How AI Is Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

By James Tredwell on September 11, 2019

The effect of AI is evidently visible across industries around the world. But its influence over healthcare is really life-changing. Now, AI is all-prepared to introduce paradigm shifts in the healthcare industry with its ability to mimic human cognitive functions.

AI is a transformative technology and, it has got everything to revolutionize the healthcare sector in different ways. It can help patients receive better care at reduced costs. The technology can support patients from drug development to clinic research and turn treatments more effective and affordable.

Seeing AI’s benefits to the healthcare industry, many public and private healthcare providers in the healthcare industry has opened their investments in implementing the technology.  According to an Accenture’s report, AI based solutions can create an annual cost saving of $150 Bn. by 2026 for US healthcare.

Big Data & AI in Healthcare

Latest advancements in the AI technologies have begun the discussion if AI-doctors will replace human-doctors in the future. Though, it doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon. But for now, AI can help physicians make better decisions while treating and operating patients. AI can replace human decision and judgment making in certain areas like radiology.

Big data is also helping developers successfully apply AI to healthcare. Today, we are seeing a noticeable development in Big Data analytics, and its various methods. In fact, Big Data can make available a lot of clinically relevant information. AI, together with Big Data, will let doctors make better clinical decisions.

AI is based on highly sophisticated algorithms and, its learning is driven by a massive amount of data. These algorithms allow obtaining insights for assisting clinical practices. Also, with self- learning and correcting abilities, the system gets better accuracy based on the feedback it receives. By this approach, the whole system gets better with time. The system can also help in minimizing therapeutic errors. By having access to a large amount of data, the AI system can make predictions about the potential health risks.

But do we really need it?

AI has become big and powerful. There is no reason to question its effectiveness. Soon we will see a huge impact on the healthcare industry by AI. Here are certain facts listed below:

  • Hospital errors are one major cause of patient death. Though, no one deliberately makes such mistakes, but when these mistakes occur, someone’s life is lost. AI can help in avoiding these mistakes, which are completely preventable but caused because of negligence or wrong decision making.
  • With AI based health caresolutions, doctors are able to make early diagnosis of diseases and begin their treatments to avoid any fatal damage. This contributes a lot to saving human lives.
  • AI is delivering high value in areas like pharma, radiology, pathology, etc.
  • AI can also be implemented to fight with chronic disease like cancer, diabetes, etc.

Below mentioned are the ways AI is changing the healthcare industry

AI powered virtual assistant for personal healthcare

Now, a personal health virtual assistant can be as simple as an app installed in your mobile. Also, with the power of AI’s advanced algorithms, such assistant can deliver massive health values to users. Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri are the names to some of the voice-command enabled virtual assistants, which can also be deployed to deliver health benefits to people.

AI for quality sleep

AI can also be adopted to improve the quality of sleep. There are a variety of AI-based solutions, like mattresses, baby monitors, sleep apps, etc, which help people have improved quality sleeps.

Medical Imaging Analysis

Another field where AI can simplify healthcare is radiology. AI powered systems can make diagnostic simpler. The system can examine imageries from X-rays, MIRs, CT scans and generate feedback, which can be analyzed by doctors.

Precision Medicine

AI can also help in the formulation of precision medicine.

Healthcare Bots

Soon, we will have healthcare bots that will function quite similar to chatbots. Patients can simply chat with them for health issues and then get answered with suitable solutions.

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