7 Things You Should Do to Hire a Skilled Android Developer

By James Tredwell on September 15, 2018

Android has been the most popular operating system for mobiles for several years. Due to its raging popularity and a broader reach, most businesses are now interested in building their personalized app on this very platform. This explains why the professional android developers are so much in demand these days.

If you are an entrepreneur or a seasoned businessman, you may have also seen the potential of a personalized android app in boosting your business operations. However, before you can make any progress on the development of the Android app, you need the manpower who can execute your idea of an android app.

Surprisingly, hiring a proficient android developer is as challenging as finding a needle in the haystack. And this time, you are not the only one who is looking for the needle. As the demand for sophisticated android app tends to grow, the demand for skilled android app developers is also growing significantly.

However, you can find the perfect person for the job, if you are prepared to go the distance to recruit the best Android developers in the market. Here are several tricks that can help you guide through the interview process:

  1. Ensure your job offer reaches the right people:

How are you supposed to find the best in the market, if your offer doesn’t reach a larger population? If you are fine with a decent app developer within your locality, you can have a small advertisement and find a few applicants for the role. In that case, however, your options will be limited.

If you are ambitious about your venture and want it to succeed, don’t settle for a mediocre app developer. Get in touch with good recruitment agencies that mediate the hiring process, and ask them to shortlist the good ones. If you compromise on the recruitment of key personnel, you may need to pay larger bills in the longer run.

  1. Be certain about the job profile:

Numerous potential candidates usually don’t feel confident about applying for a job when the job description does not offer enough insight into the profile. If you are putting up a vague job description, the experienced app developers (especially the good ones) may assume that you lack the sense of professionalism. This often turns off the professionals who are good at their job.

To ensure you get all the attention of the skilled and experienced app developers, who are looking for a new opportunity, you should describe what kind of applicants you are looking for. Describe all the technical and non-technical skills that you want in an applicant, and also reveal the CTC and other significant details that the applicants usually want to know before applying for a job.

  1. Set up a proficient interview panel:

Once you are done advertising for the job profile, you need to prepare for the big interview. Yes, even the interviewers need to prepare to get the right people for the job. If you don’t prepare for the interview, you may end up hiring someone who cannot add any value to your business or the app that you are willing to build.

Decide who all are going to be the part of the interview panel. Get some experienced people who don’t just have technical knowledge, but also have the ability to analyze and assess the behavior of the candidate in the interview room. You can sit with the interview panel prior to the day of the interview and discuss what kind of questions you need to ask and what all skills and abilities you are looking for in an applicant.

  1. Test the skills of the applicants with some practical work:

Since the technical expertise of app-developer matters the most, you need to assess those skills of a candidate before recruiting him or her. These days, a lot of people lie on their resume, just to impress the interviewers. So it becomes really important for you, as a recruiter, to test anyone who you think can be a great asset to your team.

Technical questions are one way to test the skills of the applicant. However, it will be more fruitful if you can ask the interviewee to demonstrate his/her skills practically during the interview. Ask the person to finish a test project with minimal functions to see how proficient he/she is. As you may realize, the qualification and past experiences won’t matter if the applicant is not seamless with the technical skills.

  1. Consider the freelancers also:

While you are considering the conventional way of recruiting a full-time app developer by arranging an interview in the office, you can also keep the options open for the freelancers. In the recent times, freelancers have been more active than the regular office-goers in terms of productivity. Though most freelancers like to work on their own terms, they can also be a great contender for the job.

If you keep the job opportunity open for the freelancers as well, it will allow you toexplore the option beyond the geographical boundaries. As you may realize, in the case of freelancers, the location does not matter. What matters is how they perform.

You can set up an online interview with the interested freelancers and proceed with the same approach that you plan for the conventional interview option. You may need to make slight changes in the questionnaire and the assessments, but the key objective of the interview remains the same.

  1. Review the previous work of the applicants:

As you progress into the interview process, you need to dig more into the work experience of the applicant to have a better understanding of his/her performance as an android developer. Assess all the significant works the applicant has done in the recent past. How long he/she has been in this profession, what all organizations he/she has been associated with, and what are the significant achievements that he/she has made in the career – have a thorough background check.

Since Android development is one of the most popular categories in the sector, it is quite common among the professionals to develop multiple apps within the span of 3-4 years. See if the applicant, you are interviewing, have developed an app recently. If the answer is yes, review the app and ask the person app-related questions to get a better understanding of his/her expertise.

  1. Explain all the responsibilities to the candidate:

Now that the person has passed all the test and you are willing to hire the individual for the job, it is your turn to convince the applicant why he should join your company. Well, the employers do not usually express their interest in the interview room. However, exceptions can be made if the candidate himself/herself is exceptionally talented.

Discuss the job profile and explain the office culture. If the candidate is a freelancer, make sure he/she has a complete understanding of the work and his/her role in the organization. As you may realize, good candidates, are always in demand. So if the candidate has walked into your office and given an interview, make sure you can keep that individual inside your company. If a rival organization offers a better job profile or a better salary package, you may lose the gem of an android developer.

As you can see, the recruitment of an Android developer is a multi-step process. Since it is a technical job, you need to be very particular about the details that the applicant shares during the interview. Your company’s success will rely on the efficacy of the person. So, make the right choice while hiring an Android developer for your company.

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