11 Ways to instantly improve your website’s performance

By James Tredwell on September 24, 2018

You have a well-designed website, it is attracting, and it is providing informative content, it is well organized and gives a very pleasant experience to the visitors still your website fails to sell. WHY? What could be the possible reason in that case?

Well if we see logically, the average time for which a visitor holds on to a website is 10 – 20 seconds but if they find anything worthwhile they stay longer to the website and look into the products and services thoroughly. But in spite of all this there could be several factors that can lead to failure of your website. In this post we are going to discuss those factors: Let’s start:

1. Focus Is Not Focussed

Customers always want their business website to be focussed on them only. This means when you add sections that can provide them with suitable answers to their questions, you are addressing their needs. An easy way is to include some frequently asked questions on your FAQ page. The Content marketing will always ask you to highlight all the top questions, answer them on time and archive your searchable. Always try to make your answers reachable and making their experience simple.

2. Access after Signing Up

Some websites ask visitors to sign up before they could access their websites. This could be one of the reasons why your website is not working the way it is supposed to be. Majority of people think what if website is not of their use, signing up will only be a waste of time. People want to visit the link and wan to see the products and services as it gets open. If they see that they have to sign up first for accessing the website, they move away.

3. Slower Load Time

Your audience is impatient and they cannot wait for more than 2 or 3 seconds to look into your website. If you website fails to open, they will move to another website because moving to any other website will only take a new second than waiting for minutes to get your website open.

4. Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

90% of the population use their smart phones for browsing websites because mobile phone is the only thing they have 24*7 with them. If your website is not mobile friendly then you have already removed 90% of your customers from the list of visiting your website. Rest 10% will visit your website through their systems, laptops or any other device they feel like but because of some other drawbacks they will move away. And this will make a complete 100% loss to your business.

5. Visuals with Low quality

It is good that you are using visuals on your website in order to attract your potential customers but are you sure that these visuals are apt in quality? See if you are using low quality visuals on your website then it could harm the overall reputation of your business. So the best way is to use visuals or videos with good quality graphics. It is okay if you cannot afford HD at the moment; make use of high pixel visuals.

6. Lack in Color Usage

Designing an attractive website does not mean that you have to design it with all bright colors. You can always make an elegant website using elite and decent color combinations. In fact it is always good to choose colors that are elegant and decent. This always gives you website a unique and royal look. When you use a set of powerful colors and make your business instantly recognizable to your consumers they will always keep you in mind and will always refer you to their friends. This way you can gain interest of your potential customers in your business.

7. No Testimonials or Product Reviews

It would give your readers a very bad impression if you do not have any product review or testimonial on your website. If you think practically, we always look for reviews of the products or the testimonials about the services. If customers do not find any type of testimonial on your website or there is no product review they will consider your products and website as fake. They won’t come to you and your website will fail to make customers.

8. Difficult To Find

If your website is not under the reach and has been optimized for the keywords nobody is searching for then how come people will be coming to your website? And you expect your website to give you business! Is it really possible? No, not at all. It is the duty of a search engine executive to optimize your website according to the keywords that people are searching for. Only if you are easy to be seen and find only then people are going to approach you.

9. Information That Is Outdated

Well when was the last when you updated the information on your website? If you are not updating your website’s content on a regular basis, your clients and your readers will lose interest in your products and services. They visit your website to read what is new but if you are not providing them with what is new then why would they come to visit your website? So timely update the content on your website and allow them to read something which is interesting and new.

10. Invisible Contact information

Well if the contact information on your website is not visible how the person is going to contact you? If by any chance you missed to highlight your contact details then you will definitely miss some of your potential customers as they will move to some other website or some other station for their desired products. So be clear with your contact information and make sure that it is clearly visible to your visitors.

11. Audio or video auto plays

Auto play ad on the webpages is one of the prominent ways to annoy your visitors on your website. Unfortunately your publishers are really desperate for revenues and they are very happy in delivering autoplay ads on their websites. If you want to minimize the disruptions for your readers then limit your clips for five seconds or less or offer a pause button so that they could stop it when the ad runs for longer duration.

These are some true and crucial reasons that are causing your website to fail. Working on these points will definitely help you a lot in improving your online business. So what are you waiting for? Start analysing your website right now.

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