5 Reasons Why Android Apps Continue to Earn More than iOS Apps?

By James Tredwell on September 21, 2020

Application design and development is a task that requires even the most proficient of designers and developers to ponder over facts and strategic plans. It also requires them to contemplate about the audience they will be targeting with their application and the kind of services they want to provide their users with.

Ultimately, the revenue an app development company generates is something that shows its success, growth rate, and annual output.

One of the first and most pertinent questions that arise while developing an app is on which operating system you wish to launch your application and if this OS will prove to be feasible for the service you are about to launch via your app for your users.

Android, which is managed by Google, and iOS engineered by Apple Company, are the two of the most widely used operating systems around the globe.

Choosing one of these systems to initiate your application can be a challenging task to accomplish since all results will eventually depend on what users you succeed in targeting.

While you can launch your application on both platforms, it can prove to be a hectic and expensive decision to do so. Without knowing about the outcomes and consequences of failure, it is not a smart decision to put all your money in developing an app for both operating systems.

Rather, opting for a single operating system and endeavoring to gain maximum benefits from a single platform can turn out to be a smart decision.

Though iOS apps provide their app development companies with huge revenues, there are certainly compelling reasons we think that you should opt for Android OS.

Contrary to popular belief, Android apps can earn just as much as iOS apps or even higher and the myth that if you want to earn more revenue then you should develop an iOS app has been successful countered many times now.

In fact, Android can be a goldmine for app developers if they manage to target their apps in the right way due to following reasons.

Why Android Apps Earn More Than iOS Apps?

This has always been an argument that which operating system successfully earns more than the other and why. Here are a few reasons we think that Android Apps can generate more consistent revenue than iOS apps.

1. The Sheer Number Of Users On Android:

There is a huge population all around the world from diverse backgrounds and environments that prefer to use this operating system instead of iOS. Due to smooth and effective methods, people globally tend to order and ship Android devices and gadgets.

Upon analyzing the statistics and facts, we come to know that devices running on this OS held 87 percent share on the global market in 2019 and, this number has been increasing since then. iOS, on the other hand, acquired only a 13 percent share on the global market in 2019 which, was considerably lesser than that of Android.

There are about 2.5 billion active Android devices while 2.6 million applications are available on Google Play-Store. These statistics are evidence that there is a huge market that demands to utilize your app on an Android Operating system.

This means that, when any specific app is developed by an Android app development company, of course for Android OS, it would automatically have more users to market the app to than Apple and ultimately, this can lead to it generating more revenue as compared to iOS.

2. Low Cost With A High Return On Investment:

Google’s OS allows any Android app development company to build a low cost and inexpensive application. Most of the apps available on Google Play Store are free to use and provide the developing enterprise to drive a higher number of downloads. This feature allows more followers to gravitate towards the app, who find that app feasible and practical and help the business flourish.

Android also allows developers to design an application without paying for SDK tools and a yearly expense, while iOS charges you for designing and all the other facilities it provides.

This allows users to take advantage of your successful results which provides them with top notch features, graphics, GUI, audios, and visuals. Keeping these things in mind, an Android app development company develops a higher probability of generating a good amount of revenue.

3. Flexibility and Customization:

The unprecedented growth that Android has seen over the years has a lot to do with the flexible methods it has empowered developers with to develop and customize applications. Android is an easy-to-access platform that allows developers to customize any number features of their applications the way they deem fit.

Android apps certainly win in terms of effectiveness when it comes to the flexibility they offer regarding the release of an update. The platform does not require you to go through any complicated effort to update your app unlike on iOS, where this process is much more complex. Rather, it is simple, quick, and the app can be updated as many times as desired. It helps the user get new updates easily.

This flexibility is the reason that attracts more customers towards this operating system. Every update that Android OS introduces, contains a plethora of brand-new features that are not only eye-catching but are useful as well as efficient. On the other hand, Apple seems to have not rolled out much in its updates in recent years.

This problem has led to more users flocking more towards Android, leading to a much bigger audience that can be leverage to earn revenue than iOS.

4. Development Tools Provided By Android:

The Android operating system provides an app development company with handy tools to develop an app much more easily. It provides those enterprises with a software development kit (SDK) and that too for free. Within a smattering amount of time, a well-organized and systemic business application can be developed which can start generating good revenues if complemented with clever marketing schemes.

This reduces the cost of entry significantly, which allows even newbie developers to enter the market much more easily with their apps. And with lower investment requirements, profits can become much more viable and sustainable.

Various advantages of this open-source platform can be attained when application developers use JAVA for software programming. It increases the user-friendliness for Android apps and provides a wide scope for meeting your changing business demands and requirements.

Cutting-edge tools provided by Google have become a source to entice public towards your app and in return generate a profit that can prove to be beneficial as compared to what was initially invested.

5. Continuous Advancements:

Google does not cease to produce advancements to its Android platform. Rather, it continuously invests and makes efforts to bring out new features for the future. This facilitates the Android app development companies to come forth with brilliant apps for their customers to enjoy.

Most such advancement related efforts have been made on formulating adequate procedures for Android application development, renewing existing development tools, and introducing cutting-edge technologies that allow app developers to experiment and explore upcoming features and come out with infallible and reliable apps.

Android is certainly outdoing itself towards bringing in new and better advancements as compared to iOS. The availability of new and interesting characteristics in an app allows viewers and users to utilize the app even more and generate good revenues for any development company.

How Android Apps Are Provided With An Effective Marketplace?

One big reason for the lucrative revenue generation by Android apps is because they have a huge marketplace to advertise and promote their software in. Google Play Store is an enormous platform housing a high number of apps and most of them are free to use and download.

App approval on the Google Play store is a lot easier as compared to the Apple App store, which is considerably expensive and difficult. Furthermore, Android apps are also available on different marketplaces other than the Google Play store through side loading which means that your business would get greater visibility and advertisement in the market and will prove to be more beneficial for revenue generation.

Factors On Which App Revenue Depends:

The amount of revenue your app may generate depends on the niche you choose to develop your application in and how many people are available within that niche. With effective marketing techniques and continuous advancements in your software, your app has a high potential of gaining a huge sum of profit.

Another factor that affects this phenomenon is the platform you are using to launch your application. If the platform is widely utilized and recognized then your efforts might not go in vain. Successful app developing companies always keep user expectations as their priority. A happy user is more likely to make an in-app purchase. All these factors, when combined, can take your profit generation far beyond par.

Extensibility with Android Studio:

The introduction of Android Studio has increased the scalability of this operating system as it allows you to get your application affiliated with the ecosystem of Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, television, and wearables. It makes your Android application congruous with upcoming and advancing technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and others. It provides your app with extensibility to get recognized in the wide ecosystem of software and to leave footprints for the entire community.

In a Nutshell

If we compare Android with Apple, there are two factors involved. The first and foremost factor that makes Android a cut above Apple is quite clear. It’s all about the initial investment. New developers usually don’t want to throw a lot of cash in the initial step due to there being a high amount of risk involved. This is the principal reason why Android OS is preferred by a high number of developers over iOS.

Secondly, Android offers inclusivity, while Apple offers exclusivity. This makes Android more open to newer, innovative and disruptive apps to launch. Apple’s recent spat with Fortnite, a high revenue generating gaming app, is a testament to the fact that the kind of freedom and flexibility that apps get on Android will soon make this platform a lot more powerful as more and more apps flock to it, and with it bringing more potential users in with them.

This article is contributed by Jane Collen, Content writer at  Tekrevol LLC

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