7 Tips to Hire a Professional Developer to Create iPhone Apps

By James Tredwell on April 10, 2019

People are crazy about iPhones, and when it comes to the iOS application, things are not very much different. Talking about the visually appealing, easy to use and bug-free iOS application, it requires very efficient hands in the developing unit. It is very difficult to survive in this tough competition in the iOS app market where already more than 2.2 million apps are present.

For their survival, top companies hire ios app developer. As far as Apple is a concern, they enhancing their product versions day by day, looking at this situation it is very important to hire a professional developer who is adaptable and well experienced in this.

Now let us jump into some key tips that every iOS app development company should focus before hiring a professional developer to create Apple iPhone apps.

#1. Technical Expertise

For the success of every application, it is the key requirement that the team who is developing the application hold sharp technical skills, and have the ability to deliver the assigned task within the stipulated deadline. Objective-C, multi-thread, etc. are some of the key skills that should be there in the developer, and it helps the company in hiring the well-suited and competent iOS developer.

#2. Ready to grasp and use new ideas

Talking about an application development is very important to hire someone who is an ardent soul to take the developing work to all new heights. In addition, it is important to hire those persons who are a quick grasper, enthusiast to learn new thing and energetic as well. Use creative mind in searching for new ideas and implement those ideas in developing the app. Developing app is not just about coding; it also needs to create a well-defined functional design for good user experience.

#3. The development cost of an application

Cost plays a very significant role in developing an application. Best practice for a new start-up is to go for the cheap and best option. In the growing stage, it is safe to go with these options like the youth who are talented but have a lack of experience. It is always a good practice to finalize the whole budges and pricing details with a developer before starting work on a particular project, and it helps the company to determine the final cost of the application in the App store.

#4. Timeline of the Development

It is essential to make the whole timetable of the whole process, which is divided into different stages, and indeed, it plays a very important role in iOS app development. The very first step towards developing an application is the discussion period. It is very important to spend a good time on the requirements of the application and the idea. It makes the very clear picture of application in mind.

Secondly, it is very important to make a blueprint or mock design of the application for better understanding. Lastly, then begin the final work on the application that will increase the efficiency and minimize the chances of mistakes.

#5. Communication and Presentation ability

It is important to understand here that communication and presentation plays a very important role in iOS app development because communication is necessary during the whole process with the team. Also, the presentation requires where the developer need to present their new ideas with the team.

#6. Hire a good team player

One person cannot win a war alone. Similarly, iOS application development is not the work of a single person. Before hiring anyone make sure that the person hiring is a team player and comfortable in working with a team.

#7. Previous Experiences and References

The first and foremost step for hiring iOS developers is by reviewing the profile of a person. This process includes work experience in a previous company, information about their previous projects, etc. A company can also ask for references about their previous organizations and assure that they worked there. It is also important to determine the coding standard of the developer also whether they can develop code without crashes.

Try to collect feedback from the previous clients what they think about the work of the developer? It is very important to review these feedbacks from the previous clients to get more information about the work and experience of the developer.

These above-mentioned key tips can help and assist the company before hiring iOS app developer and provides an overall picture of qualities that should be checked in developer before hiring for iOS app development. The inclusion of more screening process to hire developers can also lead to choosing of the best and deserving candidate for the company.

Also, when it is about developing an iOS application it is very important to choose only the best for the project, so choose wisely!

This article is contributed by Alex Jone, HR at Alliance Recruitment Agency— provides dedicated ios app developer to companies looking for ios app development.

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Top Security Measures For iPhone Application Development

By James Tredwell on March 6, 2019

Believe it or not, mobile app security has become a prime concern both among the developers and the users alike. A mobile application can only thrive in the competitive marketplace, if it offers a pleasing user experience, along with unreachable security.

Establishing robust security should be the top priority of every iPhone app developer while developing an app through all the stages.

When you hire iPhone app developers for your project, you should ensure that they develop the iPhone application using the latest technology and advanced security practices.

Let’s quickly take a look at some proven tips to keep an iPhone application protected against hackers and malware.

1. Be Cautious When Using Third-party Libraries

Undoubtedly, third-party libraries are quite popular among iPhone app developers for the code development, since it speeds up the development process to a large extent. However, using third-party libraries can make your application vulnerable to malware and hackers as many libraries contain malicious code which is incorporated by anonymous developers with an intent to steal the app’s data.

The best way to safeguard the security of your mobile application is ensuring that developers are using tried-and-tested third-party libraries and components. This will help you avoid leaving any security loopholes.

2. Test & Update Regularly

Securing your iPhone mobile application from hackers is not a one-time task. In fact, it is a never-ending process that you should ask developers to practice on a regular basis.

Surprisingly, irregular and improper testing is one of the prime reasons behind the failure of a mobile application. Thus, it becomes important that you should test your mobile app meticulously & regularly, and fix any vulnerabilities or loopholes you come across with every new updated version released.

3. Incorporate High-Level User Authentication

When it comes to the mobile app security, authentication and authorization are two main components that play a vital role. While a major part of both the components depends on the end users, but, as an app owner, it’s your responsibility to educate the users to be careful about authentication and authorization.

Even if your iPhone mobile app doesn’t deal with sensitive information, you should leverage the advanced mobile app security technologies such as JSON web tokens, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect protocol to make your mobile application 100% safe and secure.

4. Encrypt All the Data

You don’t have to just secure the source code to strengthen the security of your mobile application. It also requires securing the data that is transmitted between the mobile app and the back-end server or the data stored on the mobile device. The best possible way to protect all your data is using the encryption, which discourages hackers to read your application data.

The iPhone app developers should build an application in such a way that every single unit of data transferred is well-encrypted. This is one of the best practices to strengthen the security of your mobile application. Besides this, iPhone app developers can also leverage iOS 12 features to strengthen the security of the data.

5.Secure Your Server and All The Network Connections

To prevent unauthorized access and protect the sensitive data, you should ensure that the server iPhone mobile app API is accessing has robust security measures in place.

Always keep in mind that if your server gets attacked with malware, you won’t only lose your app data, but also your users’ trust, which in turn will taint your brand credibility and reputation in the market.

Listed below are some of the best ways to protect your server from all malware attacks.

⦁ Use SSL or TLS security connection for enhanced security
⦁ Install firewalls
⦁ Use containerization to keep your data secure
⦁ Ensure monitoring for your server
⦁ Securing MySQL database
⦁ Use strong passwords to deter the hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your server

Final Thoughts

With every passing day, iPhone mobile app users are rising and hackers are awaiting to steal the important data by compromising the app security.

Always keep in mind that security breach will not only tarnish the reputation of your business but you may also end up wasting all your development resources and efforts.

As per reports, the losses due to the security breach are in millions. Thus, it becomes vital that you should take the security of your iPhone application seriously and hire an expert that provides not only unparalleled iOS app development services but also considers the security breaches that may cause big harm to your business.

With a solid app security strategy in place and an experienced app developer on hand, your app will become much safer and help you gain the trust of your users.

This article is contributed by Nathan Smith , professional app developer at TechnoScore– iPhone app development company.

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