The Best Way to Charge a Startup for Custom Development Solutions

By James Tredwell on November 2, 2018

It and online business set up is on a boom for the last few years. Custom web development solutions has been the buzzword for business entities on a global basis. It is important to note in this aspect that the business world is constantly looking for innovation and development that will provide them with cutting edge solutions with competitive web development cost.

Startup businesses have rapidly evolved during this phase who are dominating the market space with their fresh ideas and competitive ventures.

They are coming up with ideas for audience and customer engagement that is ruling the market. Using appropriate marketing as well as promotional tactics is ruling the business world in all accounts. Growth hacking and membership approvals on chain marketing methods have gained immense significance.

Today, any business entity who is starting up their online e-commerce stores will always look for better economical web development solutions. It has become increasingly important for them to utilize their funds in best proportions and achieve feasible growth results.

Choosing the right web development and digital marketing service providers can help them save up to ¾ of cost.

Cost-estimation & Charging Strategy by Expert for Startups:

It is for this reason we find an advent of service providers who are looking to provide tailor made solutions both in development and digital marketing methods to their clients in a unique manner. They have fully understood the value proposition that their clients are looking to provide to the market with state of the art website and campaigning methods.

They provide flexible modes of engagement as per the client’s requirement and offer unique customized solution with comprehensive assistance during the go-live phase as well. Their objective is simple, to promote maximum features of measurable benefits in their customization so that their clients achieve the right ROI in due course.

It is important to highlight some snapshots that will best describe the value addition that custom development solution is providing to the Startups. It is much different from general IT companies who have standalone products that often do not fit the specific requirement of the clients.

  • Fits the budget: One of the greatest attribute that is brought into forefront by customized solutions is that it provides leeway to the clients and gives them what they want with complete business feasibility and in accordance to their budget.
  • Complete transparency and freedom: Another important aspect that needs mention is the fact that today many IT companies do not have a flexible model of engagement with their deliverables as well as prices that is detrimental to the startups. Custom solutions with clean break up of competitive prices gives a new kind of business freedom to the startup in their process of development.
  • Tailor made solutions: The best part is the client gets a development and delivery that is completely aligned to their tailor made needs helping them to get better access in the market with their robust website and application that is specifically targeted for a particular user base.
  • Complete data security: The companies alongside competitive prices also provide comprehensive security in best proportions that helps the client to transfer their set of information without any hindrance and fear of theft and loss with a prior NDA sign up in place.

All of the above mentioned factors are increasingly important and beneficial as charging the Startups with customized solutions that are powerful yet easy to the pocket is of most importance these days. It helps the Startup with a convenient breathing space helping them perform without hassle and accelerate their growth possibilities.

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