Why You Need Artificial Intelligence for SEO Success in 2019

By James Tredwell on April 30, 2019

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the biggest trends in digital marketing today.

A decade ago Artificial Intelligence was only associated with the machinery, robots and complex science. In 10 years AI has become a more familiar idea.

From check a check-out line at the grocery to depending on the item of Amazon; Artificial Intelligence has evolved to become a staple in our daily lives.

The Major Impact of AI on SEO

AI is specifically machine learning and now it has become a crucial component in how search engines rank pages. This means AI is important to learn for optimizing search.

Now, search engines have become sharp at identifying irrelevant backlinks, keyword stuffing, and quality content for marketers have had to use Artificial Intelligence to meet the requirements of search engines. When you are playing with SEO rules you can use AI for SEO success that not only gives you a greater opportunity also enhance your page rankings and allows you to develop more quick-witted strategies and better content.

Impact of AI on Content Strategy

Artificial Intelligence can have a remarkable impact on overall content marketing strategy.

The technology has created a lot of opportunities to reach the audiences, and it also requires you to think about how to string together these opportunities into an effective and amazing strategy.

Many times, when it comes to creating cohesive content strategies that lead to the win in SEO, solutions lie in the data. Many companies use Artificial Intelligence to create valuable data and customer insights that can lead to overall SEO success.

AI and the World of Hyperpersonalization

Nothing can captivate a customer more than knowing that a brand put thought into personalizing their messaging. Now customers want to feel as if companies care about to produce content that contains zero amount of their individual needs and concerns.

So, personalization is crucial not only for SEO but also for the success of the customers.

Many statistics have shown that 79% of enterprises that exceeded their revenue goals now have a documented personalization strategy and smart personalization engines recognize customer intent that will enable digital businesses to increase their profits and up to 15 percent.

In short, now personalization has become crucial for customer success.

The best way to add personalization to your SEO and content marketing strategy is to implement Artificial Intelligence and automation-based marketing methods.

Customers want an organization to pay attention to what they are doing online and add convenience to online shopping access. Artificial Intelligence allows us to create personalized dynamic experiences that can appeal to these individuals.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to provide:

  • Special landing pages
  • Dynamic pages
  • Better user experiences based on consumer data and behaviors

These three things can easily lead you to SEO success.

Search Engines and the Role of Machine Learning

Role of the Search Engines is the most crucial component of the SEO. Over the years search engines have become more smart and influential in the process of SERP.

Now SEO specialists must have to meet the requirements of relevancy by using acquiring links, Metadata optimization, keyword, and frequently adding website content.

The leader of search engine pack ‘Google’ is always improving their search algorithms to adjust according to what consumers are searching.

For an example, by 2020, it is estimated that 50% of the searches will be based on voice search and now, Google has understood the rise of search voice and has outfitted the Google Assistant to understand it better and in natural conversation.

Over the past 4 to 5 years, Google has become more adept to adding more contexts in their engines. So, they can easily pre-empt search inquiries and the same has also done with Google Maps location searches.

Google Algorithms have also become more adept at offering images in searches. Google sees 1 billion visitors in daily routine to view images on the page.

Many search engines like Google are taking advantage of machine learning and AI to provide sharper results. They are offering a variety of channels to the customers to search and what they need.

To successfully satisfy the algorithms and bots, many marketers have to employ the same tactics and tool named Artificial Intelligence for consumers to search.

Many Tools like Yoast, Moz, etc; helps you capitalize on keywords usage, better organize content, optimize sentence formation, and even monitor the maneuverability of the page to make sure your page is meeting basic optimizations.

These tools can also remind you to use organize content and even images that can appeal to audio search.

Search engines are becoming smarter, and they are providing a better feel to customers are looking for. Using these tools can help you to satisfy your customer’s needs within your content.

What the Future Holds

Search engines will follow to evolve. As customer tastes can change and customers are more dependent upon the power of search, search engines will have to become more adaptable as per the customer’s behavior and adept at meeting customer’s needs.

As a result, the expectations for marketers, writers, and content strategists will continue to grow. The technical behavior of AI makes it a prime candidate for the usage of SEO in the world.

From using the right keywords to triggering the right emails, everything in between, Artificial Intelligence’s influence in SEO causes marketer to think about the bigger image and how the components of digital marketing fit together.

At this last point PPC, data tracking, blogging, and social media marketing can be seen through the lens of SEO.

As a result, strategies that involve automation and machine learning, majorly AI can be employed to ensure that each component of digital marketing helps to improve the SERP.

This article is contributed by Ananya Jain, Digital Marketer and Blogger in Quantum IT Innovation that provides Professional SEO Services.

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