Things you must know about android app development

By James Tredwell on November 14, 2018

Android app development comes across a vast collection of Applications developed for various purposes. Android Apps has acquired the market where businesses are more inclined towards the App when it comes about user experience. Therefore, it is considered as the most popular mobile platform available in the market.

Play store is introduced with new Apps on daily basis. That show how Android OS dominates the mobile platform market. Hence, businesses are looking for an Android app to develop their services with the current demand in the market.

As Android app development has become a popular option for businesses. With over 85% market share worldwide Android is still looking to create a competitive advantage.

Here are some aspects which should be kept in the mind before developing an android application for big business or a startup.

#1. User Interface

The user interface is the primary outlook of your App. To create the first impression, the App should bring a unique brand recognition to the market. Hence, for businesses to gain a strong place among millions of other apps should develop strong UI/UX of an android app.

To sustain in the market, it is important for an app to facilitate user interaction via User Interface. Therefore, the UX must be easy to use, simple and clear enough with a minimum click to approach products.

#2. Audience

For your developed Android app success, it is important to identify your targeted Audience. It is important to know the audience your business is targeting.

It is totally dependent on the audience and their expectations for an application. Accordingly, the features and functions of an application are built.

It is dependent on the factors such as age, place, business and many others. These are major factors that define your target audience and the purpose of the Android App development.

#3. Platform Choice

Platform for your app development plays a major role in your business. The most feasible app development platform options are an android app, web app, native app or hybrid app that you want to build for business. Android always gives a strong lift to business as it holds the user with its features.

Cross-platform is in a trend that supports a wide range of devices in the market. Many app development companies these are developing an application based on the cross-platform. This platform is beneficial from both perspective (business and developers) as it delivers applications without any issues.

#4. Open Source

Android is open source and doesn’t have any licensing fee or any additional fee using Android device manufacturers. The best part is that the developer community keeps on interacting with each other and also gives information about the upcoming versions of Android. Moreover, customization can be done easily in android applications. This helps the developers to upgrade the apps that help businesses to grow with time.

Hence, Android is very much compatible with the mobile manufacturer’s end. The faster development of Android-based mobile apps gives chances for businesses to integrate the updated features.

#5. Performance

When we talk about the performance Android has always met the standards decided. The customization of the android application to the advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) never let the preformation to hamper.

Thus it let the developers and businesses to visualize the high visibility in the market. The android applications hold a strong position in the market. The performance has never been the issued in the case of the Android app development. Therefore, rectifying any errors related to the performance of the application is easy. When it comes about the performance not to make your users wait too long for the process the app.

Why Android has advantages over their counterparts

Talking about Android app development it has distinct benefits. Business is looking forward to developing App according to their requirement. Therefore, understanding the peculiarities businesses can consider which one will work better for them. Here are some benefits that help business to develop their application on Android platform.

#1. Low investment cost: When it comes to getting an app in the Google Play store, Android app development has a low obstacle in acquiring a place in a play store.
Simple integration: Android makes integration with apps easily as the business upgrades with time.

#2. Multiple markets: Android applications can be deployed according to the market needs in multiple different ways. Thus it offers an option where the businesses don’t have to fix themselves into a single market.

#3. Easy implementation: Android app is mostly used all around the globe. The reason is due to its wide acceptance among the developers. The core programming language that it runs is on Java that is considered as the foundation of the app development industry.

Bottom line

Hence, if you are going for Mobile App Development then you should opt for Android app development. It is the benefit for Android-based smartphones which can enable businesses apps to reach many customers through Android mobile apps.

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