SEO 2020: Five SEO Success Factors Marketers Should Know

By James Tredwell on September 15, 2018

Search Engine Optimization is very young in the Philippines, but even in its short history in the country, it is blossoming fast and more competitively every year. SEO companies, not only in the cities but also in provinces are growing in numbers. SEO industry experts, aside from their increasing numbers, are also becoming more skilled.

With all the fast advancement in the SEO world, many SEO companies are still ignorant of how to achieve success in terms of SEO marketing. Some even do not know the factors that will lead an SEO marketing effort to succeed or fail. With that, it is a must for SEO to get to know these success factors in order to make each SEO marketing effort a success.

The elements of an SEO marketing strategy are the content, the architecture, the technical items like the HTML and CSS, trust of the people to the brand you are trying to market, the links, the local items like the country specifics, and the social elements. These are the focus points an SEO marketer should implement. Each element is important, but the elements are just the tools to make your SEO effort successful. They are not the factors.

Below are the five SEO success factors that every SEO marketers should know.

  1. SEO Violations. SEO have had countless negative histories. Many have conducted SEO violations over the years in order to make their marketing effective. But the question is, will their SEO violations in the past make people trust these SEO companies in the future? Probably not. That is why it is important that an SEO company will not commit any violation of rules. Trust from the online world is very important to create a positive image that people can confidently rely on.
  2. Ranking Penalties. This factor is very important not just in building trust and a positive image online. Ranking penalties also affect the type of SEO technique, and SEO company should use for marketing. Therefore, using Black Hat and Grey Hat Methods is a big no-no. In conclusion, an SEO company should use an effective and a legal method to achieve success.
  3. SEO techniques work in combination. Many believe that if they just focus on their Social Media efforts, their marketing efforts are already effective. That is wrong! Your team should work combine the elements and work on them. A good content plus an efficient social media distribution of this content is another factor that can make your SEO marketing effort successful. The key is to combine.
  4. On-The-Page Search Ranking Factors. This refers to the items that you, yourself, publish. This factor dwells on items that you can control. Are your contents creative and catchy? Are you providing HTML clues that can help the relevance of your contents? Does your site provide sitemaps to help search engines find your site easier?
  5. Off-The-Page Search Ranking Factors. This is the exact opposite of the On-The-Page factors. In short, these are the factors that you cannot directly control. This is when proper and effective guest blogging and backlinks come in. Same items to take note: Are your guest blogs relevant and high-quality? Are your backlinks effective?

Among all the factors above, the most important ones are the items from three to five. These items will make or break your marketing efforts. As long as these factors are well-handled, you will be able to at least achieve milestones in your marketing efforts.

Items one and two are also important, but these factors will not cripple your marketing efforts. You have a choice not to consider SEO violations and ranking penalties and continue with your SEO efforts, but by not considering these factors, it cannot be guaranteed that you will succeed.

Overall, as a responsible and highly effective SEO company, you should learn how to consider all the factors to make all your SEO marketing efforts successful.

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