6 Cannabis SEO Tips to Boost Rankings & Increase Website Traffic

By James Tredwell on October 30, 2019

The cannabis business is booming, thanks to the increasing legalization in different states. Due to the popularity of Cannabis, many people are now venturing into this field because of its promising future.

But to succeed in this digital world, establishing a presence online is vital. If you don’t have a website or blog, then the chances are high that you are missing out on several potential customers.

Once your website is live, now its time to optimize it for the search engines, this practice is crucial because it allows your site to rank high, attracting lots of traffic and thus high conversion rates.

To help you rank your site better, here are some of the best cannabis SEO ranking techniques that you should you use:

  • Analyze Your Existing Search Traffic

Starting with analyzing what you have is a great way of identifying the best SEO strategies that work for your potential visitors. Your existing search traffic to your blog or website has important user behavior metrics that can tell a lot about your visitors.

For instance, you get to find out which pages are top-performing, what cannabis keywords rank better, how many new users visited your site from organic search, and more. 

These SEO data are available on your site’s Google Analytics account. However, you need to integrate Google Analytics with your website to track data. Once you have the data, try to compare them with your performing pages and pick the similarities. 

  • User Search Behaviour

It is crucial to know how users look for cannabis products online to succeed in your cannabis SEO strategy. For this, you need to understand the keywords that cannabis users feed in the search engines when looking for something. 

You can use various keyword search tools available online to check the performance of different cannabis keywords. These tools will enable you to understand the kind of keywords that you should include in your content. Make sure that you always use relevant keywords. For instance, if your company sells cannabis seeds, target keywords that define your products as closely as possible.

Your competitors’ site can also provide valuable information about the keyword usage. Research on the top-ranking cannabis sites and try to check the keywords they use.

  • Mobile Optimization

In 2016, the number of mobile search users in the US was 177.8 million, and projections indicate that the figure will hit 211 million by 2020. These statistics show that there are lots of mobile phone users, which is why you should not ignore them in your marketing.

When crafting your cannabis SEO strategy, it’s essential to ensure that your platform is smartphone friendly. Most marijuana enthusiasts use their phones when searching for anything about marijuana online.

Therefore, if you are building or already have a cannabis website, it is important to ensure that it is mobile-friendly too.

  • Social Media SEO

If you have noticed, most websites that rank high on Google usually have strong social signals. Social media is important for your sites ranking in many ways. One of the key benefits is that it gives your site more exposure that can result in improved traffic.

Sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a great way to build your brand. Although social media doesn’t directly help your site to rank, there is a correlation between the number of social signals and your site’s ranking on SERP, which means social media indirectly has a positive impact on the site’s ranking. 

Therefore, investing in social media marketing has to be part of your cannabis SEO strategy. They improve your chances of ranking better on Google and other search engines. 

  • Link Building

Link building implies the process of connecting other websites to your website using links. Cannabis link building is vital because it allows you to drive referral traffic and thus improve your site’s authority.

You can improve the ranking of your site on Google by getting reputable sites to link to your pages. Being one of the factors considered by Google, it means you should make it one of your cannabis SEO strategies.

How it works is that Google uses backlinks to tell how useful your site is to users. Google wants to give its users the best results that are relevant. Therefore, getting traffic from links means your site will rank higher. 

However, building links takes time, and you should be careful to avoid using shortcuts like buying links since it’s against Google’s guidelines. Using the shortcuts can negatively affect your SEO. But there are several link building strategies that you can use to get links ethically.

  • Optimize Website Speed

Does the speed of your site affect your traffic? Yes, it does. A website that takes more than 5 seconds to load has a high bounce rate. In short, users will stop visiting your site.

In today’s busy world, no one wants to waste their time waiting for a website that takes long to load. Optimizing the speed of your website means breaking the barrier that drives away your visitors. 

Google also knows that web users need quick access to products, services, and information online. As a result, it rewards sites that load faster. If your site load within 3 seconds and the competitor’s site takes about 9 seconds, then Google will consider your site first. 

Optimizing your website can help you perform better than your competitors and thus improve your ranking. This is why you should consider resolving the issues for improved ranking and allow your visitors to enjoy a better experience.


When it comes to online business, the performance of your website will build or destroy your business. Highlighted above are some of the top Cannabis SEO tops that you can use to improve your rankings.

However, as much as you use these tips, always ensure that you feed users with quality content. Without offering value, your site won’t rank because search engines like Google give priority to websites that contain relevant content.


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