5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Website’s Search Visibility

By James Tredwell on September 13, 2019

With the increase of popularity of digital marketing, importance of getting a rank in Google search has also been increased. It helps to increase the traffic to your website and give audience the chance to go through the product and services you are offering.

Google receives billion of searches so it is really important for your website to be visible at top searches. Many businesses do not focus on online visibility and optimizing content thinking that having website is enough for doing business.

They do not realize what if their website is never been visited. No visitors mean no conversations, no sale, no profit, and no return on investment. Follow these tips to let your website rank to top of search – engine results.

1. Publish relevant content

To improve authority and relevance of your site the traffic for your site should be more and to increase traffic you need quality content. Publish the quality content to attract the traffic.

The second thing is keywords; you need to identify the keywords related to your product/services like how your customer might search with the specific terms.

Once you identify, target the keywords phrase on your website. It is not easy to get ranking with multiple keyword phrases, it would need a separate webpage for every phrase. Repeating the keyword phrase multiple times in the starting and ending of paragraph.

Use bold, heading tags and other tags to highlight the keywords. You can hire experienced & Professional Web design in mississauga who will assist you to raise your website ranking by creating content.

2. Update the content regularly

Regular updates are as important as your content is. It is the best practice for your website relevancy. Fresh content is must to let your website breath on internet.

The more frequently you update the content, the more frequently you get the opportunity to get higher rank. Make sure the quality of content is good.

3. Metadata

Metadata is the information about your site that is described with the coding of your site to help the search engine to index your site. There are three types of Metadata.

Title Metadata- It the title of your link that displayed in search result.
Description Metadata- It is below your title metadata that shows the site information
Keyword Metadata- it is not visible to visitors and is assigned as per overall structure of your website.

4. Have a link worthy site

Creating descriptive links that describes the purpose of the link improves the search engine optimization as well as are relevant for your user. Also, fixing the broken links is must. There are tools that can find the broken links and improve the user experience.

5. Image Optimization

Image optimization boosts the speed of your website and allows Google to identify the images easily. Therefore, your website should have compressed images, alt text and descriptive filenames.


Search engine optimization is not that you do once but it is the process that need to repeat over and over. This strategy need ongoing effort by investing time and attention. Once you make a goal to make the best informative page your ranking will definitely increase.

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