Question Should Ask Before Hiring SEO Company/ Expert

By James Tredwell on September 15, 2018

SEO is the most required and long process in online marketing domain which is changing its landscape at a fast pace. SEO means to sustain your website presence on the top or Google’s first page where users can find you quickly. So, if you want to increase your business exposure over the web, it’s necessary that you keep pace with the latest SEO trends. Implementing the proven and new SEO tricks are the ways that can lead your website to the top and make it popular among visitors.

It would be fine if you know how to manage SEO activities of your website. But, if you don’t have resources to run SEO implementations, hiring an authentic SEO company from the market provides you the brighter ways.

You may find several SEO companies that are indulged in offering result-oriented SEO services for businesses. In the rush of countless companies, there are chances that you may stuck to some fake one who claims to increase your online presence within few days. You should beware of them and never get tangled in their diplomatic promises.

This blog comes up with a few questions by asking them you would be able to recognize the credibility of an SEO company or expert.

Question 1: How much do you know about the latest Google updates and algorithms?

You may find the SEO companies that are familiar with the Panda and Penguin updates. Apart from that Google has raised many other updates and SEO updates that need to be known to SEO professionals and companies. You can find a list of (the) latest Google updates and ask your prospective company if they have knowledge about them. If they agreed to the terms, they are genuine service providers and bound to deliver quality results.

Question 2: How much experience do you possess in delivering SEO projects?

Today, it’s easy for someone to claim that he/she has gained a tremendous experience in SEO industry. But, the reality comes in front of you when you analyze his portfolio and contact some of the previous references who availed SEO services from him. Similarly, when you choose an SEO company, don’t get flat by its sugar-coated website or the portfolio. Rather, ask them for the list of SEO projects they have successfully delivered. It will help you identify their true industry experience.

Question 3: What is your technical expertise?

Most of the people think that implementing SEO tactics is an art. But, they are wrong at it! It’s totally a technical exercise which requires technicality at its best. You need to hire such personnel who possesses excellent SEO technical skills. For example, they should have an idea of several level redirection, preparing SEO-friendly website architecture, giving consistent URL naming convention, handling 404 errors, etc. Besides, there are numerous aspects that should be known to your SEO company.

Question 4: What tools do you use to execute SEO techniques?

Needless to say that the best and the most important tools for SEO is Google Webmaster Tools. It provides a comprehensive glance at the website important data like keywords, crawl errors and links that directly increases ranking. Whenever, you decide to
hire the SEO company, make sure they are the pioneer in analyzing and implementing SEO tricks on the basis of collected webmaster reports. There are other powerful tools that are powerful in processing the bulk information within seconds. Your company should also be aware of those as well.

Question 5: Do you employ social media optimization in your SEO services?

Today, an SEO expert can’t ignore social media as a website rank booster. It has become a quite mandatory aspect to promote and boost business revenues. Asking your future SEO partner for the social media practices implementation is the way you can recognize their SEO potential. If they are specialized in leading SEO with social media optimization, it means they will also be good at other things.

Question 6: What link building strategy do you follow?

This is the perfect query you can raise. If a company or SEO expert is not answerable to this question that how they build links for their client websites, they are not worth hiring. Every SEO professional or company must know the practices to build quality links in this cut-throat competitive world. Being a customer, you should ask them if they are apprised of the advanced link building strategies or not. This is the best way to spot a good SEO company.

Question 7: Do you publish quality content over the web?

We know that quality link building is crucial for getting maximized views and clicks. But, it doesn’t mean to put irrelevant links in between the on going content. It destroys the content quality and makes it vague for readers. You should go with the one who cares about content and modifies it by keeping the quality and readability points in mind. A good SEO professional knows the value of curative content, thus will lead your website towards attaining growth and optimum traffic.

Question 8: Can we have an idea about your client retention rate?

Among all important questions, it is the prior one which clarifies the dignity and reputation of an SEO company. To know everything about company’s goodwill, it’s important to know that how long they have been in the industry and what are numbers of active clients. It will directly give you insights for their client retention rate.

Question 9: Do you have any references of your delivered SEO projects?

You need to be careful to whom you are hiring. It’s good if they have provided you the details of their working experience and best SEO practices. Apart from this, there are things like past references or sample work reports you can demand for your satisfaction. Sometimes, companies deny providing you such report due to some legal terms but they surely give something else to make you contented. It’s your responsibility to ask for the references.

Question 10: What is your criteria to measure your success?

How do you make us believe that we should trust you as a reliable SEO service provider? This question is frequently raised by customers. You can also put this question and ask them about their strategy to measure their project’s success. Generally, a project’s success is measured by checking the progress and comparing the previous and current growth of website rank. If you find the same in their current and previous projects, you can hire them without any hesitation.

In A Nutshell:

It takes a long time to analyze deadlocks of a website. So, give your SEO provider time to prepare himself for implementing proven SEO strategies to uplift your website’s rank. But, make sure that you are connecting with the SEO experts and not the newbies.

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