Selecting the Right Content Management System

By James Tredwell on September 24, 2018

Now days Content Management Systems are becoming one of the most powerful web developing tools after PHP. In the present scenario when every business person is running to have his own website many web developers have turned to Open Source CMS to get their work done in less time. But unfortunately there are thousands of CMS available in the world of web designing and it becomes really difficult which one is good for you.

In this write-up we will discuss about how one can select a good CMS for developing their website and will also discuss about some useful and effective CMS that might help you for getting a responsive website.

Let us discuss what a CMS is first. CMS stands for Content management system and it is a web application that makes use of the database or some other methods to design, edit and store HTML coding in a meaningful manner. Content is created and edited on the website only in the administration panel of the web application. The resulting content will then be displayed to the viewers on the regular site.

Why there is a need to use CMS for designing your website?

There are various reasons for using Content Management System but the one reason that is considered as the prime most is that use of CMS has made creating and editing of the content very simple and very easy. Often people forget that this is the actual reason for using a CMS for developing a website and they start searching for more functionality but could not find anything.

Content not only include the text however. Sometimes the content that you need on your website is the contact from the user authentication system. The best way to find a good CMS system is that the CMS you chose should provide more functionality without sacrificing the ease of editing and making changes with the system either by you or by the customer. A good CMS will always allow you to spend some more time letting you focus on the designs of the front end and then implementing the functionality.

When you are searching for a good CMS, what should you look for?

There is a list of things that you have to look for while going for a Content Management System but here are the most prominent ones:

  • Easy and Quick installation
  • Simple interface for the admin
  • Quick and easy extension of the CMS for extra functionality
  • Simple manipulation of the template
  • Helpful user community

Always look for the CMS that gives you the best feel. Having an appealing design will make sure that the interface is going to be user friendly, but do not forget to do your research before you invest your precious time and money to any of these particular system.

The topmost CMS that you can rely on easily are:

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Radient CMS
  • Silverstripe

These are the five major platforms for Content Management System on which most of the web developers rely. They offer amazingly good features to design an attractive and appealing website.

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