Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses

By James Tredwell on September 15, 2018

With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a powerful tool that you can use to promote your small business. It is a great way to connect with existing and potential customers, market new products & services, and generate sales.

Unfortunately, many small business owners do not pay enough attention to their Facebook business page after registration. Many entrepreneurs do not know what to publish on their Fakebook page & at what frequency. Several others are convinced that it is not worth the time and effort. For a successful Business Promotion on Facebook, familiarize yourself with these Facebook marketing tips:

#1. Your Business Goals

Before creating a semblance of a successful Facebook advertising campaign, just determine your goals and indicators with which you can analyse the success of your campaign. This will help you lay the foundation for Facebook marketing and achieve the desired ROI easily and effortlessly. Generally, Facebook marketing is done for-

Generating sales This will depend on whether your business is in B2C or B2B. If you are in the B2C business format, promote posts, products, and services. If you are in B2B, then you should use both types: advertisements in the form of posts and the right column, focusing on getting more leads, which you can pass through the funnel of sales and turn into buyers. Generate traffic to your website and convert them into leads.
Creating Brand Awareness Get more likes on your Facebook page by focusing on the target audience.
Boost the people’s engagement on your Facebook Page. Just use Facebook advertising with a link, photo/video ads to attract more attention to your posts. Your ads must contain a very attractive visual component of the photo and video. Target the social media audience based on interests, age, gender and behaviour/ habits.

#2. Create and Schedule Facebook Posts

If you publish posts on your Facebook Page regularly, a certain percentage of daily active Facebook users will get engaged with your brand. Just publish content for your target audience with a proper sequence if you want to use Facebook to generate the maximum benefits. Education and entertainment of Facebook fans should be the primary goals of Facebook Marketing. Add smiles to increase the number of comments and spreads by 33% and collect 57% more likes than the post without smiles. Always keep in mind that the interrogative posts receive more comments.

#3. Use Email Newsletters to Promote Your Facebook Page

Always keep in mind that Facebook allows you to create a custom audience based on your e-mail list. Therefore, create a .CSV or .TXT file with a single e-mail address for each individual line.  Click Audiences-User List and upload your file. With successful Email Marketing initiatives, you can make your Facebook Page go viral and increase its awareness as far as possible. You can use some good e-mail marketing tools for this purpose.

#4. Share Useful Content at The Right Time

You must note that every Facebook post has its conclusions. If you go into the conclusions of their posts, you can see the average time when your subscribers/fans/followers are online in great numbers. For example- if you are planning a queue of three posts, you should know the best time when the majority of subscribers are online and schedule your posts accordingly.

#5. The Use of Facebook Plugins

It is a very difficult task to perform Facebook marketing manually every day when you have a large base of Facebook Fans and Followers. So, installing a Facebook sharing plugin will help you to share contents easily on Facebook, to increase the visibility of your brand and the number of subscribers on Facebook easily and effortlessly.

#6. Facebook Pixel Remarketing

Any potential customer, who visited your website from any source of traffic, but did not make transactions, probably remain the phase of finding the best offer sooner or later. It is possible that they forget the first website they visited in the early stage of web browsing.

Always keep in mind that the Facebook Pixel will allow you to target people who visited your site earlier using Facebook ads. It is perhaps the best way for most of the traffic that comes from AdWords.

Just install Facebook Pixel by logging into your Facebook advertising manager. After this, install the Facebook Pixel code on your site. The process of data collection can take a day. So, return to the site’s traffic menu and select “people who visited certain pages of the site. Use those insights to create a list of people who visited certain pages of your site and target them from the next time to create more sales and leads.

#7. Regular Interaction with Facebook Community

Always keep in mind that the regular interaction and communication with your community on Facebook can build a strong trust, trust, and loyalty. Its most excellent result is the transition of subscribers to repeat customers and potential leads. Furthermore, Facebook can be used as a customer support centre to address their concerns quickly and offer the best possible solutions.

#8. Interaction with Another Facebook Page

As an admin of your Facebook page, did you ever communicate with another Facebook Page? If not, then be active and identify the pages your subscribers are following. Your comment to other pages will serve as a direct link to yours and help you to bring new leads, likes, and subscriptions.

#9. Images and Video Content

Always keep in mind that people love pictures and videos displayed on different Facebook Pages. It is because images and video content help people understand the subject matter easily & take the desired action. Several statics show that posts that include photos get 120% more involvement than usual and post with videos have 180% more involvement of users.

#10. Create or Join Facebook Groups

Create or join groups on Facebook to increase your page views and traffic, and make more business opportunities. You can create 3 types of groups on Facebook:


Facebook Groups Explanation
Open Groups Anyone can see who published the post.  Open Facebook groups are used to increase recognition, credibility, and interest in your brand. It also helps you to establish yourself establish yourself as an expert in a certain field and be in touch with other specialists to benefit mutually. Participation and interaction are the prime focus of such groups, not sales.
Closed Groups Only members of the group can see posted by other members. Such groups are great for supporting customers, solving their problems and answering questions.
Secret Groups Only members, its participants and the author of the post can see this group. Such groups are very effective for high-level discussions with confidentiality.


Final Words

In today’s highly digitized world, Facebook Marketing is important for the acquisition of new customers and business opportunities. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to meet your ambitious business objectives.

This article is contributed by Robert Sumner, writer with Media Fortress – Web Design and Small Business Marketing Agency

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