Healthcare App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

By James Tredwell on March 31, 2019

The Internet has really changed our lives. It has changed the way things were done in the past. Nowadays we can do each and everything using the internet. One such use of the internet is in the healthcare industry. Healthcare industry changed tremendously over the last decade. Today most of the people are taking help of healthcare app for booking doctor’s appointment and other healthcare tips. If you are planning to build a healthcare app here are some important points to keep in mind.

Must have features of a healthcare app

Login page and user profile

The first thing that needs to be present in healthcare apps is the login page. You must ask your users to log in using their email address and phone number before accessing the app. You can also ask for other additional information like age, weight, height, blood pressure, diabetes problem if present and other specific diseases. This way you can get all the basic data of that user and then can provide him with personalized content.

Creating a doctor’s profile

You are building a healthcare app and it will be incomplete without doctors profile. The profile usually consists of the doctor’s name, his area of specialization, the address of his clinic, timings, etc.

Search and filter

The search option makes it easier for users to find information. Using the search options, one can find a specific doctor according to his requirements. Then there is a filter option which filters the results according to the needs of users.

Appointment booking

Another essential feature which must be present in every healthcare app is appointment booking. This allows the users to directly book their appointment with a particular doctor. This is a really convenient option which you just can’t miss.


Geolocation or navigation helps users to reach a particular hospital or clinic in the shortest possible time. This feature is really beneficial to the users, especially in a life and death situation.


We are living in a digital world where no one really wants to use cash. So implementing a payment option which your users can use to instantly pay the Doctor is a good idea. This is a hassle-free way of payment which saves your customers from carrying cash

Medicines Reminder

Most of the people are too busy to remember taking their medicines on time. But you can make your users happy by reminding them to take their medicines. The users just need to set the time and that’s all.
Video calling

To make things more simple and easy you can add a video calling option using which one can instantly consult a doctor.

Cost Estimation

A healthcare app is a very important tool for people; thus it must be reliable and fast. In order to make your app a good performer, you need to hire a team of professional app developer. Then you need to pay for the payment gateway and of course for the geolocation. All this can roughly cost you $1200 to $2500.

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