How Conversion Rate Optimization Affects Business Performance

By James Tredwell on April 7, 2019

The Conversion rate is a ratio of the total number of visitors to the number of customers who have completed targeted actions. So, in simple words, website conversion rate optimisation is a process in which SEO Experts try to generate leads/sales by encouraging customers to take desired actions.

All website owners, SEO professionals, digital marketing individuals take different steps to increase the conversion rate of the website. It is directly linked to their survival in the web-based business. Let’s see how conversion rate optimisation affects the performance of your brand.

#1. A Sharp Decline in Website’s Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of a website indicates the total number of visitors who landed on a website and left quickly without performing any action that gives business opportunities to its owner.

The high bounce rate of a site gives the impression that it doesn’t meet the user’s need at all. Websites with a high bounce rate are disliked by Google and are neglected in its SERP ’s.

There are many reasons why your site’s bounce rate is high. As a business owner, just identify all those factors and perform the troubleshooting work as soon as possible.

If visitors are able to navigate your site easily, find useful and informative content, and get products and services they desperately need, you see the bounce rate of your website goes down sharply, which improves its SEO rankings and gives you more business opportunities every day.

#2. A Sharp Decline in Cart Abandonment Rate

The volume of online trading is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. More and more people want to shop online. But it’s a bitter fact that shopping cart abandonment rate is also increasing. It means that online shoppers started the process of online shopping, but left without completing it.

An abandoned basket is a real pain for online shoppers. Their sales are affected and they trail in the E-commerce business.

You can deal with this problem by making the online buying process easier and simpler. Reach out to unhappy shoppers through Email marketing activities and urge them to complete the unpaid cart by giving them some discounts and free items.

Personalized Email marketing efforts work wonders in many cases. Customers come back to your website and buy desired products one after another.

#3. A Sharp Increase in Sales Through Different Social Media Channels

Online business owners, companies, business organisations, and individual entrepreneurs use different social media channels to advertise their products and services, increase awareness of the brand, interact with the targeted audience, and generate business opportunities.

Tech-savvy individuals are present on different social media websites and they spend a considerable amount of time over there. So, by pushing business messages on social media websites, you can easily attract a large number of new customers and sell a number of products. All you need to perform SMO and SMM campaigns carefully at regular intervals.

#4. You Get More Positive Reviews from Customers

Reviews play an important role when companies try to promote their brand on the web and sell products or services. At first, a conscious online shopper understands roams different online shopping portals to look into the offers made by E-commerce giants, get more information about products and services, and then make a final decision whether to buy a product or not.

When you perform conversion rate optimization regularly, Google displays your website regularly in its top search results, which helps visitors to buy the desired products and services or get the info they need desperately. When you meet customer’s expectation fully in a timely fashion, they become happy & give positive reviews to your brand. Always keep in mind that positive reviews help new customers to easily understand your main business message and deal with your brand regularly.

#5. Optimize Your Website as per SEO Guidelines

Organic traffic comes from different search engines. It determines the behavior of search engines towards your websites and how they treat it while displaying it or its pages in their SERPs. You must always keep in mind that the majority of Internet users flock to search engines to find the desired information, products, and services.

You must optimise your website for almost all leading search engines keeping the latest SEO tricks in mind. When your website or its pages meet the SEO guidelines of search engines and help users to find the required info in the smallest possible time, you get more organic traffic to your website every day. This means you can convert them into leads and increase the performance of your website up to a great extent.

Final Words

Generation of leads and sales is vital in a web-based business. It helps entrepreneurs to generate revenues to keep different business activities on. Just mix CRO with SEO activities and take your business to the next level.

This article is contributed by Jack, professional SEO Analyst at Stellen Infotech — SEO Service Company

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