applications, network and Data Centers for private and Govt organizations, I have all solutions to your IT problems as a tech-business person.

How Emerging AI Technologies Impact Our Daily Life Routines?

By James Tredwell on October 14, 2019

Artificial intelligence is influencing our lives in all the areas where we use technology. While it is difficult to understand the exact potential and impact of Artificial intelligence (AI), it is already making our lives easy in many ways. From searching the web to using smartphone apps and automatic cars, AI is making our lives more comfortable than ever.

Our homes, businesses, and schools could be entirely different in the future with Artificial intelligence on the scene. Artificial intelligence makes use of hardware as well as software that learns from our habits and daily actions. Let us learn more about how AI technologies are impacting our daily life routine.

AI helps in home management

Artificial intelligence will enable the automatic functions in our homes. Combined with our home appliances, it could make our housework and home management a lot easier than the present. People will be able to use AI enables apps to communicate with their refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, and other appliances.

The cleaning appliances, like robotic cleaners, would also make use of AI technologies to clean our house without the need for our interference. Robotic cleaners would wipe the floor and other spaces as soon as they become dirty due to any reason.

Social Media and Video Streaming

When we use social media on computers or smartphones, the newsfeed that we see are a result of Artificial intelligence in social media apps. Even the notifications we receive on our smartphones are in accordance with our activities that AI notices in these apps.

The video streaming services like Youtube and Netflix analyze our tastes and preferences while browsing and watching the videos and show us the videos accordingly. When we open the YouTube app, it automatically displays the videos of our interest using artificial intelligence.

Finding locations

When we use Google maps or Apple maps for navigation or finding an Uber cab, these apps make use of AI technology to show us the results. AI helps Google, Apple, and GPS services to show us our location and the routes to any destination. Moreover, they show us the available cabs, buses and other modes of transportation. In this way, AI helps users find locations and available transportation services to reach our destination.

Finance industry

The banking and finance organizations depend on artificial intelligence to offer customer services, protection from frauds, chatbots, and other investment services to customers. When we use netbanking and other financial apps on our devices, the AI studies our activities and preferences to show us the relevant options every time. The chatbots use AI to answer the queries of customers of banks and financial investment organizations.

Selection of a dating partner

AI could quickly evaluate and access the array of data from our apps and show us the most relevant dating partners matching with our interests and preferences. AI uses algorithms that consider our social media activities, interests, dislikes, communication styles, medical records, and relationship history. These systems help us find the right physical, intellectual, and emotional match for dating and marriage. Some AI algorithms can also estimate how long a marriage might last and advise on whether we should consider a match for a short or long term relationship.

Mental health management

The artificial intelligence also helps in managing the mental health of people. From daily stress of work to entire breakdowns, people struggle to cope with the stress and pressure in everyday life. The AI tools on our smartphones and computers are capable of monitoring our health conditions. They can note our keyboard strokes and speech pattern to an array of other medical symptoms through body-worn devices and other sensors.

The AI systems could detect possible mental health issues early and provide guidance for stressful conditions. Some advanced AI systems can shut down our computers and smartphones and not reactivate them until the stress reduces to a safe level.

Driverless cars

It is now possible to use driverless vehicles without the need to interact with a human. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to use a vehicle without a driver. The car makes use of AI technology to find the routes to help you reach your destination at the right time. In addition to homes and office AI will help us travel on the road in the comfort of our cars. The driverless cars also communicate with the users to take instruction and help us reach any destination using Google or Apple maps.

