10 Creative Ways to Launch a New Product on Social Media

By James Tredwell on August 19, 2020

So, you have worked hard, spending countless hours trying to perfect your new product. Now, it is time to launch it.

But the question is… Will you be successful in making sales and attracting more followers?

Will your product launch make people want to stop in their tracks, or will they move on to their lives?

By setting the right goals, using the right tools, building an online store, and working with the right people, you can make your product launch a massive success. And social media will help you do that.

In this post, we will share 10 creative ways to launch a new product through social media marketing:

1. Define your goals and set a timeline

When planning a social media campaign, you need to start with the end in mind. You need to define your goals and KPIs.

If you want your product launch to be successful on social media, you need to define what success looks like.

Once you already have a well-defined goal, the next step is to create strategies to help you achieve that goal.

With a goal in mind, it is now easy to develop strategies to ensure that your products get the publicity that it deserves.

Setting a clear timeline will let you know how much time you have in your hands to hype your products or make use of available resources.

2. Release teaser ads on social media

Whether you are launching a new product or trying to get the word out there, marketers face a challenging task.

One of the best ways to get users excited about your product is to release teaser ads. It is a great tool that you can use to grab your audience’s attention and build anticipation and excitement.

But for this to work, you need to research platforms that you think will be useful to your product and try to be active there.

You can also tap to email marketing as it allows you to share details with your subscribers and followers. Giving your audience a detailed sneak peek will keep them on their toes, and it will also keep them wondering!

Make them curious enough so that their eyes will remain glued to your feed or profile before taking the next action.

You can draw out a timeline from this as well. You can set the hours or days that you will be giving them a sneak peek before your launch.

Apart from that, you can also find clues that will trigger their interest. Let them know that something big is coming.

3. Partner with social media influencers

You can also partner with influential influencers on social media to expand your reach and get more followers in your niche.

So, reach out to relevant influencers in your industry, and ask them if they want to be part of your launch. You can also use different kinds of perks to lure them in:

  • Provide an exclusive preview or log in.
  • Offer free products or free access to premium materials/products.
  • Give free exposure (email or site feature)

Here are some helpful tools that you can use to help find influencers in your niche:

  • HARO: Connects you with journalists, and niche reporters. It’s also a great tool that you can use if you help in your coverage.
  • Buzzsumo: Allows you to find bloggers that write about topics that are relevant to your niche. It also allows you to filter results based on guest posts or interviews. You can also use this tool to look for interested bloggers who want to take part in other people’s projects.
  • MyBlogU: This is a community that lets you connect with bloggers searching for open opportunities. You can ask help through the “brainstorm” feature or use the “interview” section to address any problems that your project can solve.

These tools are a fantastic way to get more influencers onboard. That’s because people will love to share content that they co-contributed.

4. Come up with a hashtag

Creating catchy hashtags is effective both online and offline. It helps your products stand out from the rest of the pack and create conversations about it. Users can also know more information about your product.

Offline, you can start events that can build up towards the launch.

One example is using hashtags. Using hashtags to promote an upcoming event allows your audience to take action online. Doing so also allows them to share their experiences while expanding your brand’s reach.

You can also use the hashtag to share user-generated content.

5. Arrange a contest

Organizing contests and giveaways are among the most effective methods to create buzz around your products. Hence, it is ideal for arranging content before a product launch.

Using this method allows you to increase brand awareness and expand your reach. As a result, your brand can experience an increase in social media followers.

Using contests and giveaways, you can ask your followers to share or tag their friends on social media, and talk more about your product.

You can also organize exciting giveaways and contests to start a conversation about your product before its launch. Nothing feels better than getting a new item before everyone even has an idea of how it looks.

If your followers win a giveaway price, then chances are, they will create awareness on it on your respective social media pages. You may also ask them to do it.

6. Post a countdown

Creating a countdown is one way to build excitement around your product.

The key here, though, is preparing a series of countdown images. And then schedule them straight on your Facebook page or using a social media tool. That way, you do not need to post a countdown image every day.

7. Show behind the scenes

Another way that you can get your followers involved is to walk them through the entire production process. Take them on a journey.

You can show them where you are sourcing raw materials for your products. You can also share how you manufacture or pack your products.

This builds your customer’s trust around your products, and you’d also make them feel that you’re letting them into your world.

You can also show photos and videos of your team’s consistency and hard work into making the product. Doing so compels customers to appreciate the work that you put in your product.

By giving them a walkthrough of what is happening behind the scenes, you are feeding their emotions. They will also want to buy your product because of your transparency, as well as dedication.

Another excellent strategy that you can use when launching your product on social media is offering promos and discounts to your audience.

8. Tell a compelling story

We live in an age of storytellers. If you think you are not one, then you need to get one for your brand.

Your audience will love to see how your product works in real-life. They want to know the relationship between the product and those who use it. A story helps them imagine what their life will look like if they buy the product.

A compelling narrative will also help people stay engaged with your product before it even hits the shelves.

9. Announce pre-orders

You also want to let people know that your product is valuable and that it will convince them to make a pre-order.

It would be best if you were confident that your product would turn out well to gain more sales. Allowing pre-orders also helps boost the enthusiasm among your followers. Most of them will want to get hold of the product first, so most of them will not hesitate to place their orders.

Apart from that, you may also have loyal customers who will not hesitate to grab your products after launching it.

Providing them an opportunity to pre-order is an excellent way to talk about your products to their circle.

So, once you finish costing and pricing for your products, you can now go ahead and start taking pre-orders.

10. Engage and get to the point

The marketing tone you use should be engaging enough before and right after purchasing from you.

You need to craft phrases that are easy to read and remember. You also need to be clear on your messaging. Doing so makes it easy for your customers to understand what your products or services are all about.

One of the best ways to engage your customers is through landing pages. Write a well-optimized product description and then add appropriate calls to action.

The Takeaway

Are you ready to build an online store and garner some buzz around your products?

If you want to gain more sales and achieve your target revenues, you need to know how to garner buzz around your products before launching it.

By following the strategies we have mentioned above, you can create that much-needed buzz you need on social media for your new products.

This will excite and encourage customers to talk about your product before you even release it. And once you launch it, you can expect an immediate boost in revenue.

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