Social Media Metrics To Analyze Your Marketing Strategy

By James Tredwell on January 3, 2019

If your brand has a presence on the internet, you have to know the most important social network metrics and how to analyze them to take their advantage.

In order to obtain good results in social networks, you must have achievable objectives. Depending on these objectives and the social network, you must develop a strategy and manage your social networks. But how can you know if your marketing strategy suits your business? For this, there are metrics of social networks which you must know and learn to measure.

In this post, we will talk about the most important metrics of social networks and how you can take advantage of them.

Social media metrics

There are many metrics that you can measure in your activity in social networks, but we will specifically tell you about the 8 that we consider the most important and how you should analyze them correctly.

1. The size of your community

This is referred to as followers, fans or contacts in different networks. The number of people that you can reach is a good metric that you must always consider. There are some companies that only seek to increase their community through any means, but is this really effective?

The more followers or fans your brand has, the more the possibility to make your messages visible. The main objective should not be to seek followers without an objective but to expand the size of loyal fans.

You should also look at the users who leave your community and stop following it. It is important that this figure does not exceed the number of new members in your social network. If not, you should rethink a new strategy.

2. The scope of your publications

This metric helps us to know the number of people who have seen the publications. How is it calculated? You will think that it is only based on the total number of followers on your page who have seen a certain publication. This is not the only thing that is measured. It includes other users who do not belong to your community but may have seen your content.

Therefore, it is important to get your community to share your content to achieve greater reach and visibility.

3. Engagement of the community

The engagement is the interaction of users with our contents. Depending on each social network, the users’ interactions get different names such as “like” and retweet. You should always post contents that will encourage your community to interact. You can start a challenge where the winner will get a prize.

4. The Click-through Rate (CTR)

This metric is useful to know the effectiveness of the links that you insert in the publications.

This is probably one of the most important metrics to take care of if you want to receive visits to your web page.

5. Mentions of your brand in networks

Thanks to this metric you will be able to get different information:

• The popularity of your brand.

• The type of audience that talks about your brand.

• If your community is interested in a specific type of content.

• If your followers like a product or service.

• If there are users unhappy with your brand and the reason for this situation.

6. The ROI

More brands are now advertising in social networks. The return on investment (ROI) is one of the metrics of social networks that will help you to know if your advertising campaigns are profitable or not.

Calculating the ROI is as simple as dividing the benefits by the investment. Here the complex thing is to know how to measure the channel that produces sales or conversions. That can be monitored by apps developed by app developers.

7. Type of content

You may have noticed that some of your publications get better results than others. Something as simple as including a photo, a link or just text, can make the community more attracted to one publication or another.

It is important that you study the publications that achieve a higher CTR and engagement.

8. Social traffic

This metric will help you to know the percentage of visits to your website that come from social networks. If your ultimate goal is to divert users to your platform and you are not getting it, you should rethink your social media strategy.

Some metrics tools for social networks

To know the metrics of social networks you have different tools at your disposal to get this information. These are some of the best know metric tools, but there are more of them on the internet.

• Hootsuite: without a doubt, it is one of the most popular. Both to program content and to analyze it. With it, you can analyze the most important social networks.

• Buffer: this is one of the most popular tools. It is very intuitive due to its clean design. With it, you can also analyze the most used social networks.

• Agorapulse: focused specifically on Facebook, but it is certainly one of the most complete to analyze this social network.

• Metricool: with it, you can analyze some of the most important social networks, in addition to visits to your website or blog.

• True Social Metric: apart from providing you with different metrics of social networks, it analyzes which topics work best with your target audience.

• Mix Panel: is more focused on mobile networks and Apps, whether they are Spotify, Airbnb, and other brands. In it, you will find heat maps, user tracker by geolocation and many other options.

• SumAll: more recommended to analyze social media strategies in a medium or long term.

Some of the most important social networks for businesses, such as Facebook or Twitter, have internal tools which you can use to obtain these social media metrics.

My final recommendation for you to choose the best tool that suits you is to analyze different aspects before making a decision or another:

• The price.

• Different payment plans (and what each one includes)

• Social networks that can be analyzed with this tool.

• The information you want to obtain from each network.

• The number of users allowed to use these tool.

These are all the metrics of social networks and some of the best tools to analyze them. Remember that to achieve the objectives that you have proposed, you must propose a strategy based on the results you are getting.

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