10 Things You Need To Know About SEO In 2018

By James Tredwell on September 20, 2018

We all know that for a good ranking of our website in a search engine, we need to have an SEO expert that does SEO. SEO is evolving rapidly than we actually can know. SEO helps you get visible to the users in the search engines easily and in the first preference of the search. The simple of the thing we know about SEO is that it helps in improving the ranking of a website in the search engines like Google. But, there are so many things about SEO that we still don’t know and need to know that affect its working with the search engines. A lot of things have changed in SEO. Some of the factors or the things that you need to know about SEO are described as below.

Removing of unnecessary stuff that slows down your site

Earlier, we used tolerate with a slow-loading website. I remember myself waiting for an eCommerce site for nearly about 5 minutes. But, this is not the case now as SEO has entered the picture, the scenario has changed completely. The slow-loading sites are not there in the picture or even they exist, they will be in the last pages of the search engines. So now, you need to remove all those stuff that will slow- down your website in loading it.

Linking to other websites with relevant content

Usually, people think that linking one’s own website or a webpage to other websites is not a good practice. But, actually, this brings in valuable traffic to your website and also improves your ranking in the search engines. So, with the evolving SEO, the developers have started including the relevant content on the website and you can link it to other websites which will attract the traffic to your website and naturally improve its ranking.

Getting inbound links from authoritative sites

To get something, you should be willing to give first and that is the thumb rule SEO. You need to link good websites in your own website which will bring in valuable traffic to your website. If you are willing to get inbound links from authoritative blogs, then you must show your willingness to link out those blogs from your own content. Moreover, you should link out to the content pages that offer tremendous value which is considered as a good SEO practice too. If your content is valuable then those influencers can link back to you too.

You should write for humans first and search engines second

The developers should write the content keeping mind the users who are going to purchase their products and not the net spiders who are just mere scripts and are not going buy the products. Your content should be eligible to the users who are going to read your content. Your content should be for the people who have eyes to read and credit cards to purchase your product. Naturally, this will improve your ranking in the search engine and will get valuable traffic to your website.

Encouraging other trustworthy sites to link to you

Inbound links are considered to be one of the best ways to get valuable traffic to your website. You will naturally be rewarded as a good profile by Google once you combine do-follow and not-follow links in your content. Content marketing normally involves sharing a worthy content and creating the need and urgency in people to need you.

Having web analytics

You need a tool to measure what is working and what is not thereby, tracking your success. There are many web analytic tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console which can help you track your success. You should have these web analytics in place before you even send your visitor to your website or your landing page.

Writing unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page of the site

Meta description is the first thing that people see when they get served by Google when got searched. Writing duplicate content or description isn’t a good practice and also Google penalizes for this. So, you need to write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page of your website. This will improve your search ranking as well as you will give a good experience to your users.

Using only readable and meaningful URLs

The URLs should be readable and understandable by the users. If the users cannot understand your website URL, then it may be equally difficult for the search engines to understand them. So, keep your URLs as clear and readable as possible. Also, see to it that they should be unique which will make it easy for the search engines to track you and rank you.

Using right keywords in your images

It is important to have relevant keywords for your images as Google dedicates an entire section of search engine results to images. The images of your brand or your company are equally important like the content of your website. The images play an important role in search ranking so, you should use relevant keywords in your images which will help you rank well in search engines.

Create a unique content consistently and publish it

As a good content marketing strategy, it is very important to create a unique content consistently and publish it. Duplicate content will not give you a good ranking as well as Google may penalize you for the same. Uniqueness is the key to getting a good search ranking.

Building momentum with social signals

Normally, Google has not included social signals in its ranking algorithm but, social signals do affect your search rankings. So, it is important that you include those social shares in your website like twitter and Facebook through which the users can share the content of your website on their social media.


Thus, there are so many tips for improving the SEO in 2018 but, there are so many other tips too which may not be included in this post. So, it is important to change your old way of seeing SEO and adapt these new tips which will help you get a good rank in the search engines thereby, making your business successful.

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