Learn the Critical Aspects of Web Designing

By James Tredwell on September 24, 2018

Be it a small-scale or large-scale, every business has the dependency on an appealing website. Whether you want to convey a message or deal to sell products and services, a website bridges the gap lying between your business and potential customers. It would not be wrong to say that a web design holds a significant value in defining success or failure of any business.

If you are a newbie business owner, you might be wondering what this is all about. Don’t panic even  I have been through the same phase. This is the reason, I felt compelled to write this article. The objective here is to throw light on the critical aspects of website designing and its interrelations with success so that the upcoming businesses don’t lose out their potential edge in the modern competitive market.

Insights into the term Website Designing

Website Designing is often referred as a stream that pulls together the creative intuition and expert technical skills into an impressive layout.

And, the person(s) who knows how to make best of this stream keeping all the aesthetics into consideration is known as Designer(s). They possess a sharp eye for impacting online presentation along with a skilled ability of programming that helps them to execute designing.

With the use of extensive tools and visual messaging methodologies, designers help their clients to achieve their business goals within a specific timeframe. And, a précised analysis of target audience is a pre-requisite for them prior to working on any aspect of the design. In fact, it is the most critical consideration that draws a line of difference among businesses. The professionals who gain a basic understanding about the marketing principles like branding, merchandising, advertising etc. can turn out to be Design Experts of Digital Marketing.

To put it simple, we can say web designers are the creative individuals who create striking web pages and layouts.

Now, when you are aware with the most relevant designing terminologies, you might want to get a website for your business too. For this, you need to hire a designer at your end or outsource your design assignment from some reputed company in the town.

Whether you want to hire a designer in your team or get the design work done from some external source, it is quite important that you know the traits of a good web design. This knowledge is worth for both who want a new website and who want to redesign their existing website.

  1. Logo

It is one of the most critical yet ignored aspects of the web design. A logo is often referred as the brand identifier. Think of any reputed name in the industry such as Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, you can recognise such brands simply with their logo imprint. So, there is a need of a unique yet impressive logo that make people think of your brand every time they just have a glance of it. If you are not creative enough, you can tweak out some best ideas from numerous platforms available online. Do extensive of research work and you will surely realise the worth in the long-term.

  1. Design Should Be Responsive

Responsiveness of a design deserves to be discussed prior any other aspect. It is more an indispensable aspect than just a need. The trend of responsive design has widespread strengthening its roots even in the websites existing since a long. The concept of responsive design can be understood better with the instance of chameleon that changes its colour according to the surroundings. Similarly, a design should possess expandability on the basis of the screen size it has been viewed upon. The design that lacks responsiveness tends to lose user attention much more quickly as everyone carries a different sized mobile device and wants to access or make searches on the go. Hence, make sure your business website design is responsive enough to make user experience smooth and happy.

  1. Colour Combination and Theme

Infusing colours is more like infusing life; it should be done with utmost care. Decide on the colours keeping end-user in the mind. Gone is the time of too flashy colour trends, keep it simple as the users today prefer smart things wrapped up in simplicity. Even a theme comprising two colours are enough to create something out-of-the-ordinary. But, be sure to maintain consistency throughout the theme as this also impacts your brand value to a great extent. Hence, the look and feel of the website should be catchy.

  1. Content Quality Should Never Be Understated

If you also follow the myth that only look matters, you are not on the right path. Once the user gets attracted with your brand’s first appearance, it is the content that compels him/her to stay on your website. Though the consistency in the theme has a vital role, you cannot ignore the content’s part to express or convey your business idea. You need to put a brief story about yourself, reflecting your business value and prospects in an effective manner. Here, it is important that you use crisp and unique content – be it is about elaborating about yourself or your products and services so that visitors get a reason to stick around.

  1. Animations and Other Media

Ask designer about his strategy for integrating relevant media files- be it audio, video, images or other graphics. Representing content with relevant media is no doubt a great idea. But, don’t get rushed with the idea of including too much of anything as excess always worsens. Make sure each element is included aptly with the content (wherever required). In fact, it is a good idea to include all sort of media taking care of their proportion as too many heavy files together can make your website respond slower. Slower will be the page load time; higher will be the probability of losing potential customers.

  1. Reachability to the Customers

Waiting is no more an option to the visitors due to the availability of alternatives. It is sensible to be attentive towards the contact details you are providing on your website. If any number or e-mail id does not exist, it’s better to remove it as it is not necessary that customer will try the other number. He or she can probably try another service provider once experiencing such disappointment.

  1. Inappropriate Typography Can Become A Destructor

It is not-so-commonly discussed aspect, but again a highly impacting one. Imagine you have a decent web design, good quality content and relevant media files, but still you are not able to attract the target audience. What can be the reason? Bad Typography! Yes, it can be a reason as inadequate typography impacts the readability, which can ruin even the superior-quality content.

  1. Quick Call-to-Actions

Every button that you provide on your website should work flawlessly. Think of it as a scenario where the user clicks on the button ‘know more’ of a product and gets redirected to the homepage. In fact, none of us likes to explore such erroneous websites. Provide visitors with properly functioning CTA buttons (for exploring, selecting, making a purchase or the cancellations) so that they will remember your website for the smooth functionality.

  1. Website’s Optimisation over Search Engines

Having a full-fledged website that is not optimised over search engines is a sure-shot hit for the failure. With the proper techniques of SEO, you can improve your website’s interaction with the search engines and can rank on the top positions. This will help you reach the maximum of visitors organically, making your website more effective and productive. You can witness the impact through conversion rates.

Hope you have understood all the basic things and will make an informed choice now. Always remember – your web design is yours and your business’s outlook to the potential customers.

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