Decision making

AI technology can also help us in making the right decisions. It helps us in both the decisions at an individual level as well as at the organizational level. AI can help detect the truth in most situations and also verify the data for accuracy. AI would also make crimes more difficult and help in reducing crimes to much extent. The police and law enforcement agencies are making use of AI technologies to stop crimes and catch criminals.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The AI technology in personal assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri helps use control of our home appliances enabled with IoT. The home appliances are now enabled with IoT technology due to which the AI assistants are able to control them. While you are busy doing your office work, your personal assistant can make the washing machine wash your clothes, and microwave cooks your meal. It can turn on the lights automatically in the dark and play the music at your command. However, you need to keep all your appliances turned on all the time. For example, an AI-enabled assistant can play the music only when your music system is turned on and connected to speaker cable and music source.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence has made our lives easier than ever. It continues to make our gadgets, appliances, and cars more and more functional by studying our habits and activities. In the future years, people would need to focus only on core activities. AI devices will manage most of our daily tasks with high accuracy without our interference.

7 Questions to Ask PHP Developers While Hiring Them

By James Tredwell on October 3, 2019

PHP developers are the face of the virtual side of the company. Therefore it is essential to choose the best to represent your company with, especially on a vast platform that is being accessed by people from all over the world.

Portraying your company on online search engines is one of the popular marketing methods in business industry. The higher the ranking is the more increase you’ll see in raising brand awareness. And you can do it too;

If you are the person who’s responsible to interview PHP developers, then here are 7 questions to ask from them; regarding android app development, personal experience and area of expertise.

PHP evaluation question 1:

How to obtain IP address of the user?

This question is going to allow you to explore the creativity of the candidate, since there’s more than one way to acquire IP addresses. The candidate will have a vast array of possibilities to present you with and you’ll get a chance to test their versatility. The candidate can answer the question with an easier solution that is $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”];  ranging from that to writing x line scripts.

PHP evaluation question 2:

What are the significant inaccuracies in PHP and how are they different?

For that, you’ll be required to be clear about the types of main errors present within PHP:

  • Notifications: Errors which occur during creating scripts. They mostly occur when certain variables have been entered wrongly. They’re simple errors for the most part that can be edited and fixed.
  • Warnings: These errors are more crucial than notifications. Although they will not cause hindrance within the scripts, themselves. A good example would if you used a code that does not exist.
  • Deadly: These are the most important errors, out of all. These errors terminate scripts upon occurring. A good example for a fatal error would be, accessing a site that does not exist; basically a non-existent file.

Having a thorough knowledge on errors is important, as they assist developers understand the processes of android app development, what to look out for and how to tend to it.

PHP evaluation question 3:

What are the 3 different scopes within PHP and how will you explain them?

  • Private: This level of scope is only visible when accessed through its own class. Anyone and anywhere outside will not be able to access it.
  • Public: The second level of scope is available to all. It is accessible through different classes and can be obtained easily.
  • Safe kept: This scope is only visible to classes that are directly linked to it. For example parent classes and extended classes.

This is an important aspect for PHP developers as it shows their understanding on creating applications that breathe and live, it’s more than just writing codes. The developer is required to have a thorough understanding on accessibility of their work; know-how on scopes enables them to protect data within application and develop pathways through coding.

PHP evaluation question 4:

Define the term getters and setters and the reason for their significance?

Gettters and setters are ways to attain utility of variables, often private scopes. These are essential for application development as they allow a central position that is ideal to manage data before transferring it to the developer. With the incorporation of getter and setter, the PHP developer can constantly look into data and eventually pass it on for different functions. For example usernames; without a setter the developer will be bound to declare the username by hand rather than with an automated response. Setter and getter both assist with the form in which the data is being received as, they modify it in a format that is more effective.

This piece of information is very important for a PHP developer. They are often used in dealing with objects, especially those that will be added to the storage system. Due to high demand of PHP in web development and applications; developers tend to face superior levels of getters and setters at working environments. These are massive systems that are crucial for applications, therefore it is best to know about them from the very start.

PHP evaluation question 5:

What MVC stands for and does it do?

MVC’s full form is Model view controller, it’s responsible to look over data transferred to it, later on pass it on to the next system. MVC interprets data sent to it by the view, transferring it furthermore into the designated models that work differently in accordance to their systems. The models priority is to cater certain tasks, confined to a specific area of an application and its functions. They connect to the developers database and storage mediums and maintain business related results.

