How Mobile Apps used for Small Businesses?

By James Tredwell on March 19, 2020

These days, people rely on their mobile devices for a lot of things from communication to managing a lot of tasks, simultaneously, we have become dependent on our mobile devices.

As more and more people are looking for products online and they want to make purchases online, getting a mobile app for business has become important to create brand awareness and to get a wider audience.

No matter whether you are an owner of a small or big business, these days taking your business online has become crucial to get profit.

Should you build a mobile website or mobile app for small businesses?

This is one of the most common questions for small business owners. Remember that a mobile application is not at all same at that of a mobile-friendly website because several features can be implemented in a mobile application in a better way than a mobile website.

So, considering this fact, if you want to give a better user experience to your users then it is important to build a mobile app for small businesses rather than developing a mobile website.

Additionally, mobile applications take lower time in loading than a mobile website and even mobile apps can provide offline capabilities that a mobile website can’t.

Does an application make sense for your business?

Yes, most of the small business owners have a question in your mind that whether an application makes sense for your business or not. The truth is that yes, mobile applications work great for all small businesses but these are not the right option for all the business. There are some important things that you have to consider before you create a mobile application.

1. Do you have a kind of business that will get the benefit of reaching your customers 24/7?

Of course, having a business website means you can reach your customers whenever they want. Gone are the days when the customers have to reach you on your timings. Now you should be available to your customers whenever they need it. So if your business is offering a kind of product and services that will get the benefit when available to your customers whenever they need then, of course, you should have a mobile application.

2. Is it possible for you to provide a fun mobile app surfing experience?

Though getting the answer to this question is quite trickier but saying direct “no” is not a good option. Of course, because of high competition in the market, you should be able to combine fun and social elements that can keep your customers engaged and that can attract potential customers to your mobile application. So, have some creative thoughts before you decide to create a mobile app for your business if you don’t want to regret it later.

3. Does your business get profit with a mobile application?

Consider the use of mobile app in business and know whether it is a beneficial step for your business or not. In the end, the purpose of any business is to get profit.

Though getting a business app seems tempting as you can reach your customers anytime whenever they want but you have to think behind the tempting things and that is how exactly you will get profit from the mobile application. Before you embark on your journey, make sure you keep realistic expectations.

Your business will get benefit only when customers are interested in shopping from your app over and over again. You have to provide attractive rewards and discounts that make potential customers interested in buying products from your app.

It is important to get to know how you will get benefit through the mobile application before you embark on the journey of creating an application.

These are the questions that will help you in deciding whether getting a mobile application for your business is the right option for you or not.

Things that you should take into consideration while generating a mobile app for small business!!!

When it comes to generating a mobile application for small businesses, the very first thing to consider is the budget. The owner of the business has to look for ways that can create a good application in the lower budget.

Apart from that, the main focus of the app owner is in providing the best user experience to your customers. There are four key aspects that one has to consider before creating an application.

1. Mobile application features

It is the features included in your mobile application that decides the customer experience and retention time of them. It can also affect the traffic on your application. So, make sure you decide the features in a good manner that makes your application attractive to potential customers.

2. Native vs. non-native

Consider whether you want to develop a native or non-native application. A Native application is developed for specific platforms and these can be download or installed at specific devices while on the other hand, non-native applications are web-enabled applications that can be accessed on any mobile device with the help of the available web browser on the mobile device.

3. In house or outsourced mode of development

How do you want to get the application developed? In-house development means your staff will develop the application while in outsource, you will either hire a company or freelancer developers from outside to get the application developed by them.

4. A pricing model in your mobile app

To generate revenue through your mobile application, it is important to decide the pricing model of your mobile application. Premium, a subscription is the most famous way of pricing models.

Decide the right one according to your business brand and preferences.

The ideal way of the pricing model that most of the companies use is by letting users download the application for free and then offering in-purchase features so users can use the extended features after paying a subscription fee.

These are the four key points that you have to consider before you start developing a mobile application for your business.

How small businesses get benefit through a mobile application?

Considering the importance of the digital world, having an application for your business has become important. There are several numbers of ways through which a mobile application can benefit your business. So, have a look at the mobile app use in business:

1. Earn huge income: No one can deny the fact that the sole purpose of any business is to generate profit as much as it is possible. A mobile application is used to generate huge profit to your business by several numbers of ways whether it is with advertisements or in-app purchases or by selling products and services.

Smart retailers use their mobile applications to generate money through other streams as well instead of just by selling products.

2. Reach a wider audience: Of course, one of the biggest benefits of having a mobile application is to reach a wider audience. Attract potential customers through your application so they will download the application and will be happier to place an order on it.

3. Showcase your brand, products, and services: Marketing is, of course, the best strategy to attract users. Your business application helps you to showcase your products and services to a wider audience and can attract a set of potential customers at the same time.

These are the ways how mobile app use in business to help your business grow and to make high profit.

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