Android Version 11: 10 Most Important Features You Need to Know

By James Tredwell on October 16, 2020

Following quite a while of a few beta updates, Android 11 is here. Google has released the best-in-class version of its OS and keeping in mind that there aren’t numerous astonishments for those of us who have been utilizing the beta for some time, it’s an amazing update for every other person.

The update is rolling out now “select Pixel, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Oppo, and Realme smartphones,” with different accomplices to follow. Undoubtedly, the update is as of now accessible on Pixel 4 XL. In case you have a viable device, here are probably the best reasons you ought to consider upgrading.

Brand New Features

We’ve been utilizing a close last form of Android 11 for as long as few days and gathered 10 of our mesmerizing functions! This is only a bit of what’s on; there are over 100 features that oblige mobile app developers to improve the whole Android experience. You can find out everything on Google’s developer portal.

  1. A New Power Menu

The greatest visual change is the thing that happens once you open the power menu. You used to simply observe the alternatives to restart your phone, lock it, or switch off, yet now you get instant admittance to your default Google Pay debit or credit card if you’ve set it up. The tickets and boarding pass are added through Google Pay and it can be easily accessed here also. Utilize Samsung Pay? You’ll have the option to access cards a similar way in case you set it as your telephone’s default Tap and Pay system (Settings > Connections > NFC and payment > Tap and pay > Samsung Pay).

Below the cards, you’ll find shortcuts to any smart home controls you’ve set up through the Google Home app. These quick access tiles let you toggle the power switch on lights, TVs, vacuums, and any other smart home device with just a tap, saving you the step of using your voice or opening up the Google Home app. You can customize these controls from the power menu itself (tap the triple dots on the right).

  1. Conversation Notification

In the Android 10 version, the notification drawer includes all the notifications in an efficiently designed list. Initially, Google will keep your communications separate from your other notifications, and offering them significance close to the top of your notifications. They grabbed their area, gaining precedence across random pings from various other applications. Also, you will be able to set a conversation to an elevated priority. Additionally, enabling notifications to come even if you have moted your notifications.

This is one of the great features of Android 11. This helps prevent essential conversations from being buried that we receive daily.

  1. Bubbles

Next, Google is now releasing its implementation of bubbles in conversations. If you are using Facebook messenger on your android device, then you probably know it. This amazing feature enables conversations to present in floating bubbles. Also, you will be able to move these bubbles around your mobile screen and access it within any application. While Mobile App Developers must have to update their applications code to support the function, I hope the feature to grab on instantly.

  1. Built-in Screen Recording

Well, screen recording on Android is a big issue. To use it, you will have to install any third-party applications that come with bugs and errors. But now, you can record your screen content like audio from your device or mic without any installation of a third-party application.

To allow this feature, you will need to add it first in the settings menu of your notification. When it comes to the Pixel smartphone, you just have to open the notification bar, click on the pencil button, then drag and drop the screen record option on your smartphone anywhere and anytime you want.

  1. Instant Access to Smart Devices

In case you have numerous devices at your home, then you know the hurdle of managing them all. Particularly, those times the Google Assistant cannot seem to recognize what you want to say. Google has a robust solution for it. Now, you can access and control every one of your smart devices right from your power button. Just press the power button and will have the controls of all your locks, lights, thermostats, and any of the things you will need in your home.

  1. Greatest Media Control

Moving to audio devices can be a tough task. In the older android version, if you were enjoying music on a nearby device, you see your media control within the notification area. But in Android version 11, they are stacked next to your Quick Settings. You will have to turn your developer options on to activate this feature.

Once you swipe down your notification shade, the media control will appear in a small icon. It will show you its app features like basic control, cover art, the system where media is being played. If you pull down your notification shade, the alerts broaden and display the information of your media control.

Android 11 version will pre-populate this field along with your six devices, you are allowed to add or remove the device of your choice.

  1. One Time Permissions and Auto-Restart

It’s no more secret that Google has confronted numerous hefty accusations of failure over the past few years associated with its security and privacy concerns. But thanks to Android 11 because it gives more control over your security and privacy to customers.

The main feature of this new idea is one-time permissions. Once you were installing an application on an older version of Android, it will ask you to grant access to an app every time. This is the biggest initiative, Android 11 provides the users with more control by enabling them to allow permissions just for a particular session.

  1. Dark Theme Scheduling

This is amazing when Google has introduced a dark mode feature to Android 10. But, it was admirably simple. Henceforth, Android skins from other creators enable users to control when to activate the dark mode and why?

With the Android 11 Version, customers can schedule the dark theme utilizing two different measurements. You are allowed to schedule a dark mode to switch on or turn off according to the day and night time. You can additionally configure a custom schedule for dark theme activation whenever you want.

  1. Android 11 Updates Through Play Store

Every year, Google has been releasing the most recent version of Android. Every month, it rolled out modest android security and privacy path. Both these upgrades get integrated with your phone by your career administrator or equipment manufacturer. Due to this, some smartphones get so many updates instantly when others get them at a slower speed.

Thusly, the Android 11 version provides more power associated with updates across the Google Play Store. This enables Google to avoid OEMs and carriers completely and roll out updates to everybody. Obviously, there is not any issue with the latest Android version or even the most recent security patches. But, it can effectively fix some security gaps and update particular aspects of the Android as well.

This is globally a great aspect as it can keep Android smartphones secured and updated if the OEM has discarded the device. Also, it would be great if it didn’t occur, yet Google is trying to fix the issue.

  1. Privacy Concerns for Enterprise Users

In case you utilize an Android device from your office, it will be a part of the Android enterprise program. This enables your organization’s IT, team, to track the device, make changes, error updates, and so on since its organization asset.

But, this also pushes individuals to bring a separate device for their use. With the help of Android 11, you will have a work profile and personal profile separately. And they will not affect one another. It will help customers to swap from their profile to their work profile with the assurance that their organization’s IT team isn’t tracking anything.

Those are the most important features and functionalities of Android 11. Thinking when the novel update will hit your device? Keep in touch with us for more latest updates.

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