How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Augmented Reality Mobile App

By James Tredwell on September 15, 2018

After the virtual reality (VR) world is witnessing the transition to new technology in the form of augmented reality. Here, developers are coming with all new augmented reality (AR) concepts and developing some amazing AR apps for mobile devices both Android & iOS. While this is considered as costly business, let’s discuss how much it may cost you when you decide to develop augmented reality mobile app for users.

AR App Development Process

If you are planning to develop an augmented reality app for mobile then there are two ways you can select from. One to hire your own team of developers or second hire a professional agency to do it. There are different pros & cons of doing the same while organizing your own team of professionals is time & efforts consuming task, hiring professional agency may cost you a bit higher. Let’s discuss some basic factors that determine the cost to develop an AR app.

  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing

While design, coding, and testing of an AR app are some of the main determining factors to decide cost to develop an AR app there are other factors too like the location you choose to develop the AR app, the time it takes, conversion rate and other factors. Here, if you prefer to have your work done by Asian countries, it may cost you bit lesser in comparison to hiring professionals from Europe or USA. Let’s first discuss the main three factors here.


When it comes to the design of the AR app there are numerous factors that affect its cost of development. The app’s design, features and functionality are major factors when it comes to a seamless user experience. In addition to those technical specifications of the app like whether it is the database-based application, list-based application, it is developed with or without a server or API component also affects development cost. In other factors, how creative is AR app’s display and how you can make interactive UI/UX to enhance user experience will determine your app’s success and cost to develop.


The next important factor in developing AR app is its coding which is the most difficult & time-consuming step. Here, there are multiple AR-based software features available that differ in implementation methods thus they also differ in cost. The most trivial method is to create an AR app by using the data captured by the gyros inherent to a smartphone. In this Gyroscope data processing method, information that is obtained allows you to create three-dimensional virtual objects and easily superimpose them on top of real environment objects.

Next coding method is GPS data processing which relies upon traditional GPS data in addition to Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology. It is helpful to increase the geolocation precision using your cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Further, you can use simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) functional that processes the data collected from various sensors in conjunction (Gyroscope, GPS, Accelerometer etc.) and help you draw a 3D-model over the surrounding reality. Next in the list is Markers that is one of the most frequently used AR software functions. Here, you can find different types of Markers that starts with simple geometric shapes (for instance QR codes) and ends with rather complex objects such as human faces.


Once you are done with coding there comes testing of an app. Here, you need to test your app both by the in-house quality assurance team (alpha testing) and by the volunteers (beta testing). Here, it may take several months to perform this testing, where the application will be returned to developers for multiple times for revisions & updates and tested again. This testing part will also add up in total development cost of an AR app.

The cost to develop an AR mobile app

As we discussed, there are multiple factors that determine the final cost of developing an AR app for mobile. Here, choosing the platform either Android or iOS may also affect the cost to develop AR app significantly. While developing AR app on iOS is considered to be easy than developing it on Android platform due to its extensive & complicated mechanism. Here, uploading the app to the digital marketplace (App Store or Google Play Store) and promoting it on search engines will also add up the total cost. While you can consider $30 to $150 as the total cost to development per hour based on different parameters and location you choose to develop the app let’s discuss average hours it takes to code the app on different implementation methods.

  • Gyroscope Data Processing: Up to 300 hours
  • GPS Data Processing: At least 600 hours
  • SLAM Functional: 900-1200 hours
  • Markers: 400-500 hours

Also, discuss the average cost per hour based on different locations:

  • India: $30 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $35 per hour
  • South America: $43 per hour
  • United Kingdom: $70 per hour
  • Australia: $110 per hour
  • North America: $150 per hour

Conclusion: In addition to the above-mentioned cost for development there will be an additional cost for uploading AR app on digital marketplaces, testing and for maintenance & technical support for the app. Here, we have tried to cover the basic aspects of augmented reality app development and how it may cost you when you decide to develop one. Actual prices may vary according to your project requirement and features you want to add in your augmented reality app. If you are one of those developers who develop augmented reality apps for mobile devices, feel free to comment below. As it may bring you new clients for your business.

Description: Being a nascent technology augmented reality (AR) is attracting a lot of users & developers around the world. While the cost to develop an AR app for a mobile device is comparatively high, still, it offers value for money.

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