The view is transferred data given to the controller and portrayed to the viewer. In conclusion, knowing MVC patterns is essential for a PHP developer as they are being widely used in today’s age for applications and their functionalities.

PHP evaluation question 6:

Define SQL injections, how are they disabled and what are the right approaches to dealing with it?

SQL injections are ways to transform queries in SQL statements and transfer them to the data servers. Updated queries might provide a sneak peek of information such as passwords and usernames, which might cause hindrance at instances with intruders trying to hack into information.

To stop SQL injections from occurring one requires to check and remove user inputs. PHP can easily cause the developer to forget about this factor due to their efficient processes of accessing data. And inexperienced developers tend to miscalculate this a lot. However, there are other ways to manipulate through SQL that is through usage of cookies and files. The best way to prevent from this is to have backup statements at all places, working continuously.

It is best to not incorporate functions that have been disposed already but rather use PDO, since it enabled the developer to use other servers.

PHP evaluation question 7:

What PSR standards do you incorporate and why would you follow them?

One must know the ways to follow PSR since coding scale varies when it comes to developers and companies. Without it, making additions or reading another developer’s code can become a tricky task; as code structures depend on the developer themselves. PSR standardization can assist at formatting codes in a more comprehensive manner; a random developer would be able to help out at making changes and improving the application more easily this way. It will only cut down on confusions and entanglements and in certain cases, syntax errors too.


If you are searching for a PHP developer for your site, application or more; then I hope these 7 questions assist you at making the right choice. Someone who caters to all your needs and surpasses expectations by providing you with exceptional work.

Best of luck!

Things You Should Do When You Make A Groupon Clone Website

By James Tredwell on September 24, 2019

Three things you must consider while designing a Groupon Clone Template using Groupon Clone Script


Do your plans so incredible, powerful, and easy to understand then guests would not go anyplace from your site to purchase products and services. Try not to disillusion the customer because of your deal. The deal which you distribute should exceptionally valuable for the customer and understandable for them. The desires for the customers should be satisfied because of your deal. If you make a deal along these lines, then the customers who are altogether not intrigued to purchase the deal will likewise go to the deal. The offers should be genuine and should not create doubts in the individual’s mind.


The customer should be given unconditional promise if they don’t care for your deal. At that point, your relationship with the customer will get more grounded. This is likewise one method for offering trust to the customer, and after that, they will begin accomplishing more deals with you. There are additionally some customers who will abuse the offer. The general contract/bond should be made between the purchaser and vendor before the deal is made.


There are additionally a few circumstances where the customers can likewise give their input in regards to the deal. This sort of methodology will support the cooperation between the customer and the organization. The customer can also provide excellent and awful things in regards to the product or service, so the organization will get an opportunity to improve their product. The customer can likewise give their proposals about a product or service of the organization. Along these lines, the relationship between a vender and buyers will get more grounded. The rating encourages the organization to stay in touch with the genuine customer’s. If you make a deal like this, then the merchants, buyers, and Groupon clone websites will appreciate the benefits.

If you are wanting to construct your very own gathering discounts website like Groupon, at that point that is a decent deal for doing a flourishing business in on the web, there are a significant vast number of everyday deal websites in the market today.

Here is how you can begin your very own Groupon like a website for running an everyday deal business and begin to win high profits.

How to make a website like Groupon? How to Start a Groupon Like Business? 

To make a gainful deals site from Groupon, you have to deal with some significant things; 

Market research and study 

Much the same as any business adventure, putting resources into a day by day deals website likewise needs beginning market examine. Socioeconomics study, contender analysis, and different comparable examinations should be started according to your business idea. Your local commerce bodies and business limited time organizations can help with gathering the information. There are likewise privately owned businesses that can support in undertaking the market analysis.

