Tips for Small Fashion Brands to Establish a Strong Foothold on Instagram

By James Tredwell on April 16, 2019

Top fashion brands have completely embraced Instagram and have accepted it as a crucial part of their marketing and promotion strategy. Even Tommy Hilfiger was compelled to come up with the idea of an ‘InstaPit’ at New York Fashion Week in 2016 itself, realizing and acknowledging the phenomenal popularity of Instagram. ‘InstaPit’ is where highly followed and famous Instagram influencers were given unobstructed access to the new collection so that they could take pictures galore.

Why have the top fashion brands chosen Instagram? There is no better platform for the photo-oriented fashion industry than the popular social media platform that is totally driven by pictures. It surely was a truly natural progression for top fashion brands to introduce their wares on Instagram. Top brands actually realized and understood the real potential of this versatile social media platform soon enough. Now, all smart fashion brands are unabashedly using Instagram to allow their followers a sneak peek at what is happening behind the scenes at most of these fashion shows. The Instagram followers thus, enjoy instant access to all the latest fashions on the circuit.

Instagram has been able to break the ice and the fashion world that was once exclusive and elitist has now opened doors to every one of us. It is, therefore, natural for small fashion brands to try to establish themselves on Instagram. They appreciate that fashion is certainly one of the largest industries on Instagram. Fashion brands receive nearly 102 comments and 16,616 likes per post on Instagram. Moreover, as per statistics, one-third of the total Instagram users actually have purchased a clothing item, they came across on Instagram. That surely is a tremendous achievement that is inspiring smaller fashion brands to set up their base on Instagram too. Here are some tips for people trying to start their own fashion company and establish a niche on Instagram.

Research Thoroughly about Your Industry

Do not simply jump on the bandwagon. Try to devote your time to do meticulous research about the fashion industry. Determine how the top brands established themselves. Understand their strategies for achieving success. Readout blogs, journals, publications, etc. associated with your industry. Try to learn about the present trends and the future scenario as well. Get in touch with an experienced fashion designer. Join various fashion discussions and clear your doubts about the industry. Once you are doubly sure that this is the career to pursue, take the final plunge.

Identify Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors surely is the best way of initiating your business and that is perhaps the key to success. Suppose you are in the designer apparel business then you must look for other key players. Try to understand their business model, advertising strategy, target customers, etc. Visit your competitors’ Instagram accounts and keep track of them closely.

Perfect Images

Instagram is the realm of splendid pictures. You are expected to come up with top quality content as that is the only way you could find a niche for yourself in this space. Experts believe that a high-quality picture would always have high resolution. Your images must necessarily tell a story and they must visually complement your theme. You may buy real Instagram likes by seeking professional advice from a reputed digital marketing company. You could also go all the way and buy an Instagram account. This will give you followers to promote to again and again instead of having to reach out to influencers and agencies repeatedly.

Research Your Hashtags Well

Hashtags are only 11 years old but they are an amazing tool that is used by most Instagram users worldwide to attain Instagram success. If you consider the instance of hashtag #love, there are more than 1,302,700,439 posts already tagged with this particular hashtag? So obviously, it makes no sense to promote your fashion brand with such a broad hashtag as your brand’s picture would get lost in the gigantic ocean.

The best way would be to utilize narrow long-tail hashtags for promoting your new and relatively unknown fashion brand. For instance, suppose you are a new luxury fashion brand. #luxuryfashion seems to have more than 1 million pictures tagged on Instagram.

However, #luxuryfashionlove, for instance, is having just 34,737 tags that are just right for you to get noticed and at the same time, you would not be lost totally in a crowd. Long tail hashtags mean low competition. Research your hashtags carefully and choose the apt ones.

Top Priority Should Be to Engage

Once you have actually mastered the hash-tagging art, you must focus your attention on boosting engagement. Engage with others using the same hashtag as yours. Like their posts and comment on their photos. Seek their permission to repost. Give them an official shout-out simply by tagging them and demonstrate your appreciation and love. This way, you could build a robust community by effectively engaging and connecting with all your potential customers.


As a small and new fashion brand, you must start your Instagram journey with a ready-to-implement marketing strategy. It is crucial to enter the competitive social media circuit prepared, understanding the rules that would be effective and knowing exactly what it would take to win!

This article is contributed by Walter Moore, notable management consultant and digital marketing expert at Stormlikes.

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