Top 10 Moneymaking Apps for Android and iOS Users

By James Tredwell on July 13, 2019

No matter how you turn the tables, the average person spends at least four hours a day on their phones. You wake up and look at your phone. You are hungry- you look at your phone. You are bored- you look at your phone. You hit the sack and look at your phone. Why not turn your random scrolling into cash, a lot of cash?

Check out these amazing money making apps that can give you a break from your 9–5 job.

#1. Money App

This app asks you to complete certain tasks, and they send the money once you are done with all the tasks. The Money app is available both on Android and iOS. The tasks usually include playing games, offering opinions, mystery shopping, checking store displays, participating in free trials and testing services.

You need to create an account with the app, and they will send you rewards upon completion of the tasks. Accumulate those rewards and redeem the cash using a PayPal account. This app usually pays you within two or three working days of redeeming the rewards.

#2. Robinhood

You have a job that helps you earn enough money. But, how about some more? Your savings account won’t mind, I suppose. Robinhood lets you earn a considerable amount of money by buying and selling stocks. You can also make deals with cryptocurrencies (if you are into such things).

I would suggest you have a detailed idea about stock exchanges before using this app. The app offers you a general list of statistics and charts for stocks. But, Robinhood won’t teach you the basic intricacies of the stock market.

#3. iPoll

iPoll is almost similar to the Money app. You get rewards upon the completion of certain tasks. The tasks are usually location-based and involve a simple process. Some of the tasks include giving your opinions on different products. You can download the app via Google Play Store and iTunes.

One simple task can earn you a quick reward of $1 to $10 immediately. Then you can redeem the rewards and claim the money in your PayPal account. The rewards can also be redeemed into airline points, e-gift cards, etc.

#4. Foap

Do you love taking photos, but you don’t own a professional DSLR? Well, this app can help you earn money even if you take pictures from your Smartphone. Foap lets both amateur and professional photographers make some extra money by selling photos taken on a smartphone. More than 2.5 million photographers have registered with this app.

You need to register an account on the app and upload photos along with clear tags. The registered community then rates your photos. Higher the rating, the more is your photo’s visibility. You can earn anything from $5 to $10 for each sale.

#5. Ebates

How often have you wished for a sale before shopping? Well, this app will seem like a boon to you. It will award you with up to 40% cash back on products that you would usually buy. Ebates consists of more than 2500 stores such as Walmart, Groupon, Amazon, Expedia, etc. You can switch on the notifications to see whenever new coupons are available.

You can even choose a particular product that you want to buy. This app will let you know about the stores that have the product and cash back offers available in the stores. At times, Ebates also offers a $10 bonus to the first time users.

#6. Mercari

From garments to electronics, you can sell any of your belongings on this app. Say you have a refrigerator at your home and now you want to buy a new one. You can take pictures of the old refrigerator, upload it on the app, sell it and earn money.

The process is nothing topsy-turvy or twisting. The customer will rate your purchase after receiving the package and issue your payment. Thus, you can get rid of your used items and earn money through the app. Mercari takes 10% of your payment as its fee.

#7. Fluid Market

Fluid Market is a sharing economy app that lets you rent out your cargo van, pickup truck, box truck, SUV or cars by the week, hour or day. Many of you may have a vehicle that sits idle for most of the days. In that case, you can make use of this app and earn quite a handful of pocket money.

The company’s website says that you can earn up to $24,000 a year by renting your truck on Fluid. Fluid also lets you rent tools such as hedge trimmers, saws, drills, hedge trimmers, etc. From a rowboat to a two-person bike, you can rent almost everything here.

#8. Swagbucks

Did you know that mere searching contents on the web, watching ads and completing surveys can help you earn money? Yes, Swagbucks has made it possible. You need to perform the tasks as mentioned, collect SWAG codes and turn them into SB points. You can then redeem these points on the app and let the cash flow in your account.

You can also participate in daily polls and complete exclusive offers with the partner retailer malls. Swagbucks also provide you with referral points when you refer a friend to their app. You can redeem the SB points or referral bonuses for gift coupons like the Walmart or Amazon.

#9. Bookscouter

This app lets you sell your new or old books and earn money. Download the app, register with your email address or social media account and start scanning book barcodes. You can use your phone camera to scan the codes. You will see a list of buyback prices from book buyers. Also, shipping is free.

Some books may not display the prices even after being scanned. Also, some of the offers as brought forth by the app for your book may disappear after a certain time period. You can earn anything from $15 to $170 just selling your books.

#10. Google Opinions Reward

Is there anything more reliable than Google? We have a money-making app from Google too! You can share your innovative ideas and opinions on this platform and earn money. They will conduct a survey on your ideas and pay you accordingly. The surveys take almost 30 seconds to complete and will generate a small token for your kindness.

Each survey can help you earn $1 to $2. You can get a survey per week. Android users will get Google Play credits. You can then redeem them in the Google Play Store. iOS users need to generate the amount through their PayPal accounts.

Wrapping it up

Money doesn’t grow on trees. But, they sure grow on apps, and you can use these apps on the go. Thus, it’s time to make some extra bucks before going to bed or while you are on your way to work. Your 9–5 job is not the only source of income now. Download the apps and drop the resignation mail at your workplace. I’m kidding. Download the apps and let me know about your experience.

This article is contributed by William Shell, CDR Writer and Enthusiastic blogger

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