Differentiate your deals website 

If the market study indicates investment potential, at that point, the following errand is to consider how you can separate your deals website. This progression is most significant if there as of now are deals brands operating in your area. This should be possible by;

Building a specialty for yourself. 

Contemplating market needs intently and giving to them. 

Concentrating on the limitations of your rivals.

Henceforth, being only one more Groupon clone won’t make you the market head in your district. It’s just by differentiating yourself that you can dominate deals business over the long haul.

Put resources into compelling Groupon Clone Template 

Before running a daily deals website, you require making the deal for your gathering purchasing content. The ideal approach to begin a daily deals website like Groupon is to discover programming which offers similar features as Groupon is offering — a solution like ionwe eCommerce stage. ionwe is a readymade eCommerce solution and simple to utilize day by day deal manufacturer. It additionally provides comparable Groupon like the business model. With ionwe eCommerce stage, building and propelling your Groupon like website is a straightforward procedure. This content is optimized to give the same client experience that settled on Groupon a mainstream decision. You can construct your very own everyday deal website like Groupon utilizing ionwe’s Groupon clone.

Features of our Groupon Clone Script 

New Customer offer 

You can offer some discount to new customers to make them feel unique. What’s more, you can without much of a stretch believer them into a paid customer.

Referral Discounts 

Give customers some discount to alluding your website to their companions. What’s more, this will build your deals and advance your store also.

Prizes point to customers. 

Reward your customers with some appealing deals time to time for structure a solid bond with them.

Give a discount on the base buy. 

Inspires customers to contribute more cash by offering the discount on a buy of some specific amount.

Multilingual Support 

ionwe’s multilingual usefulness will support various dialects with the goal that dealers and customer of any area could utilize your website for purchasing/selling products.

Sign in using Social Media 

This permits vendors and buyers can sign in using online networking locales like google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or twitter.

Social Sharing 

This empowers clients can easily share any appealing leaned to their companions using our social sharing alternative.

Marketing techniques 

Our Groupon clone content additionally has bulletin/mail membership. Any new deals or update identified with any product will be effectively conveyed to customers.

Coupon Codes 

This likewise permits generating different coupon codes for discounts, complimentary gifts, unique offers dependent on shopping basket value rules for requests.

Google Analytics Integration 

Integration with high-end Google Analytics to follow deals. What’s more, it likewise gets bits of knowledge through top to bottom, announcing highlight to build profits.

MailChimp Integration: 

This element likewise encourages you to imply the website clients, about the most recent and extraordinary deals, offered each day from the vendors.

Propelled Merchant Dashboard: 

Aggregate information identified with deals and coupons is recorded in the details organization of vendor’s dashboard. Every one of the sellers will have a separate zone to deal with their setting


ionwe’s Groupon clone is entirely customizable according to your business model and prerequisites with highlight rich responsive structure on most recent patterns.

Cloud hosting: 

This component additionally improves your website execution at 5x speed with cloud relocation. It is presently simple to lessen your heap time and to oversee information reinforcement effectively.

Search engine optimization friendly URLs 

Empower web index friendly URLs to alter the URL structure dependent on your watchwords concentrated on driving targeted traffic.

Portable Friendly 

Our Groupon clone content amazingly improves your deal website immaculate on the cell phones and tablets whenever.

Numerous Payment Options 

ionwe additionally has straightforwardly disconnected and online installment choices like money down, Mastercard, and check card installments to pull in more customers. We additionally support all installments passages including(Google Checkout, CCAvenue, Amazon pay, Authors, Wordline, Skrill, and so forth.)


ionwe’s Groupon clone accompanies an arrangement to SSL certificate. Along these lines, every one of the pages, content, and exchanges will have a high degree of security with https support.

Free Installation: 

We additionally furnish free establishment and arrangement office with far-reaching documentation to refresh changes decisively.

About The Author

Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Groupon Clone Template